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An Indonesian woman was raped in Saudi by 46 men (yes..46), including a police Officer who was supposed to aid her after her initial rape. The men are being arrested now, and awaiting a harsher punishment than the usual dick cutting that happens in Saudi when facing rape: medical tests after the rape have shown that the victim had AIDS before they raped her, so they are all probably infected now.


  1. Bloody lucky they didn’t kill her…! A dead/vanished indonesian woman in Saudi? No one would have raised an eyebrow… :(

  2. anyone else wishing that those 46 fuckin animals DO get aids and rot alive?

  3. kill t’em all, me think, it’s not their first time, then they already must have gotten some shit, and they are goin to infect their wives !!!!

  4. Presumption – the Saudis will do nothing to the men (Arabs, of course) and kill the woman in some gruesome and humiliating fashion.

    May each and every one of these bastards suffer horribly before they die of AIDS.

    If not, well, someone should cut off their packages and send them to an Afghan prison.

  5. It will be shown that bcs she had Aids, that she was not “without sin”
    Thus, shurely, the victim will be turned to be the agressor. She will be classified of someone of doubting morale and thus if married, zack.., if not married, coupable of zina, and will get 100 lashes…
    this is following islamic sharia. Except she can produce 4 testimonies that she was raped…(4 of 46…..?= <10%, but it is unclear if they must be only bystandards)
    À part the fact that they will hopefully all be infected by Aids, imagine how depravated they must be, to rape someone that you see is beeing raped not by one or two “friends” …but by 46 people! She must have been in terrible and bloody conditions just after the first one!..I want to see the faces of the 46th!!

  6. echnaton:

    what makes u think her previous infection with AIDS is gonna play a role in any of this? the men are on trial, not the woman.. even so, she could have gotten infected off a blood transfer or any other exchange of fluids, so not necessarily extra-marital intercourse..

    plus, for a court to decide on that, someone with standing (e.g. her husband, or the oh-so-keen-on-the-preservation-of-piety Saudi government) has to raise the claim and ask the court to rule. now why would anyone do that? even those pathetic excuses for humans who raped her cannot possibly raise her non-virgin status as a defense – wtf is the relevance? they committed a crime, irrespective of the woman’s status…

    in any case, i doubt that even the strictest of sheikhs with the bushiest of beards is going to subject her to so much as a pinch after what she’s been through.

    i’d like to believe that there is still a measure of humanity underneath those turbans..

  7. Outrageous!
    Now I blame the Israeli Mosad for infecting this Indonesian woman girl and forcing the poor Saudis to rape her. Soon in al-jazeera.

  8. nu, you obviously don’t know Saudi “justice” very well… No offense intended, by the way!

    When I lived in Saudi, we were horrified by a story about a local girl from a wealthy family. Her brothers had thrown a party, including illegal alcohol and whatnot. Late in the veening she went over to the men’s quarters to ask them to turn down the music. Some of her brother’s friends opened the door and, discovering a young girl outside, decided in their intoxicated state to drag her inside and rape her. Of course, she ran straight to her parents, but instead of seeking punishment for the perpetrators, the family chose to kill their daughter rather than face the shame of having a young girl without her virginity intact.

    In this case, no family is shamed as such, since the woman is indonese, but rather than punish Saudi men, they might choose to punish the 3rd world woman instead… Indonesia has no muscle in relation to Saudi, and probably doesn’t care much about one poor woman more or less anyway.

  9. AIDS? I hope they all got it.

    I call it poetic justice.

  10. 46? I do not believe it was rape. She is a prostitute. Stone her too death!!!

  11. Unfortunately, it is doubtful that more than one or two come down with aids. Aids is difficult to transmit, relying on blood to blood transfer. The only men that will get aids are ones that have open sores on their genetiles. If other STD’s are prevalant in SA, then a few more will get aids.

  12. Adrian from Denmark says:

    It just sound so fucking insane that I don’t know what to believe.

    Can it really be 46 maniacs all together, without even just one of them trying to stop it or go to the police?!

  13. these men are infected with sexual deprivation or were unconscious mind .. I think that the matter will end because it will say that the maid to a prostitute infected with AIDS, it is possible that the rapists Ihakmunha and ask for compensation for what hit them

  14. Adrian, the first guy to rape her WAS A POLICEMAN!

  15. SM

    If there are any follow ups to this story in the Arabic press i would sure like to know. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen anything in the local news here in Indonesia as yet. Thanks for posting on this unpleasant topic.

  16. Mike Lebanese says:

    This shit happens all the time in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi are corrupt fucks. Also a lot of homosexual shit happens too.

  17. Don’t they have a sort of temporary marriage concept for this sort of thing.

    Wouldn’t want to get in the way of having a good time at a females expense. Anyway her voice is only worth 1/46th of a mans voice as she is female, indonesian, has Aids and is a maid.

    End of problem.

  18. It says a lot about Saudi culture and Islamic values that 46 rapists can be found so quickly in any one spot picked at random in Mecca. And there are also all the silent accomplices who saw nothing, heard nothing, and said nothing. It’s not wonder that a country like Saudi Arabia, which exports terror around the world, also produces terror in its heart as well.

  19. rashee869 says:

    it is the symbole of beastliness mmmmmmmmmmm

  20. rasheed869 says:


  21. I say they all get their dicks cut off and force fed to them by the woman. OR give the woman a strap-on dildo and have her rape them in the ass. Either one is fine! Hell, even both are acceptable.

  22. damm that suck i feel bad for her n ihope they all have it hw