A sculpture in honor of the Shoe-thrower

ehh, ahh,, yeah, that, it happened, don't wanna talk about it, don't wanna elaborate how the symbol for arab people's anger is now shoes. Don't want to even think about it.


  1. I wonder when Arabs will start throwing shoes at their own leaders? Or do they know, some how, that the consequences might be substantially different?

  2. Can’t wait for the Prophet-throwing-his-shoes cartoons to come out in Denmark :P

  3. Jack, somehow I don’t think that they will be pitching shoes at their own leaders any time soon….
    My guess is that most Arabs are more dignified than that anyway.

  4. Personally, I’m planning on throwing a shoe at Obama. Though I bet the entire Washington press corps beats the shit out of me for desecrating a God.

  5. People who think this is a good idea should consider what it says about them and their culture: they expect people who get angry to be so hot-headed that they throw away something that they absolutely need. A shoe-thrower might as well hang a big sign around his neck saying “I’m stupid as Hell!”

  6. If someone threw a shoe in Iran, I wonder what would happen? How about a shoe at Bashar al Assad in Syria? Hmmmmmmm That well might be that person’s last act on this Earth. My advice is to select carefully the target of the shoe that you plan to chunk.

  7. I know exactly what would happen if people started to throw shoes at Arab leaders, aside from what seems to be the consensus so far: death after an indeterminate period of pain.

    The Arab leaders would make wearing shoes illegal.

    Yet, thinking about it, I give the guy who through the shoes thumbs up for guts. I don’t have the guts to do that, and I doubt very much he really thought it through. He might very well have been expecting to be shot.

    It makes me wonder what the Muslims would do if they suddenly had the planet all to themselves. No one but Muslims.

    I wonder, what sort of society would they have? Would they be happy and productive?

  8. The greatest recent accomplishment in Arab world worth commemorating is a guy who threw two shoes at Bush and MISSED BOTH TIMES!


  9. It always has been shoes you intellectual retard!

    Is your colonized French speaking mother married to an aristocrat Jew right now, sucking the homos of his _____? Quite acting skinny monkey boy!

    You know you would under no circumstances condone your mom marrying a Jew, no matter how uncomfortable you are in your own skin!

  10. No! NO NO NO!!!!
    Ya3ni Khalas, el mawdoo3 kolo ba2a 3ala gazma?!?!! a7a!

  11. i luv egypt says:

    Did you see Joung Jeezy and Jay z for thanking the guy that threw the shoe at BUSH…. Black people support as much as the arab do..maybe its just amusing for the ghettoo peeps around the world…i know hard core russians would ve loved it.

  12. :) TRUE DAT!

  13. :) TRUE DAT!

    Black people love it when people make fun of how they talk, too. Seriously. You should come down here to Los Angeles and check it out, Sand Ape. You might learn things about sodomy that you never knew :D

  14. OH, God!

    I hadn’t thought of that.



  15. Craig you trailer trash hating peace of shit that aspires to nible on Twosrets pinky!

    Get a life already!

  16. I do hate trailer trash, but Twosret’s pinky? Is that what she told you? :D

  17. Craig :”Can’t wait for the Prophet-throwing-his-shoes cartoons to come out in Denmark ”

    Sorry to disappoint you: the teachings of the Prophet -> shoes don’t make sense to “us”
    However, the teachings of the Prophet -> bombs – connect, I’m sorry to say.

  18. What if he was throwing his shoes at his underage wife?

  19. “What if he was throwing his shoes at his underage wife?”

    Oh like you mean like the 100 under age wives that King David had, nearly a century before the advent of Islam?


  20. The dude throws both shoes, misses both times, and gets a STATUE???