Immortal Jellyfish

Okay, God. So Let's get this straight: You gave Pigs 30 minute orgasms, and Jellyfish immortality ( mind you, they revert to youth after they have finish mating, so orgasms and then youth), and all we get is religion? Can we talk about this? 


  1. It is worse: We have been equipped with the brain to think about that. If it is not coincidence, someone has some humour up there.

  2. And the sad thing is that the chances of us giving up religion is as big as that of a pig abstaining from sex or a jellyfish committing suicide…

  3. My dear! you are immortal ! Your this blogging life is the first phase in your life, your eternal life would be in either heaven or hell.
    I see your scores are throwing you into the later.
    Please try to revert this course.

  4. Eva, Canada says:

    Angel, I’m sure that SM is flattered by the idea that you are worrying about the quality of his eternal life but I suspect that he’d rather you wouldn’t as it distracts you from worrying about your own eternal life. You should worry for yourself full time.

  5. I just want to know what happened to the guy that threw the shoe. He seems to have disappeared.

  6. Hey Angel, why can’t I just get the sex then youth forever deal instead? Sounds so much simpler!

  7. Stop whining! At least people get to have sex, in the Muslim heaven.

  8. Sandmonkey,

    Because your mother and father are ashamed of you dim wit, that’s why!

    It’s called reda el waledatn in Arabic hot shot! Something that you don’t have!

  9. On the other hand, humans get to have sex all year round, not just during “the season.”

    As for heaven and hell, I wonder if there are bloggers in heaven. Or hell, for that matter. And in which “place” would it be possible to write a snarky blog? For example:

    Post Mortem
    I was wafting around the ether this morning when it suddenly occurred to me that the Big Guy should have put dolphins in charge of the Earth instead of humans. I think the selection of humans was #1 on the list of the Worst Mistakes Ever Made. (The remainder of this post has been censored by the Ministry of Information of Heaven. Have a Nice Day.)” (ad: “Claim your 72 virgins! Go to the web site of the Ministry of Virginity. Small print: Rentals also available.”)

  10. And tiny jellyfish shall inherit the Earth. Or the sea. Until they evolve legs, that is.