On Bibi’s accomplishments

I have signaled in the past my great disdain for Bibi, and was surprised that some of my israeli readers were actually highly considering him in the coming elections. Now, I do have my sympathies for those who might be leaning his way, because, let's face it, all of your choices are shit, but come on, he is probably the worst pick. As fr why that is, honestly, snoopy the good put it way better than I ever could in that post:

The man who promised all of us that a peace treaty with Syria could be
achieved without parting with a single square meter of Golan Heights.
Yeah, we still have the Golan Heights, and where is that peace?

man who signed that Hebron deal that became and still remains a total
disaster both for the settlers and for their neighbors.

The man
who assured the whole world that Israel will get a totally free market
economy managed in the ways of the Wall Street. Forced all pension
funds to deal in speculative stocks, and it is now, when our pension
savings are going down the drain, that he calls for a bi-partisan
effort to save them.

The man who, while serving as our finance
minister, cut the budget required for the deployment of active
protection systems of our armored troops, which act of fiscal prudence
killed quite a few soldiers during the second Lebanon war.

The man who presided over the Khaled Mashaal's assassination fiasco
that is (probably quite rightly) considered to be a biggest flop in
Mossad's history. Made to eat a humongous crow by the late king Hussein
and released the late Sheikh Yassin, who so successfully motivated
Hamas suicide bombers for several years after his release.

The man who promised to put an end to the Intifada and totally failed in this endeavor.

The man who keeps embroidering his biography by so many mythical details. Quite awkwardly too.

man whose lust for power is matched only by his lack of self control.
Like in the case when he hastily expressed his condolences to Sharon's
family after Sharon's first stroke.

The man whose lack of
stamina and his tendency to break under pressure was noticed by so
many. Politics aside, the ridiculous case of the "hot cassette" that
caused him to make a public confession of sins in the best "mea culpa"
style of some religious preachers you know where. There was no
cassette, as it appeared afterwards.

I bet he promises it's gonna be different this time, right? 


  1. Dude, are you in denial or something, you were surprised that “some” of your readers would vote for the monster, really? Well I am surprised that most of them aren’t voting for a more hideous and outrageous character like Lieberman.

  2. I’m voting for Keith Olbermann as Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, myself. He’ll get those fuckers straightened out right quick. Mohamed, how about Joe Lieberman for Supreme Leader of Iran? I think he’d look good in a turban, and who could resist being called “Ayatollah”? Lets show the world just how bad things can be when you have a REAL US puppet in charge of your country, eh? Should be fun. Can’t wait to see what Olbermann will do with Mecca.

  3. Heh. Pretty much spot on, he’s not much of a leader. But he’s actually got a better record than any of the other clowns currently on show.

    His reforms did repair the economy and provide for a solid grounds for future expansion;
    they also had the added benefits of forcing more ultra-Orthodox men and Arab women into the workforce;
    starting a downward trend in the growth rate of these populations;
    and thus increasing their participation in society, long-term prosperity and well-being.

    It’s quite a major feat.

    But hey, we’re voting for parties. It goes like this from a Raccoon POV:

    Likud –
    Privatization, more Libertarian markets, want to invest more in education. Seem to have understood that there’s going to be no peace. Are bowing down to Hilltop Youth pressure, however, flirting with the theocratic and socialistic religious Right, suffer from a dearth of leadership.

    BTW, a recently appeared posters in Tel-Aviv:

    Kadima -
    Have no ideology and will do whatever they think will make them last longer. Tzipi did improve since LW2… and she did pretty good as a foreign minister. But, well, they have no ideology. And are suffering from a dearth of leadership.

    Labor – Socialists. Didn’t yet accept we’ll have no peace in the next century. Barak had a mixture of OK and bad decisions (with a few REALLY bad ones, like the manner in which we withdrew from Lebanon). Are suffering from a dearth of leadership.

    The Left – ranging from the pathetic (Meretz) to the truly 5th column Israel-haters (Balad and such). Not worth considering – failed ideologies and open desire to destroy Israel.

    The Right – ranging from the immature (Israel Beiteinu) to the theocratic (Shas and such). Some of these people are loonies. Those who are not loonies are inept.

    So we’re left with the tiny parties. Only two are really worth considering:

    The Greens – they’re for environment and are kind of vaguely in favor of actually building useful infrastructure like desalination plants. But they’re vague and Leftish and socialist.

    And then there’s Green Leaf Grown-ups with Holocaust Survivors – the party fighting to improve the well-being of Holocaust survivors and legalize cannabis. I wholeheartedly agree with both their goals, but can’t seem to find their platform anywhere online. Pity. If they are also economically Libertarian, they have my vote and Bibi can go fuck himself.

    As you can see, we have slim pickings in these elections. Oh well, it’s been this way since Sharon went veggie and Peres became President – we have no more leaders worthy of the name.

  4. Craig,
    Let me rephrase a famous quote by Abba Eban, and this one’s directed specifically at you bro ” will I ever see the day that you won’t miss the opportunity to miss the opportunity to make an absolute fool of yourself?”, and since I’m still sure that you still don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about, let me explain a little bit. The Lieberman I meant is Avigdor Lieberman the leader of Israel Baytona, not Joe Lieberman the senator as you have so brilliantly concluded with your narrow minded provincial brain. And just in case, the Abba in Abba Eban is his first name, no, he has nothing to do with the group, just in case you were thinking of making fun of me for quoting the Abba.
    Man, I’m sure you’ve made Twosret’s day now.
    Peace brother.

  5. since I’m still sure that you still don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about

    Such arrogance, to assume I care enough to even try to figure out what you are talking about lol.

    Peace brother.

    Yeah. Right. You’re the big peace advocate. I forgot. Why is it that the most abusive Arabs on this blog are all Christians? You, Twosret, Sand Ape… is there some kind of rule that Arab Christians have to be x times more militant than Muslims in their hatemongering in order to be allowed to play with the other Arab kids or something? Why not just convert to Islam and be done with it? I honestly can’t understand how anyone who spends so much time trying to get people to hate eachother can call themselves Christian. Could there even be any behavior that is more contrary to what Jesus taught?

  6. Oh, I forgot to include Forsoothsayer up in there. Sorry, Forsooth, no disrespect of your militant Arab credentials intended!

  7. And before you deny being Christian, Mohamed (odd name for Christian parents to give their son, most Christians avoid pagan names like the plague, even if they are traditional) I haven’t forgotten that time when some commenters here started berating you and Twosret about Islam and you gave her the little “wink wink nudge nudge if only they knew who they were talking to” routine.

    And as for Sand Ape, well… he knows less about Islam than I do. He thinks he knows something about Judaism, but what he “knows” about Judaism seems to be the same things that Catholics have been saying about Judaism for 1500 years… it’s not proof, but it’s close enough for me.

  8. You got me Craig. I won’t deny it. I”ve been haunted by this name my entire life specially when my parents used to take me to the church when I was a child and one time I got lost and they started calling me in a loud voice “Mohamed…Mohamed..where are you Mohamed”, you can imagine the amount of confusion this created, can you imagine growing up and being treated with suspicion from both moslems and copts. When I used to cry and ask my parents “why….why?”, my dad would tell me the same lame ass story about his bff who was also called Mohamed who had a heart attack and died when they were in kindergarten and how this affected him, so to keep his memory alive he called me Mohamed, as if I care about his friend.
    But seriously tell me, how did you figure that out, or did Twosret tell you and you’re trying to take the credit?

  9. Thanks for the link, Sandmonkey. I was just mulling upon the issue of reviving that post, and here you come.

    Abu Sa’ar: while you have given a more or less precise review of the current political scene, I suggest that it is precisely the lack of ideology that is so attractive in Kadima. Look where we (ad the whole world) usually get with ideologies, religions and similar shit. Blood upon blood is the regular result of following an ideology and/or religion.

  10. Mohamed,

    LOL Craig the antagonist strikes again, he has nothing better to do!

    Just like Sandmonkey, LOL, what a fierce moral dwarf indeed..talking about Israeli elections. he might as well be discussing elections in hell with Lucifer ha ha ha.

    What an abomination, SICK!

  11. I sure remember that day in church, poor bastard:)

  12. come on. why is the only issue we can vote is the peace process. Bibi is a capitalist and one of his campaign platforms is to lower my taxes, reduce corporate tax rates and child subsidies. That is why I’m voting for Bibi. Does anyone honestly think that there is any difference between Kadima, Labor and Likud on the peace process. No, there isn’t. So, I’m voting on other issues. Geez people…there are other things in the world.
    Its like when we voted for the mayor of Jerusalem not too long ago. I don’t give a crap what he thinks about dividing Jerusalem (like its up to the mayor) but I do want someone who will clean up the dog poop on the streets. That is what I vote on.

  13. Don’t remind me Hany, that was painful.

  14. “You’re the big peace advocate. I forgot. Why is it that the most abusive Arabs on this blog are all Christians?”

    First, they may actually be originally palestinian. don’t forget that Egypt took in lots of palestinians during the wars, they intermarried, intermingled etc. Most palestinians like to say they are egyptians because being egyptian has way more kudos attached to it than saying you’re palestinian. Second, copt in egypt doesn’t mean christian. you can be copt by race ie associated to christian roots but not believe in them at all yourself.

  15. Well, anon, they can speak for themselves, right? I’m just wondering how it is that people who consider themselves to be Christians spend so much of their time being advocates of hate. I’d really like to have somebody point to me in the New testament where Jesus said that was how he wanted his followers to behave, you know?

    If they identify so closely with Muslim Arabs, to the point where they are more aggressive advocates of Islamist causes than Muslims are, they should convert to Islam. It’s a better ‘fit” for them. And then I won’t have to listen to any more whining from Arab Christians about why the rest of the Christians in the world just yawn when they complain we don’t support Islam better, eh?

  16. Abu Sa’ar: I was sitting with Hassan Ibrahim (you know, from “Control Room” fame?) having a conversation about Israeli elections (and he is not a fan of your country at all, let me tell ya) when he said the following: “The Problem with Israeli leadership is that all the good ones were only in the first generation, and they didn’t bother preparing a second generation at all. This is why compared to the old zionist guard ( I am guessing the last of which is Sharon) they seem to be inept and hiding their ineptness with extra brutality, because they have no real idea how to fill the shoes left to them!” I agree with him, which makes me agree with you. Your choices suck ass.

    The other problem with Bibi is who he will do a coalition with. You just labeled all his possible colation partners as inept and loonies. They get to represent you if he wins. Sucks, I know, but sometimes you do have to throw out the baby along with the bath water.

    Huge LOL on Zibi. That should be their slogan if they make an alliance. The Zibi government.

    Also, I saw the commercial for the Green Leaf with Holocaust survivors party, and I have one word for it: AWESOME! Anybody who uses the Holocaust to justify the legalization of weed deserves my total backing and support. Vote for them. Now, They would make the peace process fun again!

  17. “The Problem with Israeli leadership is that all the good ones were only in the first generation, and they didn’t bother preparing a second generation at all. This is why compared to the old zionist guard ( I am guessing the last of which is Sharon) they seem to be inept and hiding their ineptness with extra brutality, because they have no real idea how to fill the shoes left to them!”

    I dot know how much of it is true or if at all.

    I am just wondering if if so called ‘first guard’ contemporaries were any less critical of their leaders than today’s Israelis.
    BTW, something tells me this problem exists for all times and all people.
    How many times any of you voted for good choice instead of better of all ‘evils’?

  18. How many times any of you voted for good choice instead of better of all ‘evils’?

    Reagan. That’s it! And I was too young to vote, when he ran against Carter.

    I didn’t vote on Clinton/Dole, and I didn’t vote on McCain/Obama either. I figure a coin toss ballot is worse than no ballot at all. I leave it to people who were able to make up their minds.

  19. Craig, I do not mean to doubt your choice but just want to make sure.

    Can you ask yourself did you vote for Reagan or did you vote against Carter?

  20. Can you ask yourself did you vote for Reagan or did you vote against Carter?

    I was only about 14 for that election, but if I’d been able to vote then I would have done so as vote against Carter. I was in the Marines for the 1984 election, and by then I would have voted for Reagan no matter who his opponent was. Something to do with the Cold War, no doubt :)

    Mondale was a total gimp, though, so it wasn’t even close to being a tough choice.

  21. Agree with you on that one Craig, Reagan is by far the greatest world leader in the history of mankind, even better than Bush, and what makes him more exceptional is that he managed to be that great while he was suffering from dementia and Alzheimer, defying the same odds as Beethoven when he wrote the ninth while he couldn’t hear a word.

  22. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election,_1984

    Check out that “red state/blue state” map :D

  23. It really shocks me that you aren’t a Ronald Reagan fan, Mohamed :)

  24. Two even more intriguing genius theories;
    Palestinians fake Christian Egyptian identities on this blog to make themselves more credible. And to perfect their disguise they sometimes call themselves… Mohamed!

    “Second, copt in egypt doesn’t mean christian. you can be copt by race ie associated to christian roots but not believe in them at all.”
    So basically all Egyptians are Copts. However in Egypt you’re only called Copt if you are a member of the Egyptian orthodox church, not even Egyptian catholic or protestant, not to mention muslim, genius.

    I’m speechless

  25. So, Hany, you’re Christian too, eh? It really is a bummer that all the lunatics on this blog are Arab Christians. Totally hoses my Islamophobia.

    By the way, wrong thread, genius.

  26. “By the way, wrong thread, genius.” Check again Einstein.
    You should actually seek help for all your phobias at once, you’d probably get a rebate.

  27. So, you aren’t even going to deny it? lol.

    And I suppose that it’s just a coincidence that all these nutty Arab Christians are on this blog, and no other, and Twosret is a close friend of Sandmonkey’s… but none of you are Twosret’s personal friends… and such shit like that…

    What would the world be like if everyone was as stupid as you guys think they are? So, anyway, I’m still waiting for some of you Egyptian so-called Christians to quote me even ONE verse from the New testament where Jesus asks his followers to advocate hate. Just one? And when you can’t, then I want you to tell whether the Quran or the Bible is the more appropriate scripture for people like you. Because, I can find hundreds of verses in the Quran that condone the behavior of Twosret and her cronies.

  28. Hany,
    Just play along, it’s always awesome when inbreds start to think and theorize and lecture.

  29. Yeah. Just “play along”. Much better than getting honest, isn’t it?

  30. Awesome..
    So you just press “play” or any other wrong button and he starts and continues forever.

  31. How about “I’m not Christian, I’m a Muslim”, Hany? Is that hard for you to say?

    How about you, Sand Ape? Or you, Mohamed? Do you really want everyone who reads this blog to blame Muslims for your obnoxious and abusive behavior?

  32. Trust me, if you say you are a Muslim I will believe you! It makes my stomach turn to think there are Christians in the world like you. Please do share with me the good news :)

  33. You trust me, seek medical help. It’s never too late.

  34. :D

  35. Don’t feed the animals at the san diego zoo and pleaase by all means don’t feed the craig’s either!

  36. I’m super confused now Craig, am I a moslem or a christian?
    Hany, believe me, it is too late. Doesn’t he seriously remind you of some of the characters in Dr. Strangelove? (Like a composite of the nutty base commander plus the bomber pilot plus the general in the war room)

  37. Lots of dancing around what should be a simple declarative, here :D

    The attempts to distract seem like an answer, in and of themselves, no? All three of you commented here, and not one of you denied my assertion. I was really hoping that you would. Seriously.

  38. How could we deny? Never felt so naked in my life. Brains figured everything out. The conspiracy is disclosed once and for all. There must be a traitor here, I feel the heat. Or is he just too damn smart for us guys. Tell me what did give us away?
    Or better, you know what.
    Good night

  39. Tell me what did give us away?

    Hany, I didn’t have a case against you. I made the assertion based on your defense of Egyptian Christians. Your refusal to either confirm or deny, and your attempt to sidestep the whole thing, is what “gave you away”.

    Is it really such an embarrassment to be a Christian in Egypt that you won’t even admit to it on anonymous blogs? And you have to be more Muslim than the Muslims, just to compensate? Bizarre. Convert to Islam, dude. Please.

  40. #2 Abu Saar

    Ehud Barak is a less disciplined thinker and is more likely to take wild gambles, without doing the necessary legwork. I think that he’s creative and bright, and sometimes such gambles pay off, but he needs checks and balances, because he’s also capable of taking large and unwarranted risks. While he is defense minister, there is some check on his ability to make the wilder gambles. As prime minister, that would not be true.

    Bibi was a better finance minister than a prime minister.

    #16 Sand Monkey

    Not entirely correct.

    The issue is that Israel’s political system in Israel encourages a free-for-all. In the parliamentary system, senior party members become cabinet ministers. They are also the same people who compete for the prime ministership. A failed or defeated prime minister usually remains in the Knesset, and like Bibi or Ehud Barak, may be a cabinet minister or may try to return later as PM instead of making way for “new blood” (this is true whether or not we’re talking about the “first generation”).

    Narrow parties (e.g. Shas) drain significant support from the major parties, requiring coalition governments whose ability to quickly and firmly change direction is constrained by the requirements of coalition building.

    All of these factors contribute to the difficulty of being a strong leader in Israel. Israel is also a politically diverse country, which on the one hand is faced with extremely grave threats from outside and on the other is determined to have something like a “normal” political life even under fire.

    This situation has nothing to do with Israel’s first generation “not preparing the next generation to lead,” and in fact every subsequent generation has a fairly strong laboratory for preparing people to lead in a crisis: the IDF. Does anyone, for example, think that Gabi Ashkenazi has not been an effective military leader in recent months?

    As for aggressiveness or its absence, this is not tightly coupled to leadership experience. It strongly correlates to the amount of violence being used against Israeli civilians.

    Ehud Barak withdrew from Lebanon. That was not a violent or brutal act, even though your friend would claim that he, a member of the “new generation” of leaders, lacked preparedness. Olmert withdrew from Gaza. That was not an aggressive act. The subsequent HAMAS coup in Gaza and the bombardment of Israeli civilians are responsible for the situation we see these days.

    #8 Mohamed

    LMAO Awesome.

    #4 also Mohamed

    The name of the party is “Yisrael Beiteinu”.

  41. Ain’t he precious Zvi?

  42. Hany,

    Craig has super human antagonistic guessing abilities that us non arian folks just don’t have mwa ha ha ha

  43. For all of his faults, if Bibi gets elected, and bad as the choice might be, that is still by light years a better choice than the typical Arab is allowed to chose. Other than Iraq where can Arabs can freely choose their leaders? Lebanon? Not really with the spoils system and Hezbollah. And Iraq only has that due to the American Army. As for Bibi, he won’t get a peace deal with Syria, as if that is ever going to happen. Trading strategic land for empty promises. The relative ceasefire on the border is the best Israel will ever get from Syria and to believe anything else is foolish in the extreme.

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