And the blah blah begins

Iran: The US should apologize for past crimes.

US: We already apologized more than once for past crimes.

Iran: Yeah, but we don't really feel like you meant it! Grovel. Maybe that will do the trick!

I love Iran. LOVE IT!


  1. lol. That’s just not going to fly. Not even in Obama’s US. We in the US have an AGING population, unlike Iran’s population. Most American’s actually REMEMBER the history, unlike Iran’s population that only knows it from Iranian text books. Obama is going to use up his “honeymoon” right quick if he starts going that route.

  2. That’s one offer. Two to go.

  3. The only problem here for Obama is that his critics predicted that making overtures to Iran would end badly. Iran’s response is not being well covered by the MSM here.

    If what Obama does, or the response to what he does, is ignored by the MSM, that means it ended badly.

    Gee, does Iran really think that Obama will be conciliatory now that he’s been made a to look the naive fool?

    Read the press here. Obama has not abandoned Bush’s policies, he has just rebranded them, and the MSM is OK with that.

    The MSM here will act as Obama’s defenders if Iran really becomes belligerent, or even slightly uncooperative. No matter what he does, he will be provided a pass..

  4. I do not understand why Obama is doing it before iranian elections. In couple of months administration in Iran may change and it may not be Ahmadinejad americans will be talking to. I think that in making offer right now Obama helps Ahmadinejad. also Obama should talk to real leader of IRI who, of course, is Khamenei and not Ahmadinejad.

  5. Marie Claude says:

    umm, actually Iran is asking the same ol “s**t each time the US are changing of administration ; Ms not too bright did already apologize !!!

    but there isn’t a real raison to do so, , in spite of what the anti-US medias like to say (he, a true source, Iran resist admits it)