It’s spelled I..O..R..wait a minite..

My pan-arabist friends on facebook are going gaga over a videoclip where The Turkish Prime Minister gave the walking dead Israeli President Perez a lecture and then walked off the stage at DAVOS. They are ecstatic that someone finally has vocalized the arab position.

Just so you are keeping track: The posterboy for pan-arabism this week is a turk, and the symbol of arab anger is a shoe thrown by a Persian.

Yay arabism!


  1. Erdogan is a hypocrite; he should first condemn the Armenian genocide before pulling a stupid stunt like that. I know, I know, what does the Armenian issue have to do with this some will ask, they will even go on and say something stupid like, well at least he is doing something for the Palestinian cause. Well, let’s say I kill your whole family and then go lecture someone about how killing is unacceptable.

    Stupid Arabs will claim that he is a man of principle, a man of honour. What a load of crap!!

    He looks like a cry baby. Just because they didn’t give him enough time to speak (well, because time was up anyway) he gathers his shit and leaves.

    If he truly, truly wanted to show he was with the Palestinian cause, he would have refused to attend the debate / session in the first place because Perez is there.

    The funniest part of the video is useless Amr Mousa standing getting ready to leave with him when Ban Ki Moon (another useless person) nods to him demanding him to sit down.

  2. SM…

    With a good chunk of the action paid for by Iran…

  3. “Erdogan is a hypocrite; he should first condemn the Armenian genocide before pulling a stupid stunt like that.”

    Or at the least stop bombing Kurds.

  4. He also should stop buying munition from Israel, you know, the one used lately in Gaza.

  5. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Agreed. The Turks can hardly hold themselves up as humanitarian.

  6. He is scarred that Israel one day just decide to finish Syria off once and for all and having done that let the Kurds breakaway from Syria. Then the snowball will start with Kurds in Iran joing the Syrian Kurds followed by the Iraqi Kurds and finally the Turkish Kurds starting a revolt against the Turks. If that happens who knows how may phony cobbled together Arab States might start unraveling.

  7. Lest we forget the Turkish occupation, ethnic cleansing and settlement-building in Cyprus.