The Shoe Statue is gone

Yes. It got destroyed. Just like my heart got when I heard the news! Why, God? WHYYYYYYYYYY?


  1. I am saddened (no fooling).

    I am far from understanding Iraqi/Arab/Muslim/Whathaveyou psyche but to me nothing can be better as a symbol of freed nation than this shoe. Children could be taught the significance of it happening and not having guy go feet first into wood chipper.

  2. The more I think about it, the more a thrown becomes for me a symbol of freedom.

    10 years from now, will a thrown shoe be a symbol of a beginning or an end?

  3. A thrown shoe is a symbol of freedom wasted, not freedom well used. It shows that at least some Iraqis want to trash free speech and solve everything with force, not debates.


    oh but wait! Americans can do it but Iraqis can’t lol

  5. twosret,

    Code Pink, the people who sponsored this demonstration, aren’t really Americans, but traitors who are against everything America stands for. That’s the same Code Pink who sent $600,000 to the insurgents in Fallujah, the same Code Pink who protests the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed hospital in Washington, and the same Code Pink who gush over Fidel and Chavez.

  6. ali othman says:

    The real thrown shoes could have been shredded, the shoe statue removed but the symbolic act of courage will leave imprint reminiscent to the first step on the moon.
    Those shoes are not meant for walking.
    0156hrs.Sunday 010309