A Shoe gets thrown at the Chinese

Allright. It's not just an arab thing anymore. It's globalizing. Awesome.

They are so gonna start forcing journalists to take off their shoes before press confrences from now on. Just you wait.


  1. Abu Sa'ar says:

    Dude, come on, maybe the protester was an Arab?

    And there’s a fashion of Arab “protesters” emulation among Lefties noways: kaffiyehs, stone-throwing, “Kill the Juice!”, violently hysterical screaming people…

  2. Americans did the same thing. Scroll down for photos


  3. It’s not a political statement. It’s a fashion statement.

    I will say it beats the hell out of a molotov cocktail.

  4. That happened at Cambridge Uni… they’re progressive liberal hippies, or so they like to think. I jest, I jest. My sister goes there and she and her friends are not that bad.

    I’d rather see an Egyptian mother getting her ship-ship and walloping them. That would have at least been amusing.

  5. Gee, I was going to take some shoes down to Sally Ann; perhaps I should keep them now just in case I have the desire to throw them at somebody.

  6. “Ship-ship”! Yakhti:)

  7. Yes Hany abo warda lol!

  8. My heart definitely belongs to la pantoufle de Zanouba.

  9. You’d think the guy would get some sort of hint after the Iraqi was arrested. That maybe there are more effective ways to make your opinion known?

  10. I wouldn’t wanna be him, honestly. The Chinese don’t have a good sense of humor about this sort of thing.

  11. Im luving how this shoe-throwing mode has taken over the World–let ppl express themselves + its entertaining seeing those well poised politicians reacting to the sudden coming of the shoe :) ))
    Last time I saw a proper use of it was in Maadi a girl used it to let a guy who was apparently bothering her, know what she really felt about his advances, ppl gathered and the street came to a stand-still which gave me the chance to watch :) )

  12. The Israeli ambassador in sweden was the latest target

  13. Why is it that there is so much sympathy to al-Zaidi and so little to Jahnke (the Cambridge shoe-thrower)?