Ashley Judd is a square!

She is starting a campaign to stop the habit of hunting wolves from Helicopters. Take away all the fun, why don't you?


  1. What, Judd wants people to thin out the wolves on the ground? Is she nuts? I think she needs a polar bear sent to her as a gift….just for a reality check.

  2. What Sarah Palin got to do with it?

    Is this ordered hit in preparation for 2012 elections?

  3. Ashley Judd: Another Washingtonian (by proxy if you like) ready to tell us how to live.

    When she and all these other idiots settle here for about 20 years and comprehend what it is like to live in Alaska, I’ll listen to her rants. And no cold-weather escapes Outside. She spends the winters *here*, with the rest of us plebes.

  4. Alaska grants aerial wolf hunting licenses in areas where moose and caribou populations are endangered. Killing off some of the wolves who hunt them allows young moose and caribou to flourish. So the ignorant Judds of the world are simply favoring wolves over moose and caribou. If Judd thinks shooting a wolf is cruel, why is she for having baby moose and caribou torn apart by wolves? That sounds pretty cruel to me.

    As usual, the liberals don’t know what they are talking about, castigate people wildly, and demand the government abandon responsible management of the environment in favor of wildly irresponsible management neglect.

  5. Pretty unpleasant photo of Palin if you follow the link. I wonder where they got that one?

    Otherwise, yet another story of a cossetted celebrity passing judgement on people who live in places, conditions and circumstances that a celeb will probably never experience, and certainly will never understand.

    Self righteousness gets so sickening after a while.

  6. #4 says “Killing off some of the wolves who hunt them allows young moose and caribou to flourish”.

    Allows them to flourish so Palins of the world may let off their extra testosterone and feel powerful by killing both wolves and caribou.
    I am not even going to argue with you people, since it is truly pointless and a waste of my time.

    #5-”Self righteousness gets so sickening after a while”.
    I agree. On both sides.
    Not everything is black/white.