On that Iraqi election

Those who supported Democracy there are vindicated now. And there is no turning back..

These elections will produce a new majority in Iraq, which will be always determined by coalition building. However, one result cannot be reversed anymore; no more return to single party dictatorship. Iraq may break in pieces, but it will never return to a Saddam-like monstrosity; and that is what authoritarians in contiguous countries fear the most.

The seeds of elections are now planted in Mesopotamia. With more than 140 political party and associations, hundreds of newspapers, publications, dozens of radio and TV stations — a mosaic is in existence. It will be hard on the Iranian Mullahs and on Al Qaeda to crush all this diversity across the Shia, Sunni, Kurdish and Christian lines. Once young Iraqis who will be voting for the first time, women who have broken the walls of gender exclusiveness, and minorities emerging from the underground, have tasted and tested this democratic exercise — a resistance to fascism and totalitarianism is born. Fundamentalism is said to have lost some support as an increasing number of Iraqis (41% in the latest poll) said they prefer secular parties over religious ones.

You bet your ass that Iran and Saudi will double their efforts to ruin things in Iraq now.


  1. i luv egypt says:

    Hopefully them rough iraqis will overcome their urge of fighting or the satisfaction of holding a rifle like the lebanese people. Its obvious that the only good thing that came out of this war was the end of Saddam and beggining of a new democratic country. Very similiar to what happened in Japan. Look at Japan now. Japanese did realize the goodness of democracy and used to become what Japan is now. I wish iraqi people can look at the bright side and use this once in a life time freedom. This forced political revolution did cost iraq a lot of lives due to foreign invasion, but most revolutions can hardly occur without bloodshed.

    The US fucked up big time no doubt, but now is the only time where Iraqis can forgive for the loss of their families and move on because what they have now of wealth and freedom is a dream for many Arab nations. Iraq can actually be the one of the strongest nation in the middle east with its population, diversity, education and science not to mention their musical talent. Personally i believe there is progress within iraq itself. I have met in Australia 5 agricultural students sent on a scholarship. I think this means Iraq is organized enough to rebuild it self with a fresh start by funding academic students overseas for a better a future.

  2. “You bet your ass that Iran and Saudi will double their efforts to ruin things in Iraq now.”

    I’m not that sure about it, but what I’m sure about is that the USA definitely ruined “things” there,how about the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lost ???

    what I’m also sure about, is that the USA did what it did, for Oil, and not for the sake of the “freedom” of the Iraqi people.

  3. So why does Iraq now have a surplus of oil and makes money selling it? Did the US forget to steal it?

  4. Democracy has shallow roots in Iraq because it was forced upon them, rather than the Iraqis fighting for it. It will take a couple generations to acquire the sense of personal responsibility for their nation that ties democracy to the people’s hearts. In the meantime, all that has been won so far can be undone, bit by bit, by the shoe-throwers, foreign agent provocateurs, religious fanatics, and thugs.

    Arab Muslims will always generate bogus stories about America stealing Iraq’s oil because that’s what they would do and can not imagine making war for any reason other than theft and domination. It’s beyond their limited imagination.

    And yes, the evil Saudis and the mad mullahs of Iran are against democracy and freedom. Eventually, they will have to go.

  5. Your Boss says:


    Your ‘surety’ does not hold up to empirical reality. Did the US actually seize the oil? Did the US get any special bargains on Iraqi oil? Did the price of oil go up or down?

    While the US made big mistakes in Iraq, most of Iraq’s problems are cultural. The sectarian warfare was the result of a nation of horribly bigoted people who acted out their prejudices by slaughtering each other by the tens of thousands.

  6. Can’t you people just freaking say, “Thank you?”

    I think it’s time to put to bed the “Bush lied Iraqis died” and “No war for oil” arguments. They’re so damn tired and stupid.

    Funny, we just had $4/gallon gas…boy, the Iraq war really backfired! Shouldn’t our efforts in Iraq have resulted in .25 cent/gallon??? Where is our tax money and soldiers’ blood going then???

    The “Foreign Invasion of 2003″ was the best thing that has happened to Mesopotamia in the past 3000 years…and all the “Arabs” do is bitch about it. We’ll see how much bitching is going around when Iraq is the most productive/viable country in the ME outside of Evil Israel in a decade or two..

    Give it a little time and all “Arabs” will be clamoring for US “Foreign Invasions”…lol!

  7. One day, when every middle eastern country is a secular democracy, there will be a statue of George W Bush in every town square.

    Ought to be one now.

  8. You said it EgyPeter, the “I hate America” mentality is strong (and stupid) here on this thread. First off, there weren’t hundreds of thousands of deaths of Iraqi citizens during the war. The vast majority of deaths of innocents came from who? Anyone, anyone … Muslim extremists! Where is the outrage at the senseless human slaughter that occured during the Iran/Iraq war, do you know how many died during that fiasco? Whoever wi=on that war would have descimated the others population. Yea, it was all for oil (so lame), The US hasn’t “taken” a single drop of oil, the Iraqi oil it did BUY was paid for at the going world market rate. China got the first contract to extract Iraqi oil. The US will be out of Iraq at some point in time. Allah must love stupid people because he sure did make alot of them.

    What Dick said:

    One day, when every middle eastern country is a secular democracy, there will be a statue of George W Bush in every town square.

  9. brooklynjon says:

    tedders, Egypeter,

    You guys are of course correct. Appreciation is a very difficult emotion. It’s easier to resent. Just ask a teenager. Or the French. Or a French teenager.

    At least the Koreans still appreciate our saving their ass somewhat. And the Aussies.


  10. We stole the oil but left it in the ground. Damn, who the fuck left it in the ground?!

    It’s pretty funny hearing the idiotic “stealing the oil” argument when we just climbed down from the most expensive gas in American history, and are pulling the troops out. Not that people who make that argument are bound by logic or sanity.

  11. Marie Claude says:

    One day, when every middle eastern country is a secular democracy

    too bad Iran and Irak were secular previous Brezinzinski for Iran, and Bush for Irak !!!!

    BJ, I’m the french teenager :lol:

  12. Marie Claude: If a French teenager now, you cannot remember the German invasion of France in WWII. Had the outcome been different we might not be reading your comments.