Question of the day!

Given that my blog is filled with opinianated people, I figured I would pose the following question to you, since I couldn't find an answer to it myself. The Question is:

How, in the name of all that is holy, do you make love stay?

The first person who gives me a good, decent, reasonable answer to that question, gets a new Blender!


  1. “keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards”

  2. The continues ability to compromise

  3. “I have learned that only two things are necessary to keep one’s wife happy. First, let her think she’s having her own way. And second, let her have it.”

    Or as my future father in law told me on my wedding day, “the two most important words in a marriage are, yes dear!”

  4. “A husband’s last words should always be, OK buy it.”

  5. Abu Sa'ar says:

    Love stays for as long as needed – not a moment longer and not a moment sooner.

    To make it stay is like to make the air in your lungs stay.

  6. “One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.”

    “Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.” ~ Henry Youngman

  7. change the prize to a “husband” and I will gladly give you an answer!

  8. Herlock Sholmes says:

    Love is an illusion. To stay alive the illusion needs to be fed. Illusions feed on the imagination

  9. The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.
    Henny Youngman

    People are always asking couples whose marriages have endured at least a quarter of a century for their secret for success. Actually, it is no secret at all. I am a forgiving woman. Long ago, I forgave my husband for not being Paul Newman.
    Erma Bombeck

  10. Wasn’t there a

    This novel continuously addresses the question of how to make love stay. The story is sometimes called a post-modern fairy tale. (Well, I guess the term “fairy tale” puts the concept in perspective!)

    “Still Life with Woodpecker” by Tom Robbins

    “When we’re incomplete, we’re always searching for somebody to complete us. When, after a few years or a few months of a relationship, we find that we’re still unfulfilled, we blame our partners and take up with somebody more promising. This can go on and on–series polygamy–until we admit that while a partner can add sweet dimensions to our lives, we, each of us, are responsible for our own fulfillment. Nobody else can provide it for us, and to believe otherwise is to delude ourselves dangerously and to program for eventual failure every relationship we enter.”

    I suppose what I take from Mr. Robbins quote is, only if you’re happy with yourself can you be happy with someone else and even then there are no guarantees.

  11. This works, if you really mean it:

    “Why do we fall in love?

    What is really happening when we fall in–and out of–love?

    What’s really going on when couples fight?

    To gain insight into the hidden agenda of a relationship, we need to look at the complex process of human growth and development, and at how we human beings fit into the larger scheme of things.”

    the rest is at the link.

    Good Luck!

  12. 1.lower your expectations. Hot passionate romantic love burns out. Be content with a low simmer if you want it to last.

    2.At some point you will discover your significant other is lacking in some area. Do not be dismayed. No one can be all the things you want. There is no such thing as a “soul mate. You just need someone you can affectionately tolerate for a few decades. Remember, this is not for eternity, we’re talking maybe 50 years and it will fly fast. The more kids you have, the faster it will fly. In fact it is good if you have an interest that she doesn’t share because sometimes you will need to get the hell a way for a while.

    3.You may be a nice guy, but you (like most men) have the dick of a pirate. The pirate dick has not agreed to settle down. You need to trick him into thinking he still has different booty waiting for him in every port. You do this via porn. Keep it well hidden.

    4.When you get married, it is no longer about you. You have to realize that you are part of a team now. You have to always put the success of the team first. As other team members pop out they will instantly obtain a higher priority than you. You may be a crucial component but you will always be at the bottom of the totem pole. Try not to think so much about your own misery. You need to feed off of the happiness of the team.

    5.Remember to let off a little steam every now and then or else you will have a meltdown. The porn is not enough. Every few months you need to get out and have fun without the family. Indulge yourself moderately. Have a few beers, smoke a joint, go to a strip club (but not a brothel). You will feel rejuvenated and will be able to persevere through the next few months because you know there is another reward on the horizon.

    6.Act like the president over congress when decision making. Let her make 99% of the decisions and use your veto power sparingly.

  13. How do you make love stay?

    Deal with it as if it is bound go away

  14. Love never leaves, it just becomes invisible.

  15. Marie Claude says:

    umm, beating your wife can make it !!!!

    depends on what kind of wife you have, it wouldn’t fonction with one like me, umm the guy would have in the next days a soup with arsenic, I tell ya, my fellah muslim women, arsenic is indecipherable in soup, a right dose every day to get rid of an abusive husband in the following months??? seen as a natural death :mrgreen:

    well it is said that love passion last about 3 years, the rest of your life then must be discussions, compromises, reconciliations, friendship, comradship, fellowship, fairness… cuz, if you change, it’ll go all right for the next 3 years, and then again, the charges as seen as boring :laundry, cooking, cleaning,…..

  16. Take the focus off your feelings. Focus on your decisions instead. Treat the decisions in your life as unalterable commitments, not as whims of the moment.

    Decide that “this is the person I’m going to stay with”.

  17. SM

    That is an easy one:

    Realize love in indefinable in the first place. That relationships cycle and change over time that love manifests as a wide variety of things…

    So when what you even define “fades”…there are a list of things you have to review…what faded? Sexual passion? Did you perhaps start to note many things about your partner you closed your eyes to, etc.

    Then remember…in longer term relationships…SHIT HAPPENS…what if you are infatuated with someone’s beauty and they suffer burns to the face (like during a Palestinian terrorist attack)…do you have the same feelings…?

    So…it likely is something different for different people as various stages of their lives and becomes something different as they change.

  18. I think Tedders gets the blender.AND a lawnmower..:)

  19. Tom Robbins:

    * Tell love you are going to the Junior’s Deli on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to pick up a cheesecake, and if love stays, it can have half. It will stay.

  20. First, you pick a “keeper.”

    Then, you spoil her rotten.

    I blew it the first time, by being naive, and completely discounting obvious character flaws that everyone else saw. Much later, I found one that I liked, and everybody around me liked him for me. People would tell me “That’s a good one.” Almost stopped the wedding out of sheer fear, but reasoned that I was not going to let the first one shadow the rest of my life.

    The spoiling part is also essential. If you know you are not going to get better treatment anywhere else, you may get mad, you may get bored from time to time, but you won’t leave. And then, you get a chance to enjoy the really good stuff, again, and you don’t want to leave.

  21. You can start by getting your own life, and not messing with other people’s wives.

  22. O says:

    I think Tedders gets the blender.AND a lawnmower..:)

    Yay!! Margarita party at my house!!

  23. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Hmmm. I never thought of it that way. I just try and keep him happy, which makes me happy most of the time. Is that too girlie? If I feel like he thinks he’s stuck, I just send him out with his friends to go drinking or something. He’s always so appreciative to go out like he was single again. If I think he’s bummed out because he’s having sex with the same girl (and no others) for the next 50 years, I’ll point out a pretty girl and ask him to describe what indecency he’d like to do to her. I’ll leave out some chunks of Emmenthaler Swiss cheese, a glass of room temperature Coke and a piece of European chocolate when he gets home. Little things like that seem to make him happy. He seems to know when I’m feeling a little blue by doing little simple things, like play with my hair, or play the piano for me, or ask me girlie questions that girls love to answer, but men don’t really care about. Sometimes he’ll sing into my belly when I think he’s not interested in the baby or fatherhood. I think love stays if you try to stay friendly with each other, and work as a team on each other’s happiness and general contentment. It worked for my parents, his too, so why change the formula?

  24. Duct Tape

  25. Melissa:
    This is so sweet. This is the best thing I read for long time. I do not see it girlie – it is very human.

  26. Melissa…

    Very nicely said

  27. Self-sacrifice. Always work for the good of the other person more than your own.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Jason is funny.
    I would suggest finding someone who think that you’re brilliant. If you are brilliant, it’s not hard to find. If you’re not, find someone with low self esteem.

  29. I respect my husband according to his definition of respect,

    he loves me based on my definition of love.

    Remembering the love that lasts longest is a verb, not a noun.

    Have another mutual passion in addition to sex.

    Pray together, for one another, every day.

    Sixteen years. :)

  30. I think kinzi should get the prize :)

    But a blender!? Do people even use those, anymore?

  31. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Sure Craig. I use a blender to make different flavor ice creams. You buy vanilla and then throw a scoop or two in and add whatever suits your fancy. Want strawberry, through in strawberries, want peanut butter and chocolate, throw in a big spoonful of PB and some chocolate syrup. Saves you money from buying all the different flavors. Also, you can’t make super creamy pumpkin soup without one. ;)

  32. Your Boss says:

    Number 10 is the best anwer.

    If someone isn’t interested anymore, respect their right to be so, wish them well, and move on.

  33. They are so hard to clean though! Isn’t it better to buy stuff at the grocery store? Hmmm? I think Sandmonkey was expecting a woman to win this prize, otherwise it would have been a 6-pack of beer.

  34. depends on what you’re asking.

    long term/marriage: be really, really good friends; don’t be too selfish; have a LOT of sex.

    someone you love who is slipping away: talk, listen, try to see if there’s anything stupid you’re doing that you could stop doing. when that, in all likelihood, doesn’t work — let the person go. you can’t hold onto love.

    someone you love who is slipping away (**for unethical people): be exactly the person she wants, even if it’s not who you really are. most girls will fall for this, at least for a while.

  35. RULE ONE: Lower your expectations
    RULE TWO: Realise that “loving” someone should be synonymous with “settling”
    RULE THREE: Get your negotiating skills in order
    RULE FOUR: Even though you’re negotiating (with set goals and a minimum of what you want to take away with you), make it seem to her that you’re “compromising”. The ladies will probably give you a token of appreciation (unless you really p*ss her off), because they’ll think you’re being thoughtful – though we know better.

    I sound like a guy. I don’t know what to make of that.

  36. The problem is that you FALL in love. You are bound to get bruises.

  37. Points for Jack (made me laugh), Mellisa (You’re a keeper young lady!), kinzi (Love is a verb! Why didn’t think of that!), Valerie (Then, you spoil her rotten, that can’t be stressed enough!). Might I also add to all the great postings above, always maintain a sense of humor, always have laughter as a pressure relief.

    “The man who says his wife can’t take a joke, forgets that she took him.” -Oscar Wilde

  38. You make love stay by giving me a new blender.

  39. Whoops! Points for Jason (made me laugh)

  40. ” I think Sandmonkey was expecting a woman to win this prize, otherwise it would have been a 6-pack of beer.”

    No margaritas for you!!! (in my best soup nazi voice) ;)

  41. Why make love stay? If it stays it stays. If it doesn’t, divorce “the bitch” / “the asshole” (delete as applicable)

  42. Passion.

    Find it in whatever you do and it gets you out of your comfort zone and shakes you to the core. Once that happens, everything changes. You connect deeper, more sincerely, with energy that goes thru the roof. Love digs that.

  43. What brand is the blender?

  44. Love is blender, sorry, blind.

  45. Make sure that it really is love and not just infatuation. And then, as someone above mentioned you must be able to compromise. There is a lot of give and take involved, not just take.

    27 1/2 years of being together with the same man (7 of which was dating)


  46. Forgiveness.

  47. Joanne, did you read what Erma Bombeck said about forgiveness at post #9?

  48. #42
    I was thinking the same thing!
    “Hells Kitchen” no sissy there..women have more manners that that man..

  49. Be a man!

  50. I think I had that kind of love for a while. Its long gone now.

  51. Love is not a “thing”. It is. When your very being is wrapped up in the other, and you know that he feels the same, that is love. Love is TRUST. I had no trust, after a first marriage to an emotionally unavailable, but nice, man. When my man and I met, it truly was Kismet – a recognition in our souls that we were meant to be. I gave him my trust, and he gave me his. We trust each other emotionally – the most dangerous trust there is. We’ve been married almost 11 years now…and nothing has faded. We feel as strongly about each other as the day we met, and are even more in tune with each other. So to answer the question, you can’t make love stay. It has to be in that indefinable first moment, or it was not there at all.

  52. There is an old saying in the US that dates back to pioneer days: Marry in haste; repent at your leisure.
    Love is really not that giddy, half crazy feeling; that’s infatuation. Love is deeper than that, a powerful caring for another. Infatuation doesn’t last, but if you choose wisely, deep, comforting friendship may.

  53. #48
    Shut Up, Tedders will just get a black blender and not a pink one.

  54. i luv egypt says:

    No such thing as love my friend!

    It is sex that makes a couple stay. Without sex, neither party will stay!

    To keep a girl is to keep up with spicing of your sex life, of course i mean different positions every once and a while.

    Dont be boring by staying the same. Keep changing your self and looks to make that girl feel like she dating a lot of men. e.g. change ur hair style completly and ur fashion senses. Stay buff so she wouldnt have an excuse to look for hotter younger men.

    Have a break every once and a while so she can appreciate ur presence. You do not want to be like that old brown sofa thats need to be changed or removed. Do not have long breaks, max a week every month. Long breaks usually cause forgetness. I believe most long distance relationship never work. She grows and changes in the new enviroment while you are not there with here. So if you dont see her for a year, she will be like who the fuck is this guy and why did i ever fall in love with such an alien personality to what i am used to at this moment!

    Do not be so relaxed thinking that you have her for life, no such thing. Keep it real and unpredictable. Do not take a shit infront of her eventhough she loves you. However you acted in ur first two month of ur relationship, keep it the same (you know funny,acting cool, wanan fight with some1 who checked out ur girl etc).

    Always keep smiling cause if you wont, there are thousands of peeps who will give her one.

    Give her pointless commands just like Arabs to show her who is the man.

    Do not ever say “what ever you want baby” cuz dats homo talk and women always need a real man.

    Get kids cuz that will defintly make her think twice b4 considering seperation. Not cuz she is too weak to raise a child by her self, but she knows damn well how important a father is to his children. Its the natural way of life for human being like most animals.

  55. In any relation there’s someone who loves the other one more than the other one loves him or her, so one’s compromising all the time while being taken for granted all the time which makes her miserable and insecure all the time while he feels like he’s strangled by her misery and eventually by her presence, so either he gets out of the relation or just plays along pretending to be happy and whatever. So for love to work both of them must love each other by the same exact amount, not necessarily at the beginning.
    What do you think Craig?

  56. Why would you ask me? lol. I don’t have any advice to share, that’s why I didn’t, eh?

  57. #53 spoken truly like someone who has a future date with a divorce attorney!

    “change ur hair style completly and ur fashion senses”, cause that’ll keep her around for sure LMAO! Too rich!! : D

    “Give her pointless commands just like Arabs to show her who is the man.”
    Has definitely never been in a long term relationship! You’re killing me man!!!


  58. I am very concerned about your choice of the prize lol


    What love? :-)

  59. Mohamed,

    I should award you a Molokhia we roz for your answer :-)

  60. Because you know how much I value your opinion Craig. Specially after my new found respect for you after you’ve uncovered the truth about me being a Copt. Still couldn’t figure out how you did it.
    Since you’ve mentioned el Molokhia, I also want seneyet batates, keshk and fasolia ’7adra. Doesn’t it amaze you that with all the falafel and shawerma places, there’s not a single koshary place in the us?

  61. brooklynjon says:


    It’s a Jewish plot. We eat felafel and shawarma, but not koshary. It sounds too much like “kosher” and we get confused.
    Submit to our dietary whims! :-)

    Oh, and we really dig sushi!


  62. Q:How, in the name of all that is holy, do you make love stay?

    A: You can’t!
    Each “love story” has a run, an expiry date if u will. It could last for a week or even decades but eventually “it goes bad”.

    So my advice would be to enjoy it while it lasts.

  63. But Koshary’s so good BJ, and at if someone describes it you’d wonder at first what’s so difficult about it, it’s just macaroni, lentils and rice, but the secret lies in the garlic and the hot sauce that you pour on the Koshary, getting them right is near impossible unless someone told you the secret.

  64. Ah… I guess twist ties, rohypnol, and a stun gun doesn’t get me a blender?

    More seriously, be kind and faithful, but never desperate and needy. If you can figure out that happy medium, write a book and tell me how the f to do it.

  65. Chop your love’s legs off.

    Seriously – whatever will be, will be.

    Its a risk you will or will not take but decision is yours.

    PS. Please, donate my blender to your favorite charity.

  66. My wife and I have been together for 16 years, and we are both under 40.

    The biggest and best thing is to stand up for yourselves, no doormats. It doesn’t mean be an A-hole, (which I am) but mutual respect, and it’s got to be earned.

    Without that respect, civility can be lost, and you will turn into people you never wanted to be.

  67. Be friends before lovers but not for too long, or she will see you as a brother rather than a lover. Lust fades but friendship lasts longer – especially since people spent a lot of time with friends. They are nice to be around.

    Never take the love for granted. Work on it. Romance and courting as if the relationship is new. Keep it fresh. Zip-lock fresh.

    If you want any rules in the relationship make them early and keep consistent.

    Once there are little ones make sure the well being of everyone under your roof is your focus. Quite soon they will trust your judgement and look to you as the head of the family. It brings benefits as well as responsibility. And, as someone said already, use your powers of veto sparingly.

  68. Eva, Canada says:

    I distrust love. It makes people act like idiots. Make sure you two like each other. That is the basis of stability.

  69. Sandmonkey I just bought a new Vita Mix three months ago, but I could use a new video. This cheap-o DVD player I bought lost year is already giving up the ghost.

    Seriously, though…the pair should be friends long before ever they are lovers.

  70. “How . . . do you make love stay?” v1.0

    Stainless-steel chains. Get ‘em anodyzed with zinc to resist rust and electrolysis. Black iron rusts too quick and electrolyzes like crazy. And be a dear and get the wide shackles.

    “How . . . do you make love stay?” v1.2

    Get a dog.

  71. Craig and Tedders, thanks for the mention!

    Craig, clean a blender by pouring a bit of hot soapy water in it and turn it on (with the lid on)

    Great tips, (most) everyone!! Got me inspired to be a better wife.

  72. Say hello to her. Many love affairs never begin because the lovers neglect to introduce themselves. Toss aside your fears and just do it now.

    Love will stay if you both want it to stay. It won’t if you don’t.

    Begin by picking somebody that you like. Lots of people fall in love with people they don’t like at all. That’s the predominant avocation of women in their twenties.

    Be unpredictable. Not unpredictable to the extreme, like wild mood swings where you get drunk and fire pistols in the house. Unpredictable in that you zig when she expects you to zag and she can’t figure out why. Women love a riddle. Don’t do the same thing more than twice. Mix it up. Never explain why.

    Be yourself. If you have to be somebody else to impress her, you won’t keep her. And you won’t want to anyway. In many cases, chasing love is like chasing a cat around the room. Good luck with catching it. However, if you sit down and go about your business, the cat may come curl up in your lap.

  73. i luv egypt says:

    @ tedders 56

    Man it does really work and they want to stay for ever. Its me who dump them cuz i get bored real easy. Everytime i dump a girl i move out. Cuz they get so pissed off they start stocking me. The most dangerous thing in the world is a heart broken chick!!! You do not fuck with women hearts man…. And to Western people giving her commands like “no dont go to that place” and in fact there is no logical reason. But somehow they like it. Dont do it too much. You know just say one pointless command once every 3 month. The whole point of a pointless command is to shock her with ur manhood, that all of a sudden you can be that big brother. In her subconscience will give her that “i have a father” feeling. You know ur dad who gives you shit but u know he is doing it cuz he loves you. trust me it works very good with both arabs and Western people.

    Trust me i have tested this strategy on the most liberal women. They ask why u command and u reply just like ur Arab daD,”No reason just listen”. And in return u will have the best sex after that which goes along with ur spicy sex life.

  74. i luv egypt says:

    From the article Embarrassing shit!

    @ Roman Kalib
    “He’s a Muslim, of the fire and brimstone, “the Prophet promised we will kill those apes and pigs in the end” variety – something he actually referred to when talking with I Luv Egypt, who is also a Muslim by his own words.”

    True i am Muslim but you just fucked by saying i refered to Jews as Apes and Pigs which i defintly did not.

    Actuallyy if you look at my comment #82 in the (LOST GOD OF Palastine), “How can you accuse an Imam of being extreme if he is telling the truth (Of course what i mean by saying the truth is the inhumane treatment of IDF not the jews are pigs and apes crap)”

    “And by the way, I LUV EGYPT is a fake persona… nobody talks like that, he’s obviously trying to disguise his style so nobody recognizes him from a different account. He’s trying to sound “ghetto” in typing, which of course nobody does lol”

    Craig trust me i do speak like that. I only started to view this blog 2006 when i found this site by mistake on google. I type ghetto because simply i am not botherd typing properly. THis aint no assignment i have to admit. My writting standards here is the same on MSN and txt msging. So please stop talking shit. i would swear to you i am not who you think i am but we believe in different Gods.

    So now i have proven that you talk shit and im afraid now we are starting to doubt ur conversation validity!
    Btw my gran father is originally a Morocan jewish immigrant and he converted. I am proud of my background and obviously i wouldnt call jews pigs and Apes because i know for a fact i am not a pig or an Ape, my father can afford mirrors. Thank you Roman Kalib for talking shit.

    @ Roman Kalib
    “to this day, cartoons of Jews with big noses appear in Arabic newspapers with few, if any, realizing how absurd that is.”

    loool @ Roman. Hypocracy should be listed as a criminal offence so people like you would stop doing so. My friend please do not talk about Cartoons!!! you know wat i am talking about..

    People of this blog, Roman Kalib just admited how “absurd” dehumanizing a race or religion in “cartoons”. All his words not mine. Yet it is fucking okay for Danish people to portray the propher Mohamed PBUH, muslim men and women. Nope the excuse was “freedom of Speech”. Then i guess what the Syrians do is okay? right??? am i missing sumting here? Cuz it seems freedom of speech is the reason for any insults to non jews. shhhh, hey, on the low, if it attempts to come any close to jews either cartoons or comedy stand ups reffering to the Holocust its a no no.

    As a matter of fact, i have a wonderful video that explains this obvious hypocracy that was discussed in a french talk show.

    The people who posted this video may have other posts that are a bit dodgy, but picked this film because it simply shows you fact and obvious hypocracy where the french host of a talk show condems a comedian for using Holocusts in his jokes which ended his career, while the SAME host was arguing with a french gentlemen over the Danish cartoon. The french host said Danish cartoons are okay bcuz we have freedom of speech while the french gentlemen argued how there should be respect along with freedom of speech. This talk show a believe start 3 minutes from playing. Skip the first part and jump to this part or watch the whole thing. Roman Kalib you have proven that u r as hypocritical as that french host.

    Now the real question, why do we condem and end people’s career if they think of even talking about jews or Israel while it is okay to call Arabs terrorist, sand niggers (in hollywood movies) and “the race that needs to be wiped off the earth!” Did you ever think how does that make me or us feel?? Shame on Jews of the world today for their obvious hypocracy. Its interesting how Allah always reminded of us of the hypocrits in our daily life. Mashalah im learning new stuff about Islam everyday by simply meeting people like you. Thank you Roman Kalib for making my faith stronger, thank you.

    Why have nobody replied back yet? No more comebacks ay?

  75. i would swear to you i am not who you think i am but we believe in different Gods.

    I don’t think you are anybody… you obviously aren’t Twosret, because she couldn’t talk like you no matter how hard she tried… her English isn’t up to the task. All I’m saying is, I think you’re playing games with multiple accounts. That’s not unique to Twosret and her crew… lots of people do it.

  76. Ask her her deepest secrets. Be accepting of her feelings, desires, values, etc. Whatever they are.

    Similarly, tell her your deepest secrets. See if she’s accepting of your feelings, etc. All of them.

    Trade your secrets until you have none left.

    If you’re still together, you can probably make it. Otherwise, look for someone else as a life partner.

  77. Mohamed,

    I would love to cook for you no problem :-) . Kochari is so good, I discovered a secret about the sauce, let it sit in corriander, vinegar, and cumin for a while before you serve it. I still can’t make it the same way it is made in Egypt :-(


    We eat all what you mentioned too including sushi so it is not really that kosher lol

    I luv Egypt,

    you crack me up man! and don’t worry about Craig he is a loser! he sees everyone as Twosret.

  78. “Because you know how much I value your opinion Craig. Specially after my new found respect for you after you’ve uncovered the truth about me being a Copt. Still couldn’t figure out how you did it.”

    OMG! LOL!

  79. Something else: the longest-running conversation you will ever have will be focused on the subject “What is the best thing for our family?” If you remember what you are talking about, you will be free to get excited, and disagree and yell at one another, without hurting one another’s feelings.

    When I was a child, my mother and daddy would sometimes fight, but we never felt unsafe or threatened, because the fighting was all about them trying to figure out what would be the best way for them to handle a given problem. There was never anything mean, like name-calling or recrimination over somebody’s mistake, about it.

    It turns out that Daddy married a very smart woman, one who was better at some things than he (and vice versa). They learned to make use of each others’ strengths.

  80. Threaten to tell her husband if she dumps you.

  81. #48
    I apologize for being rude to you.
    You know, now that I read it again, I think you were talking to ME!
    That has got to be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!
    I would be the Gayest man in History then…with my pink appliances.

  82. Twosret & Luv Egypt,
    You guys still don’t get it. If he sees everyone as Twosret, then everyone is Twosret. If he thinks you’re changing your style to disguise your multiple persona (something like me and you and Twosret are Twosret, although I loved the use of the term Twosret and her CREW, as if she’s some kind of a king pin), then definitely you and me and Twosret are Twosret. And if he thinks that I’m a copt disguised as a moslem, but still believes that Mohamed is my real name, because my parents just wanted to mess with me and confuse me a little bit, then definitely I am a copt called Mohamed.

  83. although I loved the use of the term Twosret and her CREW, as if she’s some kind of a king pin

    Isn’t she, though? You never come around here except when she’s here, and you always go crying to her like some little kid who gets a skinned knee. I never said Mohamed was your real name, and I never told you to do the “wink wink” at Twosret about your religion, when you thought nobody knew her religion. You can pretend to be whatever you want. It’s no skin off my nose if you want to try to hide your religion, dude. I know of at least one Egyptian blogger who was around for years and never admitted publicly to being Christian. I understand how you will lose credibility with your Muslim “friends”.

    By the way, how is it you missed this in my comment? :

    …you obviously aren’t Twosret, because she couldn’t talk like you no matter how hard she tried… her English isn’t up to the task.

    Just curious.

  84. Mohamed, we are thinking on the same wavelength. About a month ago, I complained to my wife that there is no place to get koshari here in the U.S. We tried making it ourselves, but we’re not sure if we did it right. I only had it once when I was in Egypt, and I can’t remember exactly how it tasted.

    So, how about you or someone else opening a chain of koshari restaurants here in the U.S?

  85. JFP brilliant idea! I am gonna start one in New York and see how it works :-)

  86. Mohamed,

    we have to meet over Kochari one day :-)

  87. Quite a question, Sandmonkey. It has made me think about it often today. The abstract of my answer is: Treat your partner as you wish to be treated.

    More detailed, it would be:
    1. Keep your private sphere, and respect his.
    2. Take him as he is. Appreciate the good and tolerate the annoying.
    3. If something should annoy you too much to tolerate it, count to ten, if needed, trice, then tell him (but never nag). If his answer should be that he cannot or does not want to refrain from it: Believe him. He knows himself best, and he has the right to be himself.
    4. If you loathe the annoying trait more than you love him for his good ones, leave.

    Eight years so far, and hopefully many more. He makes me smile at least once a day, discontinues snoreling for hours if kissed on his brow, and he smells of basil.

  88. anonymous says:

    SM…this was interesting til halfway through these comments when they started their love/fuckfest with one another yet again…do u ever bored of their strange infatuation that is done on ur blog but has nothing 2 do with u or sometimes even the topic u have raised…i know i kinda do

    Still sticking by the “All Men R Walking Hormones” theory…and that if a couple will last, they better have orgasmic sex or it will die…they also better get along as friends..but again nothing lasts 4 ever…and there is no 1 particular person 4 anybody…so many billion of us…more than 1 “perfect match” 4 sure

    I’ve never used cumin, do you use cumin?

    Hi Sand Ape/Luv egypt/Anon-Are you going to post? Miss U pumkin:)

  90. JFP,
    To my knowledge, no one got it right too when they tried to make it at home whether in the US or in Egypt, but whenever you go to a koshary place, they always got it right.
    Twosret, if you can unlock the secret of making the garlic and the hot sauces, opening a koshary place would be a great idea, just remember to commission a book about the benefits of high carbs :) .
    U, this recipe’s got even the easy part (rice , lentils and macaroni) wrong, it mentioned long grain rice, and then it cooked the rice and lentils together, then for the sauce, he might as well used ketchup and tabasco. It’s not that easy guys, Twosret, you might need to bribe a koshary cook, or import one.

  91. i luv egypt says:

    @ craig, im sorry but i think twesrt has better english than me. Remember im the ghetto guy for this blog.

    Twosrt i have finally met a coptic girl in Australia. She came upto me at uni because i was wearing a sweater “Proud Egyptian” and she got cooked me food and brought it to school.

    Some people told me that Copts are only kind to Muslims in Egypt because the have to, not true at all. A coptic girl cooked me food in Australia and helped me organize my assignment, you know that woman touch…

    I think i might marry a coptic girl. They look latino which drives me crazy. I doubt her parents or mine will ever agree. Yet i am satisfied to find latino looking girls in my country, YESSS

    Sorry people i love women way more than money, food and cars.

    twosert you need to visit me so i can try your food.

  92. @ craig, im sorry but i think twesrt has better english than me. Remember im the ghetto guy for this blog.

    Your “ghetto” act is just that… an act. And I didn’t ask what you thought of Twosret’s English skills… I’ve actually talked to her :P

  93. Thanx Mohamed
    I checked, and there are no Mideastern restaurants here…
    I shall find more recipes

  94. Oops. Mohamed, we used the very recipe that U recommended. No wonder it wasn’t very exciting.

  95. Totally agree Luv Egypt, my favorite person in this world is a copt whose life mission is getting me married, hardly a month goes by without her trying to set me up with a friend or a daughter of a friend of hers, no matter how many times I’ve embarrassed her or might have damaged her relation with those friends, she never gives up, that’s why I told you it’s in your genes Twosret :) , and that’s why poisonous and hateful creatures like Egypeter and Carpet Captain for example are very dangerous, because for someone who didn’t have a chance to live among copts and interact with them deeply and daily, then reads their ugliness, won’t have much of a choice but to think that most copts are like those two anomalies.
    Craig, what an accomplishment, you were born and lived your entire life in an English speaking country and brag that you can speak English (grade school level judging by your comprehension skills by the way). Man, you must have been a child prodigy, my guess is that you started mumbling words by the time you were 12, then non coherent sentences by 18, I know that full coherent sentences are quiet a challenge, but don’t give up, maybe by 60 we’ll be there. Also, please remind me, how many languages do you speak? Because to my knowledge Twosret speaks at least three.

  96. Y & JFP,
    If there’s a recipe to find, and if there is a place to find it, my best guess it will be in an arabic book by someone called Nazeera Nicola, her book’s been the most famous cooking book in Egypt for decades now.

  97. Gee, Mohamed, what happened to the claim that you didn’t even know Twosret? :D

    And now you are here telling us what real Christians are like, are you? Real Christians are habitual liars? Real Christians engage in malicious gossiping? Real Christians preach hate? Or is it only real Copts who do those things? Is that really what you want us to believe? Do Copts have a different Bible? A different Jesus?

    poisonous and hateful creatures…

    Like Twosret, you mean? Like you? Tell us, Mohamed, what is your purpose for being on this blog? Are you trying to reach some kind of mutual understanding with people you disagree with? Or are you up to something else? Have you ever even had a civil discussion with somebody you didn’t agree with, here? Can you give me a link?

    And witness how you twisted my words, where I stated an obvious fact – Twosret doesn’t speak English well enough to be ILE (or you for that matter) – into an accusation of bigotry against me. After you previously accused me of claiming ILE and Twosret were the same person, immediately after I had offered up her lack of English fluency as proof they weren’t. What was your purpose in telling these lies, buddy?

    And I’m still waiting for some verses from the New Testament that support what you and Twosret are up to here.

  98. And by the way, for a Christian woman to spend that much time trying to find a wife for a cretin like you doesn’t speak well of her. Why would she want to subject any woman to your abuse? You aren’t fit to be a husband, let alone a father. Why would she want a decent woman to be subjected to a domestic hell on earth? Why would any woman of good heart and good will want to put another woman through that?

  99. And one more thing! Are you still claiming to be a Muslim, after you say a Christian woman you know has been trying to marry you off to her Christian friends, for years? That is a “does not compute”. The only acceptable reason for a Christian to marry a non-Christian is love. And most Christian faiths don’t even accept THAT reason as valid.

  100. I’m sorry Craig, grade school level comprehension is too advanced for you, hell, I’m really starting to think that the comprehension skills of an amoeba are far more advanced for you.
    Man, it really sucks to be you.

  101. Shukran, Mohamed

  102. Ok, here is the bomb:
    Craig and Twosret are the same person; The level of stupidity that has manifested itself lately is either nonhuman, and it that case I wonder how “it” can write, or just plain fake, which is more likely. Nobody can be that stupid, not even us to buy it. I think “Craig” was invented just to tease Mohamed.. Actually the thought of Mohamed also being the same person is appealing, but i know for fact (I think I do) that he’s not Twosret. But can she be him? hmm.
    So come on Twosret stop this show or defend yourself if u can, preferably with some verses from the New testament..:)

  103. How long before Twosret shows up with the expected ‘Lol, Hany, you are so cute!” followed by some gibberish nobody but her can understand? I do agree with you that the level of stupidity goes way up on this blog whenever Twosret and her friends who don’t know her put in an appearance, though, Hany. That’s pretty much the intention, isn’t it? 4 or 5 Egyptians (Copts or otherwise) trying to down out anything remotely resembling rational discussion? Twosret has always thought this blog was nothing without her contributions (want me to copy-paste the chat logs?). I wonder if Sandmonkey agrees with her about that? I wonder if the rest of the readers do?

    And by the way, Hany, that little attempt at a “derail” isn’t going to save “Mohamed” – every Christian reading this thread knows “Mohamed” is either a lying about that story he told, or a Christian himself, based on his brainfart at comment #95. How fucked up does somebody have to be in the head to try and pretend to be of a different religion, in an anonymous forum?

  104. I am everyone on this blog and if you don’t like it sod off :-)

  105. Bobby El haboob is having a Twosret attack lol

  106. Mohamed,

    What will happen to Craig if I die?

  107. I will post the Kochari recipe that I know that is as close as I could get to the Egyptian one. I am at work sorry can’t write it now, but will soon :-)

  108. It took Twosret all of half an hour to show up with the “You’re so cute!” comments :D

    Twosret, why do you keep acting like you want a “truce”, when you keep turning your Coptic jackals loose on me? You don’t really expect me to take the abuse and not dish any out, do you? You know me better than that, dear one, and I won’t leave the ringleader of my retaliation.

  109. I don’t really know exactl what makes love last to tell you the truth.My Dh and I were friends first and have always been able to talk about anything. That doesn’t mean that at times the discussion hasn’t got loud….but! LOL All in all I think i takes someone that you like as well as love and someone who won’t walk away when times get tough. We’ll be married for 23 years in the spring and lived together for two years prior to that.

  110. “All in all I think i takes someone that you like as well as love and someone who won’t walk away when times get tough.”

    So true, 14 years and counting here!

    Someone said, “One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.”

    Sort of goes with what christina/ohio said.

  111. Craig aka Twosret,
    The “you’re so cute” comment, did Twosret somehow write it in secret ink? Because my human eyes couldn’t see it, can you lend me your “visual hallucinations” goggles so I can see it too.
    Sorry for the aka Twosret Twosret :) , just couldn’t resist Hany’s idea, although I’m sure Hany that Craig has proven before that he could come with more ingeniously outlandish theories about the people here.
    That’s an easy one Twosret, if god forbid, something happened to you it won’t take him a second to claim that you’ve faked your own death and became catwoman or something.

  112. i luv egypt says:

    yall making a big deal out of who is who! I dont think people are botherd to chane their names every once and a while.

    Lets go back to arguing how bad Israel is…loool

  113. I luv Egypt,
    I luv your insistence on writing “kalib”.

  114. Twosret,
    It’s called a “Twosret fit” not attack.

  115. Yes, please post them Craig :)

  116. This is my detailed step by step Kochari Recipe, seems long and difficult but it is easy once you do it.

    Kochari Recipe

    Black Lentils
    1 cup of black lentils
    4 cups of water
    1 Onion
    ½ tsp of salt
    ½ tsp of pepper
    ½ tsp fresh ground cumin
    ½ tsp fresh ground coriander seeds
    Put all ingredients together and cook on high for 10 minutes until water starts to boil and then turn the heat to medium high and let it cook. It takes a long time to cook black lentils so start with cooking the lentils first. It usually takes 45 minutes to cook the lentils if not more. Drain any extra water and throw away the onion.
    Tomato sauce
    1 large Can organic tomato paste
    5 large garlic cloves minced
    1½ -2 cups of water
    ½ tsp salt
    ½ tsp Pepper
    ½ tsp crushed red peppers (you can use 1 tsp if you don’t mind the spicy flavor)

    ½ tsp cumin
    ½ tsp coriander
    1 1/2 TBS of white vinegar
    4 TBS vegetable oil
    Warm up the oil in a deep sauce pan and add tomato paste. Add all spices except the white vinegar and mix well. Add the minced garlic and let it simmer for few minutes and then add water and let it simmer for 45 minutes. Add the vinegar and let is simmer again for 15 minutes.
    1 ½ cup of short grain Egyptian rice
    Water (as per the bag instructions)
    2 TBS veg. Oil
    Heat the oil and add water and stir then add salt and water and let the rice cook for 25 minutes.
    Elbow Macaroni
    Use half a box of Elbow macaroni and follow instructions on the box. Cook it until it is well done not al dente.
    Chick peas
    Chick peas are optional and you can use half a can already cooked and rinse it well.
    (Open all your windows and shut your bedrooms and bathrooms doors while frying the onions otherwise your house will smell for a while, I boil water and cinnamon sticks afterwards)
    3 large onions peeled and sliced in thin wedges
    ½ cup of Veg. oil
    Sauté the onions in the Veg. oil until golden brown and put it on a paper towel.

    In a large serving deep dish Mix the rice, lentils, elbow macaroni, and chick peas and sprinkle the onions on top. Serve your tomato sauce on the side and pour two to three table spoons on each plate. Don’t substitute the fried onions with the dry store bought onions in packet it won’t taste the same. Use Vegetable Oil; Olive Oil is not recommended. ENJOY!

  117. “5 large garlic cloves minced” !!!!! :0

    Don’t forget the Listerine after you eat some ! LOL

    Sounds delicious!

  118. CarpetCaptain says:

    I havent posted on here in probably 5-6 months and the title of topic caught my eye so I figured I’ll add my cynical two cents but I saw this “and that’s why poisonous and hateful creatures like Egypeter and Carpet Captain for example ” courtesy of our resident troll.

    Mohammad you obviously have no concept of whats poisonous and hateful, but its clear that nothing irks you more than a Copt who will stand up to you and give you the daily bitch slapping that you rightfully deserve.

    I don’t hate/like/dislike anyone based on their religion, colour or any of the other criteria that the likes of you use to label people. Get that through that illiterate shit for brain that you pack around. I do have a problem however with state sponsored discrimination against an element of the population as is the case in Egypt and every other so called Muslim nation. Some obviously worse than others.

    For the record Turette (who is a good friend) is not Craig, thats a fact and your Copt friend trying to find you a wife is never going to make it work, she needs to find you a boyfriend.

    I Luv Egypt : Dude wht are you doing chasing Egyptian chicks when there are Aussie chicks around……Australia must have some of the sexiest women this side of Brazil…..they are just yummy!

  119. CarpetCaptain says:

    Turette who the hell makes koshary at home? Quit being a cheap ass and take a trip to Egypt :D

  120. Teddy,

    The garlic is cooked so it’s not that bad :-) u can always put less :-)


    You are trouble :-) why don’t You fly me there on your Carpet :-) that will be fun :-)

  121. “The garlic is cooked so it’s not that bad u can always put less”

    Nope, I’ll just make sure I stand way back from anyone I talk to for a couple of days!!

  122. NEVER be frank!!!!