God, it worked!

Just as a clearification: There is no love story at the moment. It was a rhetorical question, mainly aimed at getting people who would usually engage in long palestinian vs. Israeli debates to talk about something else for a change. To foster some kind of human dialogue going, show other aspects of the personalities of the people who comment here. And it worked, brilliantly I might add. Finally a comment thread that I want to read every word in. And the personal stories. Oh boy. You people give me hope.

I honestly can't decide which was the best answer, since many of them were so good. Also, there is that whole side issue of the blender, which really doesn't exist. Sorry about that. I was wanted to give y'all some incentive. And what better reward is there than a Blender, really?

If I had an answer to that question, it would go something like this: You can't make love stay, but you sure as hell can do your best not to make it go away. People give up on things far too easily these days, with so many opting to let go instead of fighting, thinking that if the love is true, it's bound to come back. The obvious flaw in that plan happens when both let go, expecting the other to make the first move, letting pride get in the way of getting back with the person they love. If you know that the person loves you, and you love them too, don\t let anything get in between the two of you. No matter what.

That being said, sometimes it's a losing battle from the start. Maybe your significant other simply can not be satisfied, no matter how hard you try to make them happy. If they see no value in what you have to offer, if they take your love for granted, and are not willing to do any work on their part to mend any broken fences despite your presistent efforts, then maybe you should just walk away. It's not your fault, it's not love's fault, it's not anybody's fault. Some people are just unhappy with whatever they got, always bored and restless, and always trying to push you away. Those are the ones to avoid. They are emotional vampires, damaged goods, no matter how much you wish that not to be the case. So, in that case, it's best to know when to walk away. Take it from someone who had particluar experiences with such people, it's never too late to tell them to fuck off, and for you to start over. And maybe this time Love will stay. :)

Again, love all of your answers and I am soaking up all of their wisdom. Thank you all!


  1. I KNEW IT! I almost even wrote that this must be some kind of tricky-Sand Monkey-plot. (boy, have I lived in the Middle East too long)

    It was the funnest read I ever had here. Thanks for making us all get along on a positive topic.

    You also gave me hope in that I should keep praying for a great wife for you. Awhile back, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a part of subjecting any woman to a Sandmonkey-marriage:) . Now I’m more sure the inner SM will make a great husband.

    Choose well.

  2. …and remember, there is only room for ONE Drama King or Queen in a marriage. Competition for that role will destroy a marriage and a kingdom. :)

  3. love is a four letter word and marriage is a failed institution! nothing ever lasts for ever, cupid is a hoax, the easter bunny is dead and santa is a pedophile!

  4. Soooo … let me get this straight, … there is no blender ? ;)

  5. “talk about something else for a change.”

    You are a genius my friend, a malevolent and snarky genius but still genius all the same!

    When you find the girl that is hot enough, smarter than you would like, respectful, trustworthy and has the heart of your grandmother- nothing else in the world will matter and an army won’t be able to keep you away from her (and doing the right thing, yea, you know what I mean!). Good luck and happy hunting Sam.

  6. You really managed “to foster some kind of human dialogue going”.
    Brilliant! You have/are a great heart.

  7. Alf mabrook ya zareef! That was indeed refreshing to read.

  8. Bravo. No-one yelling at each other. Or, at least, less than usual! And, yes, a chance to see who some of the people here really are. Nice job, sam.

    Search as I might, though, I couldn’t find the Sand Ape’s comment. Pity, that.

  9. “getting people who would usually engage in long palestinian vs. Israeli debates to talk about something else for a change”

    Interestingly enough there is correlation.

    In Israel-Palestinian conflict we see two (sort of) lovers who grew apart.
    Basically this subject of one-state vs. two-state solution is nothing but quarrel of former lovers where Palestinians are acting like ‘chick with broken heart’ (courtesy of i luv egypt).

  10. Egyptian Sandmonkey…. commentator, political adviser, lover…

  11. Roman Kalik says:

    It was indeed an interesting read, Sam, and a rather interesting result…

  12. Good two cents, nice post, very unsandmonkey like

  13. Abu Sa'ar says:


    Long shall the people of SMblog mourn the loss of The Blender…

    You are a cruel, cruel Monkey :`(

    LOL :)

  14. This post sounds like the voices in my head….. are you?

    I feel so much better after reading this post :)

  15. Hmmm… well, since this is my day for linking videos, you could always go old school SM:


    When you feel safe
    When you feel warm
    That’s when I rise
    That’s when I crawl

    Gliding on mist
    Hardly a sound
    Bring the kiss
    Evils abound

    In the dead of night
    Love bites
    Love bites
    In the dead of night
    Love bites

    Into your room
    Where in deep sleep
    There you lie still
    To you I creep

    Then I descend
    Close to your lips
    Across you I bend
    You smile as I sip

    Now you are mine
    In my control
    One taste of your life
    And I own your soul

    Softly you stir
    Gently you moan
    Lust’s in the air
    Wake as I groan

    In the dead of night
    Love bites
    Love bites
    In the dead of night
    Love bites

    Love bites you
    Invites you
    To feast in the night
    Excites you
    Delights you
    It drains you to white
    Love bites

    You knew at first sight
    You’d enjoy my attack
    That with my first bite
    There’d be no turning back

    So come in my arms
    I strike any hour
    I will return
    To trap and devour

    In the dead of night
    Love bites

    And free bonus for Sand Ape… gay British S&M dudes! Who could resist?

  16. SM…

    What a chicken shit way of getting out of paying for the blender…

    And they say Jews are cheap…

  17. SM…

    Nixon had ping-pong in China….

    The USA is trying badmitton in Iran

    SM brings peace to the ME with….LOVE

    OK…everybody…Arabs and Jews alike…let’s hold hands and sing in one voice;

    All yeh need is love
    dah dah dah dah dah
    All yeh need is love
    dah dah dah dah dah

    Love is all yeh need

    Ah…I feel better already

  18. :D

  19. That “Love Bites” song linda has to be followed by this one if you really wanna be old school:


    Can you remember remember my name
    As I flow through your life
    A thousand oceans I have flown
    And cold spirits of ice
    All my life
    I am the echo of your past

    I am returning the echo of a point in time
    Distant faces shine
    A thousand warriors I have known
    And laughing as the spirits appear
    All your life
    Shadows of another day

    And if you hear me talking on the wind
    You’ve got to understand
    We must remain
    Perfect strangers

    I know I must remain inside this silent well of sorrow

    A strand of silver hanging through the sky
    Touching more than you see
    The voice of ages in your mind
    Is aching with the dead of the night
    Precious life (your tears are lost in
    Falling rain)

    And if you hear me talking on the wind
    You’ve got to understand
    We must remain
    Perfect strangers

  20. I love it! You know, I get sick of every conversation making a U turn and turning into an Israeli-Palestinian debate. It keeps us polarized. It side-tracks any hope of finding commonality. Thanks for your hoax. Be good if we could talk about other things and give ourselves a chance to get to know each other. To talk to each other, rather than at each other. Brilliant, btw.

  21. Lynne..

    “It side-tracks any hope of finding commonality.”

    Pretty naive Lynne…the sneaking out on the blender is just further proof that Arabs can’t make or keep their promises…

    This is just one more reason for me to hate them…polarizes me to the max.

  22. So you guys know why I didn’t answer? :-) I know the monkey too well lol!

  23. Twoset, you saw through his ploy? :) Well, he did get us all talking agreeably. Now if we can just manage to do that all the time…

  24. Howie, yeah, I sneaking out on the blender was pretty low. I was hoping that my comment was the winner.

  25. anonymous says:

    I kinda stop reading u regularly because I have 2 be honest I am sick of the entire Ghaza thing…even stopped reading Egyptian chronicles..I used enjoy her reporting until she turned into the queen of Ghaza…

    But I clicked on u after I read Mockingwords (now she is hilarious..u should check her blog out)…and I have 2 say I was like…yay…no Ghaza!

    OMG…for a guy that comes across as so cynical and jaded..u r seemingly like one of those old Egyptian movie actors…Shukry Sirhan (my favourite) or Rushdie Abaza…such faith in love…

    Wallahi i’ve been thinking lately that men are only capable of lust…I keep meeting married men that fall in lust with me without any effort on my part..coworkers, friends, whoever…again…they r married…r they bored…did they 4get how 2 keep it interesting…did their wives? I told one that he should talk dirty 2 his wife not me…why not…do whatever it takes…

    I do agree…most people give up way 2 easily and relationships like most things in this live are disposable…omg can some tell tamer hosny that shaving horizontal lines on his chest does NOT give him a 6 PACK…WTF? and lose the unibrow already…sigh

    So yeah…don’t even know if there is such a thing as love…maybe people are just in love with themselves and looking 4 that special some1 who will validate that self love..who the hell knows…

    If u actually fall in love…let me know because I am having trouble believing that men ever experience that emotion…I’m sticking with the lust and hormones theory..it’s all about the chemicals in ur head…

  26. dude, you got people exchanging Kushari recipes by the end of the post! lol

  27. So…
    would you prefer some porno exchange?
    Maybe…just maybe, his readers are a little more classy than you are accustomed to?

  28. Hey, W, what’s with the rant?

    BTW, some here are very much accustomed to loving computer screen. Judging by their comments, that is. So, spare me the arrogance.

  29. What the H@@l?
    Far from it. You are the arrogant one…it is projection..I took psych. in kollege.

  30. “dude, you got people exchanging Kushari recipes by the end of the post! lol”

    I was responding to that.

  31. Ok, SM had a weak moment and got all pussified. Everyone has his breaking point.

  32. I agree :D
    Get back with the Gaza stuff

  33. Leo is a professor…I just know it

  34. Sounds like the break’s over.

  35. Yes Lynne if only Craig give up the Twosret fest he is having :-(

  36. So…no blender. Video? OK, just come watch a movie with me ;)

    Very clever, sandmonkeyyyyy!!!!