“I can read” movies

What if Highlander, or Face/Off or even Teen Wolf was made in the sixties? How would the Poster look?

Well, the people of Space-sick have the answers, and they are awesome! 


  1. i luv egypt says:

    From the article Embarrassing shit!

    @ Roman Kalib
    “He’s a Muslim, of the fire and brimstone, “the Prophet promised we will kill those apes and pigs in the end” variety – something he actually referred to when talking with I Luv Egypt, who is also a Muslim by his own words.”

    True i am Muslim but you just fucked by saying i refered to Jews as Apes and Pigs which i defintly did not.

    Actuallyy if you look at my comment #82 in the (LOST GOD OF Palastine), “How can you accuse an Imam of being extreme if he is telling the truth (Of course what i mean by saying the truth is the inhumane treatment of IDF not the jews are pigs and apes crap)”

    “And by the way, I LUV EGYPT is a fake persona… nobody talks like that, he’s obviously trying to disguise his style so nobody recognizes him from a different account. He’s trying to sound “ghetto” in typing, which of course nobody does lol”

    Craig trust me i do speak like that. I only started to view this blog 2006 when i found this site by mistake on google. I type ghetto because simply i am not botherd typing properly. THis aint no assignment i have to admit. My writting standards here is the same on MSN and txt msging. So please stop talking shit. i would swear to you i am not who you think i am but we believe in different Gods.

    So now i have proven that you talk shit and im afraid now we are starting to doubt ur conversation validity!
    Btw my gran father is originally a Morocan jewish immigrant and he converted. I am proud of my background and obviously i wouldnt call jews pigs and Apes because i know for a fact i am not a pig or an Ape, my father can afford mirrors. Thank you Roman Kalib for talking shit.

    @ Roman Kalib
    “to this day, cartoons of Jews with big noses appear in Arabic newspapers with few, if any, realizing how absurd that is.”

    loool @ Roman. Hypocracy should be listed as a criminal offence so people like you would stop doing so. My friend please do not talk about Cartoons!!! you know wat i am talking about..

    People of this blog, Roman Kalib just admited how “absurd” dehumanizing a race or religion in “cartoons”. All his words not mine. Yet it is fucking okay for Danish people to portray the propher Mohamed PBUH, muslim men and women. Nope the excuse was “freedom of Speech”. Then i guess what the Syrians do is okay? right??? am i missing sumting here? Cuz it seems freedom of speech is the reason for any insults to non jews. shhhh, hey, on the low, if it attempts to come any close to jews either cartoons or comedy stand ups reffering to the Holocust its a no no.

    As a matter of fact, i have a wonderful video that explains this obvious hypocracy that was discussed in a french talk show.


    The people who posted this video may have other posts that are a bit dodgy, but picked this film because it simply shows you fact and obvious hypocracy where the french host of a talk show condems a comedian for using Holocusts in his jokes which ended his career, while the SAME host was arguing with a french gentlemen over the Danish cartoon. The french host said Danish cartoons are okay bcuz we have freedom of speech while the french gentlemen argued how there should be respect along with freedom of speech. This talk show a believe start 3 minutes from playing. Skip the first part and jump to this part or watch the whole thing. Roman Kalib you have proven that u r as hypocritical as that french host.

    Now the real question, why do we condem and end people’s career if they think of even talking about jews or Israel while it is okay to call Arabs terrorist, sand niggers (in hollywood movies) and “the race that needs to be wiped off the earth!” Did you ever think how does that make me or us feel?? Shame on Jews of the world today for their obvious hypocracy. Its interesting how Allah always reminded of us of the hypocrits in our daily life. Mashalah im learning new stuff about Islam everyday by simply meeting people like you. Thank you Roman Kalib for making my faith stronger, thank you.

    Why have nobody replied back yet? No more comebacks ay?

  2. Just out of curiosity:
    What is your typing WPM?

  3. I replied to you in the other thread where you copy-pasted this, bignose.

  4. I was writing to #1 up there, not the monkey.
    That’s really rude, you know.


  5. ummmm..
    I don’t know what people here are talking about , but back to the the post,
    Probably you will like this:

  6. Marie Claude says:

    I luv egypt,

    your talking of Dieudonné ??? an idiot that endorsed Farrakan utopies and Le Pen denials of Holocaust