My work has blocked this site. I have no way of blogging from there today. Just giving y'all a heads up!


  1. Dude, get an iPhone.

  2. Urm I wonder why!!:P

  3. “Dude, get an iPhone.” More satanic advice was never given. There are more pleasurable ways to go blind.

    Get and HTC X7510, I say.

  4. OOOoooo…
    You are lucky…

  5. Proxy server?

  6. finally putting in an honest day’s pay!

  7. Dude, you should complain to IT :P

  8. It would be interesting if you could post the reasons why they blocked the site, unless it was along the lines of “we know that SM works here and we don’t want him blogging while on company time.”

  9. Great!!
    have you ever thought about paying them back for the working hours you spent blogging?? I guess not…

  10. In fairness, SM usually makes his posts in a ~15 minute period of time every morning, and doesn’t comment much. He probably isn’t burning that much company time. But I still think it would be funny if he went down to IT and said “Dudes, how come I can’t access the blog of that Egyptian guy who works in Doha!?”

  11. Hey… More time for Solitaire.

  12. SM

    Just keeping you up to date on the latest in Arab baseball tryouts:

  13. OMG, You mean they really want you to work? *sarcasm* ;)


    China’s positive ratings fell six points over the year to 39%, while negative views of Russia jumped eight points to 42%, according to the survey.

    But views of China are now divided, with 40% rating it negatively compared with 39% who view it positively.

    The survey was taken after President Barack Obama’s election, but 43% still felt the US impact was negative.

    Obama better get a move on, the bastards are catching up with us!

    It seems no matter how evil we are, though, we will never match some countries:

    As was the case last year, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea were rated most negatively.

    And the good guys?

    Germany once again fared best in the poll, with every country viewing it positively and 61% of people rating it favourably, up from 55% last year.

    The UK also moved up seven points, with 58% of people rating it as having a positive influence.

    So basically, all you have to do to be a good guy is write a lot of newspaper articles talking about how bad everyone else is… China, are you paying attention?

  15. “Aisha and Nawal”‘s take on Gaza …

  16. The great thing about Germany is many people view them well because of their “peaceful” nature, while others like the idea that they can be bought off and / or intimidated easily (Schroeder/GAZPROM and the Russian pipelines, and they are also really good at selling (Iraq) gun tubes and equipment for making poison gas.

    Is there any constituency they haven’t pleased? Way to go Hermann!!!!!

  17. Eva, Canada says:

    Read this fabulous analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by a Palestinian insider. Even the fuzziest things become crystal-clear.

  18. It looks like you should have taken the other job offer?

  19. @13

    Gotta love those “gals”!

  20. LOL I love the IT suggestion. Seriously, SM, the IT guy at my old job copied my floppy contents onto CDs! :P