Another male-rape in Egyptian police station

Not for the Faint of heart. But if you can handle, go here!


  1. nice to see the NYPD has taught the egyptians a thing or 2——- chief Ray Kelly attended the ribbon cutting ceremony in cairo, to launch the ABNER LOUIEMA CENTER FOR RECTAL INTERROGATION.

  2. Yup, those friendly Egyptian police wouldn’t have done this if it hadn’t happened in NY, that’s for sure.

    I guess they didn’t learn the lesson about how barbaric that sort of thing is….it’s not like they could get sued or lose their jobs in Egypt for doing something like this. Oh, your right, they can’t be sued and they won’t lose their jobs. And they are Muslim, so we don’t have to hold them to a standard.

    I guess JJ is saying that if only it hadn’t happened in NY, the Egyptian police would never have done it because Egyptians will only do those things if those in the NY police do them first.

    JJ, I’ll take being arrested by the NY police anytime over being arrested by the Egyptian police. What happened to Louema was an aberration, what happened in the video above is probably institutional standard practice.

  3. Officer Bird says:

    ——lol jack just had to turn it into a clash of civilizations thing!!!!! when a dirty cop is a dirty cop no matter where they may dwell!

    well Jack don’t forget the KY when hitting Rikers Island, something you definitely won’t have a need for in an egyptian prison!

  4. Marie Claude says:

    apply the sharia law : cut their dick off !!!!

  5. Officer Bird says:

    why the hate why throw buzz words like sharia around…when talmudic law isn’t any better…no nation should be governed under either law! stop the hate!

  6. Marie Claude says:

    Birdy, how ya goin, the fatidic word is named !!!

  7. first off jack, you’re an idiot…this is wrong whether it is done by an Egyptian cop or a new york cop, and i doubt it is standard practice in either place

    this is disgusting, it needs to end, we are a civilised people who shouldn’t allow our police to do things like this

  8. Well, sadly, some of of us Egyptians are NOT civilized.

    And I’m pretty sure that Egyptian police hold the gold standard for sodomy.

    • Actually, I think the gold standard for male and female in-prison rape is probably held by the evil regime of Iran.

  9. Well, though I know this might sound shocking but did anyone wonder what did that guy did? He is a criminal! Who knows maybe a cop killer!
    It is not that it is ok to torture people or to rape them but we have to give the cops the benefit of doubt.

  10. Officer Bird says:

    i see egypete’s taken his self-hating pill today!

  11. #10 Oh MY FU***** GOD!

    We have video here of some guy getting a water bottle shoved up his ass and Shimaa Gamal suggests we give the cops the benefit of the doubt….that’s f***** up.

    Turning this thread into a clash of civilizations?….No I don’t think so. Louema was treated badly, it was recognized that he was treated badly, those who treated him badly were punished. Louema got lots and lots of money. Millions. (And for that kind of money, you can shove a police baton up my rectum anytime.)

    In Egypt, the police record the incident and post it to the internet and what happens? Nothing. It isn’t a clash of civilizations, it is a clash between civilization and barbarism.

  12. inherent in your blurts is your deep seated racism for anything arabic!

    NO— money does not compensate for the egregious actions of a few it is our society’s acknowledgment of wrongdoing! BUT In egypt wrong doing is acknowledged by bringing the wrong doers to light, as shame is the worst sentence you can exact on someone in the middle east.

    ‘you can shove a police baton up my rectum anytime’

    and what you do with your rectum is your prerogative! i’m pretty sure some gulf arabs would gladly oblige to fill your request!

  13. ‘and what you do with your rectum is your prerogative! i’m pretty sure some gulf arabs would gladly oblige to fill your request!’

    fill his request thats funny lol….

  14. @ Jack
    If that guy killed your brother, you won’t mind if they shoved the whole world up his ass. I know this is not an excuse but personally I will sympathize with your action!

    I don’t see this as barbarism against civilization.
    The 40 secs video is just a journalist making a head line. It doesn’t tell anything more so that we can take sides and judge.

    The video is disgusting, shocking and not human.
    But I won’t judge till I know the whole story.

    So, not sympathizing with a criminal isn’t barbarian. It is simply something sane people do. No one loves a killer, a roper or a rapist.
    I believe sympathy with such people is an act of barbarism.

  15. i luv egypt says:

    Damn the officer who filmed dat vid sure knows what he is doing!! I didnt expect to see that!! i think im too young for such explict footage. Ive seen a nasty one in Nigeria where they are burning two theifs alive in public. whats funny lil kids throw gas on the two men to view more flames. I think the nigerian one was way more horrific to b honest.

  16. i luv egypt says:

    Egyptian rape, Saudis execute by beheading and nIgerian burn you to death in public. My own rankings: Nigerian is the worst ouch!! 2: Egyptian rape, live with shame fuck that!! 3; Get it over with short and sweet!! At least beheading doesnt make u feel a thang. I think you live for 3 seconds accourding to the experiments they were pracising during the 17th century or 14th, you before storming the Bastille. Guilletene was the shit back then.

  17. La hawalla wala kuwata illa bi lah el 3alee el 3atheem!

    I’m speechless…