The SS harrassing the entire Rizk family now!

State Secuirty must be totally out of its fuckin collective mind. Here is the update on the Philip Rizk abduction, recieved as  an e-mail from Philip's sister:

Monday Feb. 9th 5:40 am

At 1:30am when we had just gone to bed
the doorbell rang. 5 plain clothed men and two in full riot gear and
machine guns stood outside our door. They wanted to enter to search the
house. We found out that they were looking for evidence against Philip.
Two men entered and began searching through the papers of our home
office. In the meantime we contacted a German Embassy official and a
professor from AUC as well as some friends. They all came immediately
many others were awake and praying.

The police left but
returned soon after to ask my father to go with them and write up a
report about the fact that they had searched our home. Of course, we
did not trust them. Then they insisted to pass by his office where they
would continue the search. In the meantime Amnesty International had
contacted us and an wonderful lawyer arrived just in time to firmly
tell the secret police that they could not take any further actions
without a police warrant. We closed and locked the front door and
settled in to see what would happen next. The secret police was waiting
downstairs for orders that never came. At 5a.m. they finally left.

So, as a recap: They arrested the kid without a charge, kept him arrested for three nights, came to his family's house at 1:30 am to search it without a warrant. When they found nothing they tried to take the father as well. Finally stopped at 5 in the morning and left. Wow, nonviolence activism scares them that much, huh?

My thoughts and prayers are with them. Yours should be too! 


  1. WTF they are doing!! i don’t know why they arrested him specifically! even if he lived in gaza for a period of time! they searching for anything to annoy themselves and fill the papers in the police stations ya3ny.. a rotten regime! May Allah be with Philip and his family

  2. A friend of mine, another prof, said Philip is very well-spoken and bright and compelling and even-keeled and well-educated. And people wonder why the government would find him a threat?

  3. Wrote an article on my blog about it.

  4. If anybody has any further updates about Philip, could you let me know, please? I can be contacted at diaa_hadid2 at yahoo dot co dot uk

    thank you,


  5. Makes you wonder, where they after the father all along?

  6. Account of the kidnapping on Sat 6th by Scarr over at

  7. Snake Oil Baron says:

    I read a description of him as being a film maker. Sounds like they might be looking for footage that could embarrass somebody. Assuming there is anyone in a position of authority in Egypt who is able to feel shame.

  8. Please sign the petition for Philip’s release:

  9. This situation is insane. I’ve been receiving updates, too – they’re in my prayers.

  10. This is terrible for him and for his family. His politics are just about opposite from mine—no matter because this should not happen to him or to his family. Phillip and his family are in my thoughts.

  11. Please join his family’s Facebook group “Support and Prayer for the Safe Release of Philip Rizk” to learn about protests at Egyptian Consulates that are being organized all around the world. London, New York, and San Francisco are this week.

  12. i luv egypt says:

    That philip guy deserves it!!! Nazi-Germans should all burn in hell for the Holocust….