Everyone is a winner..

Kadima won most seats, Likud has a better chance at a coalition, and they are both fighting on who gets to duck Lieberman's dick better. Barak, however, didn't win, which is good, because he is a douche. Also, I hear that the peace camp lost, like there was one to begin with. There is of course always the"beast of the apocalypse option" where Kadima and Likud form a "unity government" and rotate PM's. But in the immortal words sprayed in Graffitti on Tel Aviv walls:

Bibi +Tzipi=Zibi*

*arabic word for "My dick" 


  1. We’ll probably be getting some “Zib” no matter who makes up the government.

    Such are the joys of democracy!

  2. In Israeli slang, by the way, “zibi” is used as “nothing”.

    As in:
    “I got a new laptop for Hannukah! What did you get?”
    “Zibi – global recession, man”.