Gotta love the Egyptian Foreign Ministry

So, 40 days ago, those Somali Pirates decide to take over an Egyptian Vessel, called the Bluestar, hostage and for ransom. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry took decisive action, and did nothing, saying they have no money. When the people on the ship demanded drinking water supplies, the humanists at the ministry sent a shipment of bottled water that makes the share of each hotsage on the boat two bottles. Oh yeah, and they are still not paying the ransom. Now, the "AlYoum El Sabe3" newspaper reports that the crew has 9 cellphones on board of the ship, so the families of the crew members used them to call the ship and sometimes talk to the Pirates themselves, to the point that they now know the full names of some of those Somali pirates. Supposedly 3 days ago one of the pirates while talking to the parent of one of the hostages, told him that he and his crew of pirates are now expressing deep regret that they kidnapped an Egyptian ship, because it doesn't seem like the egyptian government cares at all about its people and their safety to pay the ransom.



  1. I don’t believe it!
    wala fel Aflam!

  2. Unless you believe you must be as stupid as Israelis are not paying ransom is the only way to stop it all.

    BTW, cell phone use gives out position of hostages so Egyptian special forces could attempt a rescue.

  3. The French went in with a commando team the last time one of their boats was taken.

    And if no one paid ransom, the pirate business would come to screeching halt. Hard to do however. The pirates so far have not harmed any of their hostages but who knows what they’ll do if the cash isn’t forthcoming

  4. He also supported the Gaza operation/massacre, blaming the deaths entirely on Hamas.

    Naturally, he’s a traitor and a piece of fucking shit.

  5. I agree with the above commenters that paying ransom to kidnappers isn’t true care about the victims, but rather an invitation for more kidnappings.

  6. tell us something we Egyptians dont know already about our Foreign Ministry. I hope the foreign ministry doesnt ask the hostages to pay back the money spent to get them the 2 per person water bottels.
    I pray they return to their families safe and sound, we rabena may7weg ai 7ad mena le wezaret el 7′argia

  7. What a shame! I guess our brilliant foreign minister decided to sacrifice those guys so there will be no kidnapping from now on! coz those pirates are gonna go tell their pirates friends not to kidnap Egyptians anymore coz their government won’t pay shit!

  8. The ports of the pirates are well known and open to attack. It’s really like the Barbary Pirates of 1805. You, the USA, attack their primary port (then Tripoli), sink their ships, scare the shit out of their barbarian leader, extract a treaty, and that’s that.

    Now it’s nice to pay some attention to hostages, but that’s what they’re counting on. You see. It’s necessary to destroy all of their port city, ie, kill everyone in the vicinity. Lessons like that do not go unknown. The lesson is that we bring unremitting destruction onto that peaceful population that they’ve sprung from, that they have thought to be quite safe. Then they know better. Simple. G]

  9. What about roaming charges Anon?

  10. Go whales!!! :D

  11. Ever wonder how the United States Marine Corp was started? The were created in order to deal with the Barbary Coast pirates who has kidnapped and held for ransom U.S. citizens. The USMC song has the phrase “from the shores of Tripoli” in it. They dealt with the pirates and later the Europeans stopped being gutless and got together to finish off the rest of them. History should repeat itself for today’s modern day pirates.