That amazing Pepsi Logo

Pepsi spent millions of dollars on their new "it looks like the Obama Logo" Logo. But apparently the comparison is a sham, and the truth is far too complex for the average mind to grasp. You see, the branding company that made this logo is comprised of some seriously genius deep-thinkers, who never make any decision lightly, as the 27 page document detailing the Pepsi Logo strategy and its significance shows: Apparently the Logo is inspired by..ok..hold on..let me get that goes..Magnetic Dynamics; Convention's transformation to innovation; The Vastu Sastra; Feng shui; the golden ratio; the Vitruvian principle; the Renaissance; the Mobius Strip; The Modular; the fuckin Earth itself; the theory of relativity; Iconic Geometry; Emoticons; and the Entire freakin Universe…all are leading to the Pepsi Logo.

Awesome! This is the level of high quality Bullshit I expect from professional branding companies, like the Arnell group. The entire document is here for your viewing pleasure. Love it!


  1. Hey, they’re getting paid tremendous amounts of money for hot air. It should at least be high-quality and plentiful.

    And I obviously chose the wrong career :)

  2. It happens again and again: each time Pepsi has had its logo revamped, everybody thinks it’s still worse than the one it’s replacing. I think it’s like a ‘Pepsi logo karma’. But I’m sure it’ll grow on us until the next logo facelift will make us feel that this one wasn’t that bad.