The Donald Duck Family Tree

Finally, an answer to who the hell is Louie, Hewey and Dewey's parents are . I mean, Mother. The father is obscured. Also, Grandma duck is called Elvira Coot? Grandma Duck is really a coot? And the Ducks and the McDucks are not the same family?

The mind reels! 


  1. This is the work of Disney artist Don Rosa. He drew a series of Donald Duck stories in the mid 90s and they rebooted the franchise (at least refreshed it).

  2. I knew that! I had that poster when I was little. Never expected to find it on this blog, though…

  3. So, you read Digg too?

  4. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Thank God we got that out of the way. I’ve been losing sleep over it since my childhood. (heavy sarcasm) ;)

  5. Well, that settles the duck/coot issue, but I still don’t know why Goofy gets to talk and walk like a human and Pluto doesn’t.

  6. Got to love Don Rosa…