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  1. Actually for Sunnis its good to fast on Ashura so, the real tradition is fasting not eating that special desert and in fact I like it because its a connection to Prophet Mousa and a reminder of how his message is connected to Prophet Mohammed’s message. What is really strange and contradicting to Islamic principles is the self-inflicted torture some Shiats engage in, more like what some catholics do as a way to rid themselves of sins

  2. Anon,

    There will always be the loose screws in each and every religion.

  3. There will be wackos in any group imaginable – some groups just happen to cater more to lunatics than others…

  4. Sand Ape, I totally agree with you.

  5. to all the above ITA and even if I do not agree with what goes on by some Shiats on that day and find it in contradiction with some core ideas in Islam , I didnt mean it in a demeaning way each to his own I was simply clarifying that for Sunnis the main thing is fasting and remebering why this day is of significance not just eating the ashora (thats just like saying Ramadan is all about eating and going out fo shisha)

  6. “thats just like saying Ramadan is all about eating and going out fo shisha”

    Isn’t that the main thing for most muslims? It certainly looks like it…! ;)

  7. Judging by my own exprience from family, friends and co-workers I would say no Adam B many understand the true meaning and do try to observe it properly but some esp younger ones see it as a social festival

  8. Anon, it just seems watered down in this day and age, much like christmas is it in christian countries… There’s something “fake” about people fasting all through the day, only to eat more than they otherwise would have when the sun goes down – where’s the piety in that? If the objective is to know how it feels to be poor, or to gain greater religious insight through a weakened physycal state, how does this correlate with gorging yourself every evening?

  9. Let me specify… I have myself been invited to a palestinian home (while living in Saudi) on a ramadan evening, where we were treated to one of the most outrageous buffets I’ve ever seen. Granted, this was not ashura, but I have a nagging suspicion there is much similarity between the two situations…

    Needless to say, I enjoyed the buffet! :D

  10. Eva, Canada says:

    I don’t get the twitter craze. What’s so appealing about the thing and why would one want to waste time in that manner?

  11. Eva, I guess it’s like an online chat, but people don’t actually have to be online to participate. I don’t really get it, either :o

  12. You keep saying tomorrow:

    I do not think it means what you think it means.

    (with apologies to “The Princess Bride.”

    Or as my mother would say: “I’m waiting……!!!!!”