Egypt arrests 14 suspects, 1 Iranian, 3 pakis

Ok, when the NDP MP for Al Hussein area Haidar el Baghdaddy went on the air and accused "The Taliban & Iran" of being behind the Hussein bombings, I fell on the floor laughing on hos stupid that statement was. First off, the Taliban, not exactly a terrorist organization. More like a terrorist militia, that is more concerned with Pakistan and Afghanistan than anything else. So, for them to come all the way to egypt to blow shit up..meh..don't buy it. As for Iran..yeah..the Shia islamists just tried to blow up Al Hussein. The same Shia islamists who had a decree banning the insulting of the "zionist collaborator" King Hussein of Jordan, because, well, his name is Hussein. Makes sense that they would try to blow AlHussein area up. Totally.

But, we all know our police is retarded, and always looking for a scapegoat rather than the actual criminal, and they heard Iranians and Pakistanis, and they went ahead and arrested 3 Pakistanis and one Iranian on suspicion of being involved in the bombings, based on absolutely no evidence or actual charges.But hey, Pakistanis and Iranians.. they must've done it, no? Who else could it be in a Country of 80 million people, supreme majority of them are muslims, uneducated and unemployed, with all kinds of inclinations, ranging from straight out Infidel to hardcore Jihady fuckhead? Must be the one Iranian we found near the Hotel. Must be.

Welad el metnakah!


  1. If you are angry I enjoy reading your words. You shoot from the hip and are funny and light(in a weird kind of way) all the while.

  2. Forgot to add infomative as well-to me anyway!

  3. Actually the idiot said Al Qaeda not Taliban which might seem more plausible but then again, if you managed to bring down the WTC and managed to orchestrate a campaign of terror so destructive as to push the US into sending countless more soldiers into Iraq, why the hell would you bother carrying out such a small scale (and might I add, non-suicidal) attack which does not match your style at all??!!!

    Another pathetic scene from our descent into Iranophobia happened last night on the Al Qahira El Youm show where the guest was some Damac (private real estate developer based in Dubai) bigshot telling people not to worry about the company’s financial troubles or completion deadlines. Anyway, the co-presenter Mufeed Fawzi went on one of his investigative sprees asking the guy if the owner of Damac was Iranian so the guy told him no the owner is Emirati, MF then asks if he has an Iranian background so the man says no he’s Emirati all the way back to his great grandfather. MF can’t pin him down so he asks the final question: Has the owner of the company ever been to Iran?!! The guy gave the logical answer saying that the owner has contacts in many countries where his company does business and so he has been to Iran on one of his trips.

    I just felt like shooting the TV… The guy is basically reassuring clients that they’ll get the houses they paid for and Fawzi is pushing for some conspiracy theory in which the ayatollah’s have recruited businesses to steal our hard earned money!!!

    Fe3lan welad metnaka :D

  4. What does “metnaka” mean?

  5. The reactions of people to Al Hussain attack proves that we are a retarded nation!

    The government is dying to find any link between the attack and Iran! A guy on my Facebook even claimed 2 hours after the bombings that Hamas did it!

    On the other hand, the opposition is trying to sell the idea that it’s actually the government who is responsible for the bombings because they wanted to extend the emergency law for 2 more years! WTF! It’s like the government actually cares about the public opinion and prepared this incident to convince the people that we need to extend the emergency law! haha since when? The emergency law could be extended in 2 seconds with the NDP majority in the parliament.. People will get angry for a while and then they will forget.. like every time!

  6. JFP
    This is the sweetest, most innocent question ever been asked here:)
    It means “the shagged one”

  7. hany: Shukran, no wonder it wasn’t in my phrase books!

  8. I fell of my chair laughing about the wonder woman who apparently happened to be in her car when she saw a cab with a bearded guy and then 2 more guys jumped into it right after the explosion so, she decided to follow them until the 2 guys were dropped at a house. she asked around got 2 first names but and alas she forgot to take the cab number :D
    Now we have to admire the ability of the authorites and some fellow citizens to always manage to surprise us with out of the blue stories whenever we have a big crime…now even the maadi serial killer (hes nt really a serial killer unless you see it fit to list targeting female butts as a new category) is saying i didnt do it
    Also, amazing how 3 saudis who got injured at Al Hussein managed to take a cab and off to a private hospital one would dare to think the police sealed the area but nope not the Egy police
    and last but not least i read that the gov is expanding its investigations to include monitoring calls and internet users just in case one could be the lost Al Hussein terrorist as if the gov wasnt already doing that before…we 3agabi

  9. you shouldednt use the P word, P*aki, otherwise you will end up with Harry in the reeducation camp. watch out!