Why I didn’t write on Ayman Nour

Ehh..because it's a hollow gesture from Mubarak to Obama? Because he
was getting out in 5 months anyway? Because he is still not allowed to
pursue his political rights for the next 6 years, thanks to psycho
egyptian law? Because even though I am happy for him, this really
doesn't change shit when it comes to our country? Hell, if one is
really heartless about it, By condining him a health release, the governemnt looks empathetic and makes us lose the cause celebre that
highlighted how fucked up and tyrannical it is, which is
probably not a good thing for us. But alas, all things considered, I am happy
he got out and that he is united with his family, and I am hoping he
starts running around and causing trouble again. Shananigans are needed
at this point!


  1. Thanks. I’ve been waiting for you to cover it. I always feel weird when I read about something and post it to fb before you blog about it. Now my life’s complete. <3

  2. I am happy that the man is free, and as for Egyptian rulers portraying themselves the good guys – eh well, who is so stupid to believe them? I only disagree with you about what he would do now – I’d prefer him to keep a low profile, I don’t think all the work has to be done by the same people.

  3. seriously dude, i wanna stop agreeing with u at some point. but for now, these are exactly my thoughts on the matter! well, these and a big ol a seven a….