The Akon Cairo concert disaster!

So, here I am, preparing for my trip back to Cairo, when people start sending me messages and e-mails about The Akon concert in the Cairo Opera. Now, I didn't know he was singing in Cairo to begin with, let alone fathom the concept of whose bright idea was it that this man should be allowed to sing in the Egyptian Opera..but whatever. My people are silly, and they do irrational shit like allow Akon into the Opera House. Anyway..

The news is however that the concert was a very rare breed of disaster, which makes my heart just sing a little bit. The man was slated to show up at 9 M, but showed up at 1 am instead; The people who paid 1000 LE per VIP ticket ended up being sent to the Hospital because the VIP Lounge collapsed before the show even begun; He shows up finally all drunk, sings for half an hour, and then attempts to do some crowd surfing(very bad idea), and then he starts calling for help in his mic because the crowd apparently kidnaps him and take him all the way to the parking lot and then put him on a car, which he ends up destroying and then ends the concert… Yeah… Sounds like a great time.

Now, I wasn't there, but if you were, please share your view of the disaster in the comments section, because that shit sounds positively hilarious! 


  1. I was there, and i was in the VIP area, was one of the people who fell down. However I can handle myself, around me though, there were probably over a dozen of kids under the age of 10 who also fell down, all the cushions and older people fell on them. Some kids were sent to the hospital, some older people too! Many of the people who were included left, I stayed, and waited until 12:30 for him to come on. By the way, it wasnt one VIP area, it was both, there were areas on both sides, which both collapsed due to this egyptian DJ shouting “JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP”…
    Excuses were being brought up by the lame (only-english) radio station in cairo, Nile FM, about him being stuck in traffic, while just before that, all his bodyguards were jumping on the stage to see if it was safe enough for him.
    The Nile FM people were wasting everyone’s time, until some lebanese singer sang two short songs.
    It was funny to see the opening ceremony with classical music, special effects, and fire. When after that nothing happened for 15 minutes.
    Also what went wrong was him trying to get to from the front row to the back one, where he was dragged down and harrassed. Some people took his microfone and started talking in it for a while.
    Also, the camera stand in front 10 meters in front of the stage broke down due to all the chaos of Akon trying to “create a bridge of unity” for him to pass over.
    People were able to get on the stage within seconds, and many times they were just violently pushed off, thrown back in, or taken backstage where nobody knows what happened to them.

    Him singing his songs was good, but before hand was crazy, bad singers, dj’s and dancers (who didn’t know their moves).

    The organizers were rude, violent, and did whatever they wanted. I saw some people get arrested for trying to break in.
    There was a fight which Akon didn’t like and he stated: “No one can get more attention then me, even a fight” or something like that.

    Anyways his performance was mostly good, but the organization was the worst ever!

    Pieter, please mail me if you want pictures of the destroyed VIP area.


  3. I fuckin hate Gaykon

  4. who is Akon anyway, when i saw the photos of his arrival to Cairo airport i though he is someone important like Michael Jackson or somebody.
    wow! aren’t we all a nation of low esteemed people?

  5. There is a reason Akon plays venues like Egypt. I’m surprised that he was allowed into the country.

    • So what if he was? I love akon he’s awesome and no wonder we don’t have concerts in egypt! We aren’t worthy of it!!! Respect people!

  6. Bwahaha…!

    This is great humor, no matter where it happens! Love it!!! :D

  7. Despite the fact that I actually enjoyed the concert, I couldn’t help but laugh at these comments.
    I suppose everything mentioned above is true, although I left just as Akon was crowdsurfing on his ‘bridge of unity’, so I never got to see him get ‘kidnapped’ and taken to the parking lot etc etc…
    Still though, i think it all depends on whether you like Akon or not. I’m thinking those who didn’t enjoy the concert so much and who call it a disaster arent his biggest fans, which brings me to the question of why go in the first place?
    Personally, I love the guy. I love his songs and I loved his performance despite all the crap…
    and when i say crap, i mean i was in the 500 L.E ticket area and saw the whole platform collapsing incident, and afterwards was squashed/pushed/shoved/kicked/touched to no end due to the VIP’s standing in the 500 L.E area becoz they no longer had a platform to stand on. I also include the fact that the DJ’s were lame, the dancers were FUGLY, the bodyguards were way way too agressive and that I had to stand for 5 hours straight before I could finally see what I’d paid money for. I even include the fact that Akon was late into that crap, although I honestly didn’t expect him to show before midnight. Seriously people, it doesn’t matter that he’s not Egyptian, we’re still in Egypt. When do concerts in Egypt ever start on time?

    Still though… my point is, ask anyone who likes Akon, they’ll agree with you that there were alot of problems in the concert, but they’ll also tell you it was one of the best nights ever. Definitely NOT a disaster. And think about it, there’s no point in asking someone who DOESN’T like Akon, right?

  8. Dude that’s a VERY big lie… that’s not how it happened AT ALL. I was at the concert. Akon wasn’t calling for help or wasn’t kidnapped either. He was doing something called the freedom bridge. It’s when everyone puts their hands up and he crawls on top of everyone. It was cool. Then he fell and everyone went to him. I was one of em… I dived on him to hug him ahahahaha. i dunno if they got it on camera or not though… Anyway he got up after his bodyguards came and then they stood on a car to get a break from the fans. Nothing that serious though. As for the vip place… only a part of it fell and only like 5 people got injured.. one of em was bleeding from the neck and there was a kid who was knocked unconscious and i don’t know about the rest though. Pretty weird shit though… and he didn’t arrive at 1 he arrived at like 11:30 i think it was. Meh you know people… they ALWAYS exaggerate things. Akon’s concert was a blast though… And he wasn’t drunk… I have no idea what type of idiots spread gay rumors like these….

  9. Oh and btw the whole “no1 gets more attention that me” thing was a joke.. he said that while jumping on top of em so he can distract em from fighting. It was a veryyyy fun concert though… despite the fact that i got trampled and nearly died…. I can’t wait till he comes back baby!!!

  10. Oh and one more thing… It was hilarious how people were jumping on stage… hahahaha but the best part is that Akon defended his fans and was like “HE BE EASY ON MY PEOPLE MAN” when the guard was very aggressive and pushed some guy off the stage violently.

  11. Oh AND IM VERRYYYYYY sorry to spam like this lol but the thing is that the comment about them saying he was stuck in traffic and then his bodyguards checking if it was safe or not for him to get on stage… that’s wasn’t really true. Those guards weren’t Akon’s personal bodyguards… they were the ones issued for the concert which means that they weren’t the ones who were with Akon while he was going to the concert. Akon really was stuck in traffic.

  12. All of you laughing at the vip insident should seriously Stfu.
    i was there
    i fell through
    me and my brothers
    it was one of the scariest thing ever
    children were crying and screeming and no one knew what to do or where to go, it was like the ground just opend up and swallowed us whole.
    and no , not only 2 people got injured , we ALL did and only FEW didnt!
    my brother had a shread of wood sticking out of his leg , my other brother broke his arm , and 2 of my friends have fractions and i have a scratch above my eyebrow.
    tell me , how is any of this ok or a laughing matter?!
    only part of it fell? what like it wasn’t enough!? everyone was standing in the front
    couches and cuishens were falling on us even if we wanted to get up it was hard. and it wasn’t merely because of the jumping , it was shit egyptian work
    the wood they used was CRAP , it was weak thin and really poorly Done. it collapsed even BEFORE EVERYONE SHOWED UP!! there were MORE people supposed to come! and it couldnt take only US!?
    people were crying and screeming bloody murder like a bomb just went off.
    i had to leave before i even saw akon. and i am a HUGE akon fan. how was any of that fair? honestly , its fucking shit. and i seriously hope who ever was responsible for that shit building really gets an ass wooping.

  13. When Akon finally decided to show up he was BRILLIANTTTT!! The whole crowd surf thing was crazy and perhaps not such a good idea in a country like Egypt where people push, shove and fight by nature anyway (I was pushed and pulled in every direction) but at the same time I think it’s cool that he did it cuz people at the back got to see him up close! :O) I would DEF. go to another one of his concerts but not if he makes me stand for 3 hours straight and listen to crap that I didn’t come to see (DJ Feedo, Melissa and some weird light show thingy…) oh and BY THE WAY if you get a supporting act…it should be one that compliments Akon and his style..when Melissa came on with the really bad backup dancers I was like ?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. opera ……akon wtf only in aegeeeeept

  15. I thought the same’s not funny when people are hurt.
    Was it a historic building?

    That singer..whatever..sounds like a royal flake.
    “Freedom bridge” is kinda funny, and totally funny how they stole the microphone! YEAH! Rock on! Ditch the feedom surfer! Egyptian Idol, live!

  16. The fact that peeps got hurt wasn’t funny – the fact that several structures collapse, pre-concert show is utter rubbish, the entertainer arrives 4 hours late and drunk, plays half an hour, and is abducted by the audience… Now, all that’s funny!

    So very middle-east! :D

  17. Our country’s ass-backwardness never ceases to amaze me!

  18. I am clueless about Acon, sorry for those who got hurt, but I like this part very much:
    Some people took his microfone and started talking in it for a while.

  19. those trashed cars arent funny…mideastern ritual or not?

  20. So this is the same “star” Egypt facilitates the opera house for his so called “concert” # – #
    No further comments !!!!!!

  21. Seif Sho3eib says:

    First of all i was there and the concert was off da hook. When Akon came!!
    The fact that the vip stage fell is really shit but i was there on the side and saw it all happen.
    The fact is that the vip platform can only take a certain number of people, that number was exceeded when people from the 250 LE and 500 LE sections started jumping up on the platform and while there they were dancing and jumping up and down which caused the platform to collaps.
    Yeah and i know it’s not funny because on of my friends got seriously injured andgot a fractured rib.
    But seriously for an akon fan from day 1 this concert was seriously fun.
    And he didn’t arrive at 1:00 he arrived at 11:30 and wasn’t drunk at all so don’t start any shit rumors like that.
    and i agree with maya for someone who likes akon the concert was great.

  22. By the way… NOBODY STOLE THE MIC!!! STOP MAKING UP STUPID RUMORS PEOPLE!!!! As I said before he was NOT DRUNK and yes he was late but he arrived at 11:30pm not 1:00am…. As for the stage falling… yea that sucks ass because people got hurt and that’s where I was supposed to be sitting so instead I had to go to the back at the 150 l.e. Oh and btw… Yea I was the one who initiated that whole charge from the 150 place to the 250 place. No matter what people say I know that it was an amazing concert. Especially since I am a huge Akon fan. I wanna see Akon come back “Right Na Na Na!!”

  23. Why there’s “ALWAYS” no any kinda organization in our concerts? there has to be “a high degree of organization”.

    Moreover it should’ve been set in some place like the stadium or something.

    non-stopping wheel of accidents (remember Shura Council). Okay organizers, you didn’t design nor organize the whole thing well, you should’ve prepared some kinds of emergency plans.

    Whatever… If concerts will always be like this, mp3′s are sufficient.

  24. other than the unfortunate collapsing of the platforms the concert was siiikkk

  25. it was amazing. full stop.

  26. I was there , i feel and heart my self in my leg !!!!

    Thats not cool !!

  27. when akon come to the 250 area the stand of the main light crash down and some people are hurt and i don t know what’s happen after…can any one tell me about the light

  28. I was in the V.Vip section where it broke down i was about to fall but someone caught me and after a while of agonizing pain in the 250 crowd i got bored and was about to leave then their was a guy on the mic saying we could get our refund and leave so i got my refund and left i left at the time when melissa was singing and i dont know about akons music but the concert= disaster

  29. I kinda enjoyed the concert..
    i was there from 6 PM.. till 3 AM
    But I liked in tho.. i mean come on people.. we all know that almost every concert in Egypt doesnt go well..
    For example.. Why would they let the people in 150 go in with the 250s ?
    Its not as is the place was big enough…. but anyway.. im only 15..
    i was with my friend.. and when akon got there.. we managed to get a bit close to the stage.. and when he was doing that bridge thingy.. i was thissss close to him.. then people kept pushing.. i got squished between 2 egyptian pervs.. thats when we decided to leave.. i couldnt get out.. they stepped on my foot.. some girl kept pulling my hair..
    agh then there was this guy.. he was really nice though.. he pulled me out of there.. i mean i really didnt know how to thank him!! :) )

    Oh and.. before he started singing.. he talked about freedom.. i mean i really liked that part.. what he said was soo true!
    i dont really remember the exact words.. so please if anyone could tell me exactly what he said ??

    Thanx <3

  30. Oh and that.. nearly naked lady.. when she got up on stage..
    And kept hugging him ?!

    hahaha.. i wasnt there, but my friends told me. so im not 100% that.. it was actually true.. LOL

  31. who is that akon anyway?
    rich ppl wasting money and time and thier ages whlie the poor ppl are dying of hunger and cold these days.
    hate those rich mother fuckers.!

  32. i wish every body could here this its our fault . i was there but the fault was on akon and us didn’t we think of what would happen if we jumped like akon commanded really a big shame .

  33. I was in the V.I.P area too .. most of the ppl that fell when the ”disaster” like you guys call it happend .. most of the ppl came back to V.I.P area and enjoyed the Concert .. and had so much fun ..And it was a really good party ..

  34. ””who is Akon anyway, BLABLABLABLABLABLABLABLABLABLABLA aren’t we all a nation of low esteemed people?””

    Well Bastawisi it seems u’v been living under a rock ,,, Michel Jakson !! OMG MAAN !!

  35. CarpetCaptain says:

    5 Hours late?

    Akon at the Opera House?

    Collapsing buildings?

    Michael Jackson …lolol

    ONLY IN EGYPT! Enough said

  36. Your story is very exagerated. he wasnt drunk or kidnaped, and most ppl who werent effected by the spotlights platform collapsing seemed to hav enjoyed the concert greatly. Me however, I thought it was entertaining until i got injured by the platform that wasnt built well atall! I think akon shud concider his own safty b4 he begins his antics but the problem with the collapsing stage was the fault of whoever sset it up an decided it was safe. i feel like i shud b compensated!

  37. Im jus readin bout the vip section. i didnt even no this happened. no wonder the ambulance was already there by the time the 2nd buildin colapsed!!! we need to sue ppl!!!!! im being serious, any1 in favour of sueing say “I”!!!!!!

  38. @Bastawisi

    a7a if you don’t know him Eskot A7san Bedannn !!!

  39. The guy who claims all this to be rumors, seriously what kind of time zone were you in? Were you in the same concert aslan?
    I left at 12, and he wasn’t close aslan.. allak 11:30..
    Everything, except maybe the abduction, is true.

    Everything was pretty much a disaster..
    But hold up there.. the Genena Mall dancers were worth it, wouldn’t you think?

  40. “I feel and heart myself in the leg?!?!?!”
    It took me 20 minutes to try to understand how the fuck she could feel and love her leg.. ma 3alena..

  41. This is absolutely REDICULOUS!!! I was at the AKON concert in the 250LE area by the red bull stand! The concert was disgraceful, badly organised not to mention the rest!

    Just getting into the concert was a disaster in itself. After what has happened in Cairo recently did no one even stop to think for a moment about health and safety? You had to fight your way through a tiny opening with a metal detector because people were pushing and shoving from every direction and body guards were just grabbing whoever and shoving them through the hole. Once you were in you were dammed if you needed to leave. There was no exit!!! What if there was an emergency? Then what were you supposed to do.

    That was only the begining it. I arrived at the concert at 8:30pm (When i bought the tickets the guy selling them admitted he would probably be late so don’t bother arriving early – guaranteed by 9:30 MAX he will be there. REALLY?????) Anyway we made our way over to the redbull tent had a drink and waited until there was panic from the VIP stand on the right. Woman and children were jumping from a hieght of 4meters, people crying, security guards grabbing and pushing people, people running, tables and chairs being pushed. Then ambulances and panic. What the hell was going on???? I happened to be standing next to some Egyptian kid who decided it would be funny to should some very inapropriate comments after the recent events in the city and cause even more panic. Was this really neccessary?

    Everything seemed to calm down after this and the DJ started pumping out some tunes, most of which repeated and LAME. Then some dancers came on (who by the way could not dance) then exactly the same thing happened to the VIP stand on the left of the stage. Once again there was panic. Slightly more controlled this time but still very worrying. I mean you pay more money to have better place at the concert or more confort (Everyone knows what concerts are like) But to pay all that money (Which in Egypt only the advantaged people are lucky to spare and most people dream of) to fall through or injure yourself. This is disgusting! During this time all you saw was security running from all over the place and there was no explanation of what was going on. The music had stopped for a while by this point and people were panicking, those who weren’t were bored, starting fights, doing stuff they really shouldn’t, and the rest sitting quietly just waiting.

    Shortly after this when everything had died down and music had started again we made our way back towards the crowd and stood on the step by the camera crew where we had a good view of the stage and were dancing and generally having a good time before the next episode happened in this series of events. i was violently pushed of the step sprained my anckle and nearly trampled as the barrier betweent the 150LE & 250LE broke and this wave of hundreds maybe thousands of people pushed their way as much as they could to the front of the stage. Even some security were pushed to the floor as they could not control this uncivillised crowd. So by this point we had the 150LE tickets, 250LE, 500LE, 750LE & 1000LE ticket holder all pushed together. This really was some lame excuse for a concert so we decided to leave. I was in pain, the people i was with really NOT impressed and no one even knew if AKON really was coming or not.

    We made our way to the exit where we were told to come back in a bit as they were not letting anyone out as too many people were trying to get in. WHAT? SERIOUSLY?? Organisation people. Is there no separate exit to entrance?? So we waited patiently. Then the next even happened. The lame excuse of presenters of “Egypt’s No.1 music station Nile FM” announced AKON will be late because he is stuck in traffic. “But we promise in 5mins he will be on” the crowed started shouting BULLSHIT! It was bullshit as 20 minutes later he still did not appear even after they decided to do his grand entrance of fireworks and displays on stage for him only not to appear and bring out a woman called Melissa who nobody knew to sing 2 really (I have no words for this songs). We finally made our way out of the opera house at 12:30 and AKON was still a NO SHOW! So those of you saying he was there at 11:30, NO he REALLY wasn’t!!!

    As for the traffic… I live in Heliopolis, my driver was able to come pick me up with no problems, just around the opera house which took him about 20mins to get to the entrance from the Gezira Club. NOT 4 HOURS!!!!! and to get back to Heliopolis took us a max of 35 mins. We saw no traffic on the way.

    I’m disgusted with the organisation of this event and those organisers should be ashamed of themselves. Will be ever really find out what really happened at the event?

    I’m British and have been to many many concert in my life at much larger venues with many more people and with probably the same amount of security but this was truly unacceptable. It was uncontrolled with people who very obviously were not trained to do this type of event. Had the work risk assessment ever crossed anyone’s mind???

    If a similar event like this is planned for the future i think the organisers should seriously consider investing more money and hiering an external PROFFESSIONAL company from abroad perhaps with experience to do the security and the event as this one was a complete and utter shambles and a night mare.

    Even though i did not get to see AKON i am also disgusted by the comments i have read about his performance and all that waiting and money for just a 20min performance??? DISGUSTING!!!

    I would just like to say that i do like AKON and that i am a fan of his (even at my age) before i am accused of various things that other people are being accused of. This does not excuse his behaviour and and the organisation of the concert.

    I think i have said enough!!!

  42. we went to the what they call it VVIP section it was the worst concert I’ve ever been to Imagine this about 200 kids in the place who are less than 12 years old with a school or something like this the seats were not numbered. When went inside they took the tickets so u can’t go outside 4 a toilet and I came early to set in the front I found organizers telling me that the front place is reserved (of course 4 there friends or 4 people who paid them money) I checked with supervisor on the door and he said there is no reservation anyway I ended up in the 2nd row I expected akon first but the DJ started and after a 20 minutes the stage on the other side fall down so people started to get a little afraid and tell each other not to jump half an hour later the stage we were setting on fall but not the whole stage lucky for me I was about 2 meters away the stage were made from wood and it was not strong enough some people were injured and children of course the process of helping people was too slow we went back and they started to ask us to go with people who paid 150 of course I refused and I was close from hitting someone of the organizers. not only this the stage was shaking and people from started to climb our stage and no one was telling them anything I went to the back of the stage and I stood up on a couch in order to see akon but they said akon wil not show up until we go the standing section of course everybody refused some of them got scared and left anyway the supervisor announced come to my office and bring ur tickets and we’ll pay all ur money of course they took our tickets at the doors so the people stayed. Akon didn’t show up till 12.30 and stayed for an hour singing and the vision was not clear at all. he surfed the crowed at the end.

  43. Honestly, the concert was not bad at all. I was in the 500 section, i arrived at 9 because the guy that sold me the ticket told me Akon would come out at 10.. he came out at exactly 12:10 and he was amazing! His performance was brilliant considering everything that had happened. His crowd surfing was obviously a poor choice on his behalf.. that might work in the U.S, but this is egypt! He performed until at least 2:30 cause thats when i left and the yalli nassini song was playing, so he sang for a good two hours.
    So yeah, platforms collapsed.. this is a sign of the organizers’ negligence. i had to wait for 3 hours to see him, i was pushed and harassed, i wanted to kill the organizers, but im an akon fan and it was worth the wait!

  44. Seriously this is sad… People are mad at Akon for shit that wasn’t his fault… Akon isn’t the one who built the damn thing and sure as hell didn’t tell his guards to be aggressive (even though they saved my life while I was being trampled I am still going to admit that they were too aggressive) Akon came and gave one hell of a performance. He sang for like a minimum of 2 hours and then did the whole crowd surfing thing. Everyone read my previous posts… I said the entire truth in them. The concert was a blast… PERIOD

  45. ahmed fawzy says:

    i was sent to the hospital and my hand got strained and we fell like 4 hours that stupid akon showed up (VIP invitation)

  46. You know, it speaks volumes about you Sandmonkey that so many of your regular blog readers are such nouveau riche trash that they would actually be willing and dumb enough to spend 1000LE for an Akon concert (more than one would ever pay to hear him in the States) that sounds worse than a Sayyid el-Badawi Moulid gone really bad that they could have attended for free. And it speaks volumes about Samir Farag that he actually used to run that joint.

    All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. There are so many people struggling to make ends meet in Egypt that your 1000LE could have done a lot of good somewhere else!

  47. Anybody who likes that porch monkey “Akon” so much that they paid 1000LE for a ticket, deserves to get wood stuck in their asses.

  48. wow, those of you attacking the people who bought 1000 L.E tickets should really go get a life. I don’t see you spending a thousand pounds on homesless orphans in Cairo, hmmm??

    Anyway, that’s not the point although I just felt the need to mention it.

    Guys, yes the concert had problems but PLEASE stop blaming it on Akon! If anything, he should be just as angry as all we Egyptians who want to sue are, because it was his concert as much as it was ours. And now he’s being badmouthed because of events that were not his fault at all. They were the ORGANIZERS fault. All the guy did was come give an amazing, unforgettable performance. He did not punch a single person becuase, think about it, what sane celebrity would DO that? punch his fans? Please.
    He also was not drunk and I really have no idea where or how that rumour started. Unless you have results of a blood test, there’s no reason for you to say he was drunk.
    Also, yes, I admit he was late but he did sing for just over 2 hours. NOT 20 minutes. please stop exaggerating!

    Oh and if it IS true that at one point he was yelling help in his mic (which i dont believe is true but i’m humouring you guys), then i dont understand why people are using that against him. You know, usually, when someone asks for help it means they’re in some sort of trouble, no? so instead of hating on him we should be feeling ashamed of ourselves for ever making him feel like he needed help escaping from us…

    That’s all assuming he DID yell help at one point.

    Anyway, I’m not disagreeing with you on all the bad points of the concert but i am disagreeing on all the lies about Akon. And I think I’ve covered everything people claim he’s done.
    Instead of cussing Akon and using obscene and racist language, we should be thanking the guy for the amazing night, dont you think? it’s only polite.

  49. ^^^
    Get back to the kitchen, you music illiterate bitch…
    PS: Akon dry humps his fans. Fact.

  50. mostafa says:

    hey all .. i got few words. fucking unforgtable greet day and the only mistake was the organizacion but i realy realy realy realy realy enjoy it

  51. You mindless privileged fucks.


    Of course most of you monkeys, in one way or another, have family connections to the military-state apparatus.

    A recommendation: Don’t bitch about what’s wrong with Egypt.

    YOU are what’s wrong with Egypt.

  52. anonymous says:

    Egyptians = Wannabe Khawagat—U will never be Westerners so get over it already..and stop sticking butchered English in the modern Egyptian dialect…cunz for cans..WTF? and it’s Pepsi not BEBSI

    I just want 2 know 1 thing? Did he dry-hump any ladies in the audience?

  53. Adam B. says:

    Hisham 53: That’s an overly presumptious observation based on little other than prejudice.

    Looking at the evidence at hand, YOU’RE what’s wrong with Egypt…!

    Maya 50: Strange, I don’t recall seing anyone blame this Akon-fellow for the events of the evening, other than presumably showing up late and drunk…

  54. Hi Igni,

    “Some people took his microfone and started talking in it for a while.

    Did you make that up? I didn’t make that up either. Apparently, we are starting rumors and making stuff up..?..?……..?
    Why would we do that? I’ve never even heard of this Akron until now.

  55. thank you very much very nice article

  56. watch this vid and you will know the akon Cairo Concert Disaster

  57. Whoa, nice drop!

    Not much of a VIP-area though, was it…? ;)

  58. LOL
    That has got to be the crappiest video I have ever seen in my entire life:)

  59. mrsjoejonas says:

    well i dun care bout akon or the concert “not a fan”..but when the americans about wat happened here in egypt,they would never think bout comin here,and i mean by americans,american bands and singers.i really wanted the jonas brothers to come here

  60. Akon fans! Jonas Brothers fans!

    Jesus fucking Christ…

  61. PlAyBoY says:

    Akon arrived exactly at 12:57 and dnt try to say other than tht cause i was recording a video 14 minutes b4 he enter and till 5 min. Of his entrance and i got the time on my mobile and he left at 2:30 so he didnt only perform for 20 min. And after he started with like 3 min. A half naked woman went on stage and huged him then the body guards took her backstage and she wasnt the only 1 it happened more than 5 times and they were all taken back stage exept 4 a guy who came on stage after that woman with 3 minuter. He was pushed by 3 body guards aggressively thats when akon told Dj Beenie (Akon’s Dj who entered 11 minutes b4 him 2 heat up the crowd n he did it much better than Dj feedo and tht other Dj) to stp the music and then went to the body guards and told them ”Hey u gotta be easy on my people man u cnt be tossin’em like that” which the whole crowd to him 4 tht and he said tht we r the best audience in the middleast and then he started jumping on the crowd which was going fine even tht crowd surfing was going fine till the 250 area but when he went to the 150 area where the ”uncivilized” ppl are and when he went there they kept holding him and he asked them to take 3 steps bak plz which sme ppl did and others kept holding him and they took his shoes and he did say help me in the mic. 3 times just b4 the mic. Sound dissapears and no1 talked in the mic. And his Dj kept saying Akon if ur anywhere here plz say something which he gt no answer for till 6 or 7 min. After tht he came bk on stage again and he said i’ll end this show and then he sang 1 song and left and its obvious tht he left sad but he was soo happy and excited in the begining and btw he wasnt drunk at all and he was invited to a party after the concert but he refused to go cause he was scared (yea he was scared) and i feel srry for the ppl who fell off tht V.I.P seatings but its also the ppl in the 500 sections who went on them and other than those disasters the concert was great and i feel so bad and ashamed of what happened to Akon , i would apologize to him if i could and why are some ppl not happy abt the ppl spending 1000 pounds it actually their money and not urs so its simply not ur business what they spend it on. And abt the emergency exits it was wrong not to have one and also no exits at all thats weird though….

  62. mostafa says:

    ok. what iam realy care about now as akon fan .is what he think about the party

  63. Akon ROCKSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All you fuckers hate him your asshalls !!!!!!!!
    Akon rocks you fuck

  64. I suggest if you can’t even fucking spell, don’t leave a comment! How annoying!

  65. I think the lesson here is never do anything that involves Egyptian logistics, especially something you like, because chances are it will be ruined for you.

    I love Akon and still wouldn’t go to his or any other concert in Egypt – even if the performer was throwing out million dollar bills at the crowd. The abrasive trashiness, poor taste and lack of rule-following here will inevitably poison the air of any organized event and kill the possibility of actual enjoyment.

  66. Yeah. If you are going to have such a foul mouth, at least spell it properly.

  67. Hi Claire,

    I caught it up in one of the comments above. Whether the anecdote is true or not: It is a good one :) And: No, I do not think that this part of the story casts a damning light on Egypt. Quite the contrary.

  68. @65 WTF!!! “asshalls” hahahahahaha freakin hell man, learn to spell, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  69. I didnt read all the posts, but i’ve read enuf , first of all for the people laughing at the fact that the concert was in the “opera” house , well , it wasnt in the ACTUAL opera , like not in a theatre for crying out loud , it was like in the opera’s garden , so the guy was doing no opera aida for god sake!
    Second of all , the concert ROCKED , he was late yes , drunk NO , divo NO .. the guy was so nice , and even kept complaining when the bodyguard threw some girl off the stage violently , and he sure was NOT kidnapped , wasnt even close to , it was all fun , and he didnt even complain ..
    The only unfortunate thing that happened is the VIP stage thingy , that was really sick , and everyone who shares responsibility in that accidnet should have got some ass kicking! Cheers!

  70. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys i didnt read all of the posts but had enuf first of all it was in the garden second this concert is the best mellisa sucks he was late yes drunk no he wasnt kidnapped ur such a great big liar and a true bitch the concert was really fun it is just about the VIP thing the engineer that made this was put in prison untill now
    i rlly luv akon i dnt wanna hear a word on him

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