My work has blocked this site. I have no way of blogging from there today. Just giving y'all a heads up!

“I can read” movies

What if Highlander, or Face/Off or even Teen Wolf was made in the sixties? How would the Poster look?

Well, the people of Space-sick have the answers, and they are awesome! 

God, it worked!

Just as a clearification: There is no love story at the moment. It was a rhetorical question, mainly aimed at getting people who would usually engage in long palestinian vs. Israeli debates to talk about something else for a change. To foster some kind of human dialogue going, show other aspects of the personalities of the people who comment here. And it worked, brilliantly I might add. Finally a comment thread that I want to read every word in. And the personal stories. Oh boy. You people give me hope.

I honestly can't decide which was the best answer, since many of them were so good. Also, there is that whole side issue of the blender, which really doesn't exist. Sorry about that. I was wanted to give y'all some incentive. And what better reward is there than a Blender, really?

If I had an answer to that question, it would go something like this: You can't make love stay, but you sure as hell can do your best not to make it go away. People give up on things far too easily these days, with so many opting to let go instead of fighting, thinking that if the love is true, it's bound to come back. The obvious flaw in that plan happens when both let go, expecting the other to make the first move, letting pride get in the way of getting back with the person they love. If you know that the person loves you, and you love them too, don\t let anything get in between the two of you. No matter what.

That being said, sometimes it's a losing battle from the start. Maybe your significant other simply can not be satisfied, no matter how hard you try to make them happy. If they see no value in what you have to offer, if they take your love for granted, and are not willing to do any work on their part to mend any broken fences despite your presistent efforts, then maybe you should just walk away. It's not your fault, it's not love's fault, it's not anybody's fault. Some people are just unhappy with whatever they got, always bored and restless, and always trying to push you away. Those are the ones to avoid. They are emotional vampires, damaged goods, no matter how much you wish that not to be the case. So, in that case, it's best to know when to walk away. Take it from someone who had particluar experiences with such people, it's never too late to tell them to fuck off, and for you to start over. And maybe this time Love will stay. :)

Again, love all of your answers and I am soaking up all of their wisdom. Thank you all!

Question of the day!

Given that my blog is filled with opinianated people, I figured I would pose the following question to you, since I couldn't find an answer to it myself. The Question is:

How, in the name of all that is holy, do you make love stay?

The first person who gives me a good, decent, reasonable answer to that question, gets a new Blender!

A Shoe gets thrown at the Chinese

Allright. It's not just an arab thing anymore. It's globalizing. Awesome.

They are so gonna start forcing journalists to take off their shoes before press confrences from now on. Just you wait.

FBI cuts ties with CAIR

Why they had any in the first place, beats me.

No Wardrobe this all..

The nice wholesome family-oriented people of Arizona were greeted by a 30 second porn clip during the superbowl. This means it took the Channel 30 seconds to figure out that someone is streaming porn to the masses watching national network television on a sunday afternoon and stop it. Outrage is bound to ensue, and lawsuits and such. But beat Janet Jackson 40 year old titty, didn't it?

Ashley Judd is a square!

She is starting a campaign to stop the habit of hunting wolves from Helicopters. Take away all the fun, why don't you?

On that Iraqi election

Those who supported Democracy there are vindicated now. And there is no turning back..

These elections will produce a new majority in Iraq, which will be always determined by coalition building. However, one result cannot be reversed anymore; no more return to single party dictatorship. Iraq may break in pieces, but it will never return to a Saddam-like monstrosity; and that is what authoritarians in contiguous countries fear the most.

The seeds of elections are now planted in Mesopotamia. With more than 140 political party and associations, hundreds of newspapers, publications, dozens of radio and TV stations — a mosaic is in existence. It will be hard on the Iranian Mullahs and on Al Qaeda to crush all this diversity across the Shia, Sunni, Kurdish and Christian lines. Once young Iraqis who will be voting for the first time, women who have broken the walls of gender exclusiveness, and minorities emerging from the underground, have tasted and tested this democratic exercise — a resistance to fascism and totalitarianism is born. Fundamentalism is said to have lost some support as an increasing number of Iraqis (41% in the latest poll) said they prefer secular parties over religious ones.

You bet your ass that Iran and Saudi will double their efforts to ruin things in Iraq now.

The Israelis are punishing Turkey

By cancelling hotel reservations in Antaliya. I am guessing Thailand is overbooked now!

Embarrassing shit!

Who is Muhammed Al Bughdaddy and why is he allowed to write in AlMasry AlYoum?

Conspicuously, no one can deny that Obama is a strong and charismatic president, who stepped into the White House with a highly unprecedented number of votes from Americans who love and respect him. Though, the Zionist lobby will indefatigably grope for what they want and will not spare any effort and capabilities in steering each and every end to the Israeli benefit. In other words, if Obama is not all eyes and ears to their malevolent blackmailing, he will be doomed to John Kennedy’s fate. This explains the heavy security cautions adopted at his inauguration.

Yes, First Black man to ever get elected president in a country with history of racism and lynch mobs, and the heavy security cautions must be to protect him from the zionist assassins! You know, the ones who killed JFK!


Smoking ban hits homes.

Yes, welcome to Belmont, California, where now you can't even smoke inside your own house. Land of the free, indeed.

In other news, Smoking maybe getting the illegal treatment, but Tobacco? Tobacco is winning!

The Shoe Statue is gone

Yes. It got destroyed. Just like my heart got when I heard the news! Why, God? WHYYYYYYYYYY?

Garter Belts for men

I knew there was a reason why I am anti-Fashion!

It’s spelled I..O..R..wait a minite..

My pan-arabist friends on facebook are going gaga over a videoclip where The Turkish Prime Minister gave the walking dead Israeli President Perez a lecture and then walked off the stage at DAVOS. They are ecstatic that someone finally has vocalized the arab position.

Just so you are keeping track: The posterboy for pan-arabism this week is a turk, and the symbol of arab anger is a shoe thrown by a Persian.

Yay arabism!

And the blah blah begins

Iran: The US should apologize for past crimes.

US: We already apologized more than once for past crimes.

Iran: Yeah, but we don't really feel like you meant it! Grovel. Maybe that will do the trick!

I love Iran. LOVE IT!