To be a woman in Egypt!

Someone sent me this, and it's spot on!


  1. egyptchick7 says:

    Good to know, especially since I am going to Egypt this year!

  2. Funny but not very accurate. I lived in 5 different countries and Cairo is the safest at night. You just need to know how to deal with idiotic guys who think its ok to talk to you and the trick is to avoid making eye contact, keep a firm face walking in the street and what I discovered lately is that if a guy is being persistant talking to you just tell him to Shut up pulling the most fearce face you have.
    Also, about the tight clothes. I used to think that the reason we get all that attention is because for the majority of the society (mostly lower class) we dress in a slutty way. It wasnt until I went to Darb ElBarabra that I discovered girls there are wearing very tight clothes even if they are sporting a hujab on their heads.

  3. I noticed that as well. At the university, I wouls see women wearing the most beautiful silks as hijab, and the latest fashion. At the time, I had no idea the whole “point” of the hijab, I just thought they were proud of their heritage or something. Maybe they were trying to make the hijab fashionable? I have no idea. All I know is :it would be nice to just be able to throw something on once in awhile and not have to worry about getting ready every morning. Kinda like the ponytail/sweats rule:):)

  4. Sorry-I went to school in college town, America

  5. Adam B. says:

    Off topic – sorry!

    Going to Sharm in about a month, just to get some warmth and hopeully a nice tan…!

    Sam (or any egyptian); any advice on things to see, places to eat, etc.? :)

  6. Wow, so this is the defination of an existing worman, sexy flirting wearing high heals and short skirts,short skirts, make up in public, while flirting and cracking dirty jokes.

    someone will cry now “they may take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOM”

  7. hehehehehehehehehehe!!!
    cool stuff – and it really kind of is working like this in Cairo, especially until you find nice friends and than you can actually live a kind of normal life (f.e. parties), but on the streets: yeah – it works like this.

  8. Interesting. In Rome, I spotted an obviously wealthy Muslim pair in a Vatican museum.

    The lady had a very fine headscarf (probably expensive silk) with a LOUIS VUITTON inscription visible from huge distance, and a rimming of golden threads.

    This must be some kind of modesty that old Mohammed did not think of :-D

  9. Mohamed says:

    I just came from Egypt and I totally agree with Anon @ 2. This list is quiet inaccurate and a little bit ridiculous.

  10. PyramidView says:

    This list should end with “Don’t worry about any of the above. You’ll still be bothered anyway.”


    I went to a Catholic Latin Mass wedding once, and noticed a lot of women with handkerchiefs on their heads, some with black veils, etc.
    When I was a little girl, my dad always made my sister and I wear Easter bonnets on Easter morning.
    Interesting traditions, thanks for the ideas..and the Sharm info! I guess they have incredible diving opportunities

  12. Pyramid-I was looking at some Sharm el Sheik info online…they don’t even mention that? :D

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  15. Adam B. says:

    6, anon: Thanks for the link – I’ll take a closer look at it later…!

    Any personal experiences anyone? I know it might not be the most exciting part of Egypt, but it was cheap, so… ;)

  16. @Adam B: not the most exciting?are you kidding? its only the most exciting if you’ve got the $$ anyways.other than that, its going to be hell, because you would want to much, but get nothing.
    everytime i go there i enjoy it more than the last time.its heaven.

  17. CarpetCaptain says:

    Don’t have a pulse….because nothing short of that will get between you and the sexually deprived average dude on the street.

    Sharm is awesome and is really the only place I truly Enjoy when in Egypt. Theres diving, half decent food and a fairly healthy nightlife.

    Marian I think the whole head scarf is more about covering your hair because us men have no control and if we see your hair we’re going to lose control and will have to jump you on the spot. And save your breath its no less ridiculous when a woman does it in church than on the street.

  18. Adam B. says:

    Money is not a problem, but I’m going there with my girlfriend, so nightlife is not as big a draw as it used to be… ;)

    Culture and interesting architecture are important, and I expect Sinai will be rather short on these compared to other parts of Egypt.

    Diving is gonna be fun, although I suspect the reef will be slightly disappointing compared to the virgin ditto of Saudi from my youth! Other exciting things to do would be a bonus – hand gliding in Rio was a huge rush for example…

    Considering the size of the communities, I doubt the shopping (clothes and shoes mostly…) is gonna be worthwhile – am I mistaken?

  19. Adam B: I would recommend trying Conrad’s beach for a day use. They are not in Nem’a Bay which is city center, the water is amazing there they have two sinking ships nearby making it amazing to dive there and even when you dont feel like going into water you can simply walk on the floating bridge and clearly see the fish around you. Ras Muhammed is a must.
    Since you have the GF and money isnt a problem a massage in Hayat’s out-doorsy spot should be a nice experience. They have a private booth in a hilly part covered with curtains all around with the sea view and breeze. You can also take a speed boat to Hurgadah and El Gouna. Hurgadah has the blue whole which is one of the best diving spots. El Gouna is tiny but cute and has a cosmopolitan community so you could find different activities etc. In general try to move around there are plenty of resort cities and all within short distance also an evening in the desert is a must.
    It’s been 3 years since Ive been there but I miss it its one of the most relaxing and care-free spots in Egypt and believe me living in Cairo makes you appreciate that so, hope you enjoy it down there and hope Ill make it there this year

  20. egyptchick7 says:

    I dunno…my egyptian father told me he would have to buy me clothes in Egypt if my clothes are deemed unacceptable to Islamic standards. I mean, he said jeans are ok, and uhm no sleeveless shirts…but I am wondering if dresses a lil bit below the knee are ok? I went to Egypt 8 years ago, and I am guessing, a lot has changed since then in terms of what is acceptable or not to wear.

    Back in the day , not EVERYONE was wearing hijab, unlike today.

  21. EgyPeter says:

    Adam – According to National Geographic, diving in the Red Sea is second only to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s incredible. You should also consider checking out St. Catherine’s Monastery. I think it’s a couple of hours out but plenty of tours go there. “1001 Nights” was a nice show to watch some authentic belly dancing. And the ‘old downtown’ is a good place to get real Egyptian food…although the restaurants down the strip, while pricier, are quite tasty as well.

    Sharm is amazing and I can’t wait to go back! I’m slightly jealous. In the meantime I will have to satisfy myself with the Caribbean cruise I’m going on this weekend :)

  22. Egyptchick7: I think you are taking this too far. We wear everything but be smart about where to wear what. So, what you can wear going to a club or a fancy restaurant you can not wear going to Khan El Khaliliy. And what you can wear in a resort city you might be better off not wearing in Cairo. Its true that many girls now wear the hijab but they mostly wear it in a fashionable way and also many others do not wear it. Enjoy your time.

  23. anonymous says:

    An 18 year old married woman was kidnapped from her home in Kafr El Sheikh and gang raped by 10 men. The plot was hatched up by a guy who was rejected as a potential husband for her sister. Everyone in the village was attending a wedding.

    Now tell me, if women were able to dress the way the do in Europe & N. America, what the hell would be happening 2 them.

    Being a woman and having recently come back from Egypt, I notice that the morals and behavior of men in the street deteriorates with each visit I make. When my father was a young man living in Egypt in the 50s, he said the people never behaved in this way.

    I don’t know if you can use the excuse of sexual deprivation, lack of money to marry etc. Many men harassing women are MARRIED. Are men just animals that need 2 fuck regardless. That need variety and a multitude of women? Are we no better than animals in heat?

    Why is violence against women on the rise in the Middle East, while not reaching the higher #s of the West. Although if all harassment and violent acts were reported, something tells me it would be close. This despite women covering up…covering up until their eyes are slits. Does it stop men in the Middle East? Does it?

  24. Prev anon you can not take one incident as a general rule.Certainly what you can wear in the city you can not wear in a village, always been like that.
    ITA with you that the level of moralities has been deteriorating and that there is a general rise in the level of violance and an alarming change in the type of crimes. What I disagree with is the idea that this is only evident in harrassment and only done to women.
    Sadly, many people no longer see it as a problem if they cross what used to be a well known line. I still remeber when my husband refused to pay a bribe to a traffic police (not an officer) for non-sense reasons and told him dont you fear God for using your job like that and he was like “what do you mean” and then ” what do you want me to do everybody is doing it”.
    I believe that thanks to our security-run country situation lasting for many years now people are starting to take their frustration on each other. You see it in the streets everyday. Add that to a ministry of interior who thinks that its main job is to protect the president and his friends and stop any form of political dissent, even by using criminals and it will become clear why the country is not as safe as it used to be.
    My aunt who left to the US for more than 30 years now noticed in her last visit that the regular smile we Egyptians were known to sport regardless of what was going on is now gone. She said that people looked sad and dazed and were mostly rude.

  25. I disagree on: make-up, long hair and high heels. I think Egyptian women do those 3 things to a point that it’s not pretty anymore

  26. While I agree with all elements in the blog, it is nothing compared to “the morally perfect ” Saudi Arabia where , this week, they have convicted a 75 year old widow for 4 months in jail and 40 lashes for mingling with two 24 year old youngmen while they are delivering bread to her home. Would that clear her sins before God according to Wahabi version of Islam? I wonder!! BTW what would they do with their Princes and their “mingling” with young boys? BTW this article is all over the wester media and they still call Saudi Arabia “friend”!!! with morally superior friends like that, who needs enemies!!!?

  27. anonymous says:

    “My aunt who left to the US for more than 30 years now noticed in her last visit that the regular smile we Egyptians were known to sport regardless of what was going on is now gone. She said that people looked sad and dazed and were mostly rude.”

    I totally agree…u notice it when u live abroad and go for sporadic visits.

    Gone is the friendliness they are famous for. Mostly they look depressed, angry and sad…hopeless is the best word 2 describe them..and the abundant religiosity that is prevalent is primarily for appearances sake only. Manners are much worse than they were once upon a time.

  28. Anonymous 29; I concur ; I guess Egypt in the sea of social/political/religious problems, that it is swimming through these days, is very much in need for characters like Huda Sharawi and Mustafa Kamel (of the early 20th century) to salvage the country from the sharks around it. Unless of course the Wahabi cost guards in the ME came up with another MB like character.

  29. “to salvage the country from the sharks around it.”

    ..and inside it, it seems. Unfortunately.

  30. Men are generally dogs, but men who rape aren’t raping to have sex but to have power and control over a woman. They may make women feel like shizz, but in actuality, it is them saying to themselves that they are nothing but shizz. Tell me, what kind of men gets off watching other men get off on a rape victim and then themselves taking up sloppy and bloody 9th or 10th place. These men are some messed up….to say it politely.

  31. its not true at all , am egyptian from cairo and am telling you its not even close to this u can were watever u want put just do not go to places were there is bad people , stay at high class places , anyway is there is any one coming to egypt from u ?

  32. Sigh…When is SM going to come back?
    Does he do this quite often?
    I miss Him.

  33. Excellent tips .I really appreciate all these points, and I agree completely