George Galloway gets stoned in Egypt!

And no, not the good kind of stoned. The Jesus kind of stoned. But to further proof that there is no fair and just God, Galloway  himself wasn't hit with one stone. His people were, though..

A convoy led by the maverick MP George Galloway carrying supplies for Gaza has
been attacked in Egypt, apparently injuring several people travelling in his

The convoy, carrying aid worth £1 million, was pelted with stones and
vandalised with anti-Hamas slogans after it stopped overnight in El-Arish, a
small town around 28 miles from the Rafah border crossing with Gaza.


During a power cut – which is a frequent occurrence in the town – children had
pelted the convoy with stones, a security official said.

"It's an absolute disgrace,'' convoy organiser Yvonne Ridley told the AFP
news agency. "The power was cut. Under cover of darkness members of our
convoy were attacked with stones.

Hey man..they were just expressing their freedom of speech…like that shoe thrower guy..Chill out. 


  1. At least they’re expressing their antipathy towards Hamas – that HAS to be a good sign! Bad idea to hassle a relief aid convoy, though!

  2. Laizerel says:

    I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that when Palestinian kids were throwing stones at Israelis, Yvonne Ridley thought it was no big deal. Now that stones are being thrown at *her* – well, of course, that’s a very serious matter. Stones can *kill* you, after all.

  3. I would love to throw stones at George Galloway. What a publicity hound.
    Yes Mubarak is a tyrant. So Galloway’s solution? A military coup.
    *throws stone*

  4. Andrew Brehm says:

    If it really was a relief convoy they could have handed the whole thing over to the Egyptian Red Crescent.

  5. If it really was a relief convoy they could have handed the whole thing over to the Egyptian Red Crescent.

    True, Andrew… in fact, they are required by law to administer relief through an internationally recognized humanitarian organization, when attempting to deliver it into a conflict area. But, they never do… there’s more publicity to be had by attempting to deliver it yourself. Especially if you get turned away.

  6. Laizerel,
    I think there a huge difference between throwing a stone at an Israeli soldier whose utilized to occupy your land and brutalize and humiliate and whose armed to the teeth and throwing a stone at members of an aid group. Some logic please.

  7. Who cares what you think, Mohamed? It’s not like you are a rational human being, or something. Logic? Gimme a break.

  8. e. weisbord says:

    Just stones…in the land of the Sphinx.

    Galloway deserved more than stones..please kids, next time some big boulders!

  9. “members of an aid group.”

    This is not an honest, well-meaning aid group. It is a publicity stunt by Galloway and his pals. They are not there to help the Gazans, but to get headlines.

  10. Andrew Brehm says:

    Mohamed, yes there is a difference between delivering aid to terrorists and delivering aid to people in uniforms who actually care about others.

    And once Hamas builds the first field hospital to administer to the Jews and Bedouins they try to kill we can talk.

  11. Mohamed, truth be told, people should treat each other better. I don’t like the idea of anyone chunking stones at Israelis, this group of people in the convoy, or Egyptians. Respectful resistance, true bravery, involves protests and resistance such as were nb bnused by truly great leaders —Dr. Martin Luther King and Gandhi come to my mind. I doubt the sincere concern of this group but draw the line at pelting them with stones. Signs, slogans, peaceful protests would have gotten the message across. And, it comes to my mind, that too many people accuse Israel of brutality, but celebrate and embrace the cause of those who send suicide bombers and rockets against Israeli civilians. That is crazy.

  12. I thought you cared Craig, now you made cry :(

  13. That should have been “resistance such as were used by truly great leaders….” My cat ran across my keyboard.

  14. charlie 316 says:

    It’s a shame that the aid wasn’t going to the Tamil areas in Sri Lanka, Darfur, the Rwandan/Congo border areas or Zim where it’s really needed. Still it keeps Galloway out of England, so where can I donate?

  15. e. weisbord says:

    charlie 316:

    Great idea! If we could only donate to keep Galloway not only out of England, but off the planet as well….he is a magnet for maniacs.

  16. The Egyptian villages near the border have had a large influx of Palestinian refugees over recent years. It’s caused quite a lot of social tension. The Institute of Palestine Studies has a book recently published about Palestinians in Egypt that addresses this issue.

    The stone-throwers were very likely government thugs, however, since most Egyptians, like most people on Earth, don’t actually believe Hamas is a threat to anyone.

  17. 15. Hani:

    “like most people on Earth, don’t actually believe Hamas is a threat to anyone.”

    Bwahahaaaaaa!!! Time to come out of your cocoon…! I suggest going to Gaza and trying to start up a non-religious political party – see how that turns out for you…

  18. read their(hamas) charter, then read that malignant little dwarf sayed qtub, then and here is the great leap for many foolish westerners… take them at their word
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  19. Cameron, do you really think this is the right forum to express that kind of sentiment? Is there actually such a forum?!?

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  21. Arabs have been spewing genocidal drivel for centuries, against the kuffar, maybe the idea that they could and will be on the receiving end. Might help bring about the desperately needed reformation, or mass conversions to Christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, (anything but islam) needed in the Mideast.

  22. Bill Brascoe says:

    This Cameron fellow… quite the nutter.

    Probably just broke up with his his boyfriend Khalil or something.

  23. Bill & Adam B,
    With farts of humanity like Cameron, the only way is to ignore, I’m sure the poor creature’s suffering enough being him or herself (don’t know Cam, are you a he or a she or undetermined yet?)

  24. Actually, if you take away Cameron’s curse words and read it again, he’s making a lot of sense. Sadly so. Whether Islam is the aggressor or an excuse of the aggressors, anyone who has seen crime stats in Europe, MEMRI videos, etc, will have a hard time saying “these are all exceptions”.

  25. anyone who has seen crime stats in Europe, MEMRI videos, etc


    You mean Eurofascist blogs twisting statistics and a discredited propaganda outfit run by former Israeli generals (MEMRI)

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  27. Bill Brascoe says:

    Keep trying, Camoron. But I warn you… glass houses… ;)

    Granted, I have an advantage considering my parents are two geneticaly unrelated individuals.

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    I’ll go slow

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    most have homosexual experiences

    When you are secure in your sexuality

    if you want to hurt my feelings

    hasn’t completely robbed you of your humanity

    these do not scare Western Men they create in us

    a disgust for the sea of crap that produced them

    pussy Western Wankers with no stomach for what must be done

    And my favorite:

    I understand your english isn’t that good

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  28. Bill,
    You’re awesome.

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  30. Cameron, to be honest, YOU’RE the one who sounds like a pre-teen. Your grammar, syntax, punctuation (or lack thereof), and general phrasing certainly suggests so…! :D

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  32. Cameron, you don’t have to be obsessed by grammar to enjoy the irony of someone completely lacking in that department telling others that they sound like minors…! :D I’m sorry, but being a native speaker or not has nothing to do with trying to get your point across as clearly as possible, or, indeed, to spot the speck in others’ eyes, while failing to acknowledge the log in your own.

    As for focusing on the substance of your argument? Well, it’s kinda hard, burried as it is beneath tons of hate-speech. Unless that is in fact the substance…? I suggest trying to get your message across, rather than your attitude – it might just get you some more satisfying answers. Unless, of course, you’re just a troll looking for attention. Evidence mounts for the latter…

  33. @cameron: lol, whats wrong little buddy? i think you need to go see a doctor, and no, not your regular gynocolosit, but a shrink i mean! ;)