Is that Jesus in my Beer?

Jesus in your Beer, Allah on a fish, and the Madonna on toast. God is truly everywhere! ;)


  1. Maybe its just me but doesn’t Jesus look a lot like Sam Elliot?

  2. The Virgin Mary on a toasted sandwich – she looks rather mummified!
    The Virgin Mary in a frosted window – no resemblence whatsoever.
    The Virgin Mary in a glass pane – very little resemblence; vague outline that could resemble anything.
    Jesus in a nebula – very little resemblence; looks more like some kind of freakish alien.
    Jesus in a beer glass – deliberate fake.
    Pope in a bonfire – very little resemblence; standard sillhouette.
    Mother teresa in a bun – looks more like a caricature or a cartoon.
    The four written versions of Allah don’t look like each other…?!? One of them looks like the McDonald arches upside down, though…!

    Funny how people insist on seeing things that plainly aren’t there! :D

    The shroud of Turin is hardly an everyday object, though… Jesus? Hardly!

  3. Granted, it looks like face but that of average Jew. Why is it necessarily Jesus?

    Does anybody know how Jesus looked? Or Moses, or Abraham, or …?

  4. You forgot to mention the Virgin Mary on a tortilla. I’m insulted.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Looks like the Phantom of the Opera!!


    28000 dollars for a grilled cheese?
    I am going to have to find out what Allah looks like so I may keep my eyes open