Coming to Abu Dhabi tomorrow

I am coming to the land of the UAE tomorrow afternoon for 5 days of spending time with my two nephews (yes, I do have direct influence on young impressionable souls. Why do you think my sister moved to a different country?) and watching Dubai as it continues to burn to ash and cinder. If you are in town, please drop me a line at and let's meet up.

Have a lovely day! 


  1. Enjoy Abu Dhabi. Check if the Hilton Jazz Bar is still the place to be.

  2. Might be a chance to pick up a cheap mercedes. Apparently they are just sitting around the airport parking lot.

  3. I hope the jazz bar is still as cool as it used to be… Good food at Hemingway’s next door too. I wish I could meet up with you, but I’m not there right now… Enjoy!

  4. e. weisbord says:

    I understand that lots of expats have left, leaving behind the cars, homes, etc.
    It may be an excellent time to ‘shop’.