Cleopatra was a sistah

Hey, greeks, eat your hearts out. She was one of ours!


  1. Bleh. The study claims she was part Greek and part African. Didn’t see any claim she was in any way shape or form, “Arab”. Can’t have it both ways, dude :P

  2. I always believed she was either Greek or Nubian or both.
    I guess it is possible for her to have Arab blood too. And why not? With everything so much intermixed out there then?

  3. A little bit of everything methinks… :)

    Ever notice that some people in egyptian hieroglyphics are dark and others pale? Probably a pretty mixed society…

  4. TheSonofChaos says:

    Bravo SM,

    Chaos has met some of the most beautiful, and exotic ladies from the Mid East and Africa. Also a nice shot out to the sweeties in Russian & Ukraine.
    And for all you extremist!! Those women like the quiet southwestern cowboy. Now if I could only this Yank with could find some good Kibbee Nyi in AZ.

  5. Mike Nargizian says:

    Sam -
    Dunno/don’t think you would qualify as a ‘brutha’…. or an African for that matter.

  6. Mike Nargizian says:

    Leo -
    There were no Arabs there at the time of Cleopatra…..

  7. Hey mike i think you are too away from the history…there were Arabs but they were in very minority..never been discovered…