Everytime I think I am out…

…Qhaddafi pulls me back in.

It's just not fair. I was on self-imposed exile, attemting to teach myself HTML, CSS and Photoshop design in order to redo this blog once and for all and not count on other people's empty promises again, and all I wanted was one more day free of blogging. Just one. but noooo… Can't have that.Not with Qhaddafi duck around.

So, apparently, my personal favorite middle-eastern leader was up to his old antics of ruining yet another Arab League meeting by acting crazy, by disrupting the opening session in order to insult the current Saudi King, calling him a "liar" (check), a "british product" (check) and an "american ally" (check checkity check). And yes, apprently in the world of the arab league, being called an american ally is an insult nowadays. Anyway..So the Emir of Qatar- always the savvy diplomat- switches the Mic of Qhaddafi off, because, as wel all know, when you do that, Qhaddafi shuts up? Ehh..no…her usually storms out. Only this time, he did it with style:

But when the emir of Qatar switched off his microphone, Col Gaddafi
insisted that he could not be denied the right to address the summit as
- he called himself – the dean of the Arab rulers, the king of kings of
Africa and the imam of Muslims.

Amazing. Well, he is the dean of arab rulers alright, having been in power longer than Mubarak himself, and that's saying something. But, as one of my friends countered, how could he call himself the King of Kings? Isn't the whole idea- or at elast, talking point- of the  libyan Jamaheria is that it's the people that rule? Is Qhaddafi, by doing this, acknowledging that he is the King of libya and that the idea that he is democratically elected to be a joke? 

Unfortunately for my friend, she is very very wrong, for brother Qhaddafi was appointed King of Kings of Africa by a bunch of african tribal kings, whom he surely paid handsomely for the honor. You see, he is the brotherly elader of Libya, but he is also the Tribal King of Kings. Two different titles. Two different jobs. Plus, it is generally not advisable to use logic when attempting to understand the working of the mind of the great Duck. You see, attempting to understand Qhaddafi logic is like attempting to understand God Logic: his ways are beyond our feeble and limited comprehension.

God bless you, brother Muammar. I definitely needed the laughs.


  1. Marie Claude says:

    Megalo is as megalo do : bufoon

  2. But when the emir of Qatar switched off his microphone…”

    That’s pretty cheecky!!! Cool… 8)

    “how could he call himself the King of Kings?”

    A lifetime of living on paperthin lies that contradict themselves probably does something to your mind – to be honest, I don’t think Gaddafi actually cares about keeping up appearences anymore – I mean, the man looks like some ex-hippie from Goa, for crying out loud! :D

    “One notable absentee is President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt; correspondents say he is unhappy with Qatar’s stance during the recent Gaza conflict.”

    Great statesmanship there… He’s unhappy about Qatar’s stance, so he boycots an entire regional summit. Way to go! :P

    Oh well, at least Saudi (of all countries!) have a somewhat reasonable take on a solution for the region…

  3. Sand Ape says:

    I knew I could coax you to poop out another post Sandmonkey. HA HA HA HA Awesome.

    My Sand Ape turns into Sandmonkey comment when presented with 12 year old whiskey & 12 year old Israeli or Hindu girls post was like an overdose of Castor Oil.

  4. And what about the warm welcome the hypocritical Arab leaders gave to the murderer who leads Sudan? I guess this killer of civilians is okay because he is an Arab.

  5. Oh, my gosh! LOL I am totally on the floor laughing! SM, you have exceeded your usual wit and magniloquent style.

  6. brother Muammar :D

  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/qatar/5079290/Muammar-Gaddafi-accuses-Saudi-Arabias-King-Abdullah-of-lying-at-Arab-summit.html

    Don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone stalking out of a meeting room and then going to a museum:D

  8. Not so innocent bystander says:

    I beg to differ with your comment: “. . .my personal favorite middle-eastern leader was up to his old antics of ruining yet another Arab League meeting by acting crazy”.

    He ain’t acting. This guy is the gen-u-ine ratbag article, 120% raving loon!

    Other than that little point of fact, great post!

  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7971624.stm

    So, he didn’t “stalk” out of a meeting? I wonder if he still went to the museum.. and refused to participate in a group leader summit photo?

  10. “And what about the warm welcome the hypocritical Arab leaders gave to the murderer who leads Sudan? I guess this killer of civilians is okay because he is an Arab.”

    I agree that was pretty disgraceful and overtly racist. This POS killed over 300k “fellow Muslims” yet all the meeting has accomplished so far and will accomplish nothing more than show solidarity to this human filth. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

    These meetings are becoming an amusing forum for the exchanges between King Q and King A and are usually followed by Q sending a couple of his goons to try and whack A then having it foiled by the FBI/CIA. Not unlike mob family gatherings.

  11. “I knew I could coax you”

    :D Someone is still delusional, I see… Enjoy the day in your bubble. :)

  12. What does Muamar smoke? I need some of that shit.

  13. Sand Ape says:

    In case you haven’t figured it out yet Dairy Boy! (Cow bell added)
    You are ignored and will not be engaged in any dialogue due to the abject intellectual poverty and incoherency you are displaying which makes it time for me to move on although I have enjoyed it immensely.

    I realize that I have really flustered you into some major self denial and you hate the fact that I am pushing all your buttons while all you can do is deny it and do absolutely nothing about it.

    Also due to the simple fact that I have severely insulted your mother, father, family, country, views, sexuality, mentality, debating styles and your verbal excrement in short bursts!.

    Keep reading this every time you post to me or about me, because that’s all you are going to get out of me!

    Have fun you stale Danish!

  14. a clown , nobody takes his talk seriously

  15. By the way, looking forward to that re-vamped look for the blog! 8)

  16. Sand Ape, it’s seems there’s a scientific explanation for your penchant towards repetitive behavior…


    If nature follows it’s course, you should grow out of it along with your diapers… :)

  17. Adam I thought that that al you Danes were stoned (in a bunch of good ol’ BC Haze) How much longer am I going to have to watch you get into discussions with fucktards?

    Jayme: Dont be a fuckstick and generalize everyone that speaks the language!

  18. Adam I thought that that al you Danes were stoned (in a bunch of good ol’ BC Haze) How much longer am I going to have to watch you get into discussions with fucktards?

    Jayme: Dont be a fuckstick and generalize everyone that speaks the language!

  19. Heh, I’m not discussing with him; I’m just poking him a bit, psykin’ him up – he’s great fun when he freaks… :D

  20. I didn’t. Read the article.
    Would you prefer Big Pimpin African?
    What about Big Pimpin Brotha?

  21. Abu Sa'ar says:

    Long live Muammar, the Jester of Jesters!

    Seriously, he makes me want to be a psychotic evil dictator. A truly admirable man – he does whatever he wants, whether it’s a childish fantasy or a random whim, and still manages to stay in power!

    Learn your lessons, tyrants – be unpredictable, it works.

  22. Sand Ape says:

    Sorry for posting this on the last thread as well as here, but I think its time to take a closer look at what is really going on here..

    – RACISM -

    FACT: The hate and contempt being shown for the Muslim faith here is reprehensible evidence they are being systematically singled out & persecuted. As a matter of fact any neutral bystander can immediately identify the sheer racist demeanor, hence effectively making Muslims the victors by default on the grounds of victimization. The same is the case with hatred of Jews. The more you hate them the stronger their case becomes, don’t you guys get it?

    Even though I could care less, I have to admit some valid points were made against the logic behind some Islamic jurisprudence. However they are immediately negated due to being made under the umbrella of justified racists urges – the worst kind. The racist sees himself as a hero. Hence giving the persecuted a victory hands down by propelling the reader to learn more about the victimized-worlds-fastest-growing-religion in the case of Islam, as not all the reverts/converts could be missing the warning lights of racism.

    It is no buddies business what faith anybody is. Maybe they didn’t teach you guys that in the civilized world? I guess this is a playground for those who like to violate the basic human rights of others on the net because they can’ get away with it in their home country. Just like Pedophiles like to go to Thailand Adam b :) to get get away with stuff they couldn’t get away with in their home country.

    The more you denounce Islam under such an umbrella, the more infatuated & interested the world becomes with it especially me. Foul mouthed racists beseech foul mouthed responses in order to further fuel their hate. Now I really know where the term don’t feed the trolls comes from.

    Just for the record I am neither Muslim nor Christian, my grandmother was an Egyptian Copt born on the banks of the Nile in the church of the Virgin Mary in Helwan; where Jesus had travelled with his mother the Virgin Mary & sought refuge from some evil king. My paternal grandfather was a Muslim. Neither of my parents gave a fuck about religion or told me shit. I come to my own conclusions as follows.

    The more Copts get persecuted in Egypt, the greater my sympathies are with them. The more Muslims get persecuted, the stronger my sympathies become for it.

    To be honest an unbiased person will easily find that not one Muslim, not even Mohamed, has used foul language. Even though Mohamed is as witty & as satirical as they get notwithstanding he is getting verbally assaulted all of the time. What a beautiful example. He produces an excellent example of his belief system by his code of behavior & ethics.

    (No Pun intended wallahi) Whilst Copts like CarpetCaptain & Egypeter tend to produce lot’s of excrement from their mouths & spew quite a bit of so called justified racism. Therefore if leading by example is any relevance, I know see why Islam is the worlds fastest growing religion.

  23. Sand Ape, for once I’ll treat you seriously… Or as least as seriously as your ridiculously selective memory and seemingly endless hypocracy allows me!

    Topic – The Lost God Of Palestine
    Post – 130, Sand Ape

    “All real Muslims know that God has promised victory over the Jews in the end, that’s the second main reason why none of us want to make peace with
    them. The first being their unbelievable propensity for treachery and denying the truth!”

    One out of hundreds of posts by you, mr. Sand Ape, overflowing with undisguised, unabashed, and uninformed racism. Sure, others on this board are quick to degrade other cultures and maybe even other races, but you, my good man, have long since lost ANY right to condemn others of a fault which you yourself exhibit beyond all comparison…!

    As a side note, the “none of us” part of the quote can hardly be understood as anything else than you viewing yourself as a muslim… But then again, you have been proven a liar on numerous occasions during your short career on this blog.

  24. Just for the record I am neither Muslim nor Christian…

    Thanks for the clarification, but I identified you as a fallen Christian a long time ago, Sand Ape.

    Neither of my parents gave a fuck about religion or told me shit.

    Yet you obviously grew up “Christian”, based on the things you say. If you decide to start identifying late in life with Islam, that doesn’t change your background. Every atheist I’ve never known has been either ex Jewish or ex Christian, and that colors their entire world view, though they try to deny it. It’s in the way they talk, in the values they have, in their sense of right and wrong, in their understanding of cultural and social norms. It isn’t so easy to just wake up one day and proclaim yourself to be “above” religious matters.

    To be honest an unbiased person will easily find that not one Muslim, not even Mohamed, has used foul language.

    a) Mohamed is not a Muslim.

    b) Lost of people who use foul language don’t intend any harm, Lots of people who don’t use foul language mean a great deal of harm. It is the intent that matters, not the language used. Mohamed is one of the most malicious individuals I’ve ever encountered. he’s even worse than you, because he doesn’t even try to be funny, or to say things that make sense. He’s just a loudmouth asshole.

  25. Adam, … clap, clap, clap …Good for you, ya might not appreciate a compliment from me, but it is sincere.

    apeboy, There is in reality only one Race, our beautifully mad human race.
    The attacks on islam and muslims that have you so upset are a perfect illustration of “you shall reap, what you sow”. I suggest you read Sandmonkey’s post on religious tolerance in Egypt, sounds like muzzie Egyptians are preparing themselves psychologically for a genocidal campaign against their Coptic Cousins, in the event of an islamic revolution in Eygpt. If you aren’t too lazy have look at some of the speeches issued by muzzie leaders and government ministers in regards to their intentions for the jewish population of Israel, had they been able to defeat the IDF. Here is couple examples:

    “Those who survive will remain in Palestine. I estimate that none of them will survive.” – Ahmed Shukairy, chairman of PLO in Jordanian Jerusalem, asked in news interview what will happen to the Israelis if there is a war, 1967
    “We will not accept any…coexistence with Israel….Today the issue is not the establishment of peace between the Arab states and Israel….The war with Israel is in effect since 1948″. – Gamel Abdel Nasser press conference

    Benny Morris, Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-2001(New York: Vintage, 2001) p 309-310

    The government of Egypt might of made… peace… with Israel, but considering the genocidal crap that continue to issue from the official, unofficial, and clerical sources in Egypt, and the rest of the muslim world.
    A neutral observer would rightly doubt muzzie honesty, in terms of this “Peace”. The realization, that they could be on the receiving end of genocide needs to be injected into their society, only then will they come to terms with the nature of islamic religious ideology. With that realization,
    humanity might be spared the horror that is the inevitable result of that ideology.

  26. EgyPeter says:

    The Arab League. LOL.

    WTF is the Arab League? Comoros is a member, for Pete’s sake! And Djibouti. I guess all it takes to join the highly esteemed Arab League is to speak a language…and what’s funny is they’re not even remotely similar dialects.

    The “Arab” League, what a joke, they even make even the UN look genius!

    And of course they support the genocidal Bashir, they don’t care, as long as he continues with their Arab Imperialism agenda, he can kill whoever the hell he wants, just like all the other dear leaders in the good ‘ol ME.

    It’s all so damn freaking nuts!

  27. http://www.esquire.com/cm/esquire/images/libya-monument.jpg

    Kind of an old photo, but nonetheless, interesting.

  28. :D
    Big Pimpin Arab

  29. Craig,
    “Mohamed is one of the most malicious individuals I’ve ever encountered. he’s even worse than you”, I wonder why you’d say that brother. Being certain that you’re humanity’s arch idiot doesn’t make me malicious, it just makes me normal.

  30. I was sort of a expecting a SM post after reading about Qaddifi’s latest performance at the Arab summit. Truth in the the middle is always so much better than fiction. I’m surprised you waited this long to post. Hilarious read.

  31. He is also the leader of the AU…don’t leave that out.

  32. Adam B. says:

    28. Claire:

    Great picture! I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of sick mindset that would think of erecting a public monument like that… Not to mention the plane looks completely ridiculous! :D

  33. Asphalt Orangutan says:

    SM — Great post, but I can’t believe you didn’t mention Ghaddafi’s coterie of all-female bodyguards. His Bevy of Beautyguards (TM), if I may coin a phrase. He really is pure id (no superego), but at least he does it with panache, unlike say, Kim Jong Il.

  34. I know, wonder what they said at the opening ceremony.

    Just to be as equally disrespectful, but in a jokingly fashion: Big Pimpin American

  35. Adam B. says:

    Yup, those yanks… They sure have class!!! :P

    Come to think of it, he actually looks like the opposite of a yank – more like some artificially preserved southern plantation owner! :D

  36. Adam B. says:

    Some of you fellas from the ME, please explain why there’s a penchant for gaudy roadside monuments in your parts of the world…?

    I remember a 4 meter high treasure chest overflowing with pearls and diamonds on a corner in downtown Riyadh. There was also a 6 meter high bicycycle on the road from the airport to Jeddah I think it was – and NOONE rides a bike in Saudi, the land of cheap gasoline…

    Found the bike: http://pr.sv.net/aw/2006/November2006/english/images/01.gif

  37. LOL
    You know wht I don’t understand? What’s with everyone spelling their names 20 different ways?!? It gets really confuzing reading the news. It’s hard enough to keep the names strait anyway. I think they must do it on purpose. Oh, is it in the KORAN that says everyone must be named Mohammed??

  38. Adam B. says:

    Jayme, I believe it’s something to do with being the first-born son…

  39. :) Here it comes….
    Why is it I am able to find the most news today about the ME only when it is about Madonna?

  40. Sand Ape says:

    See that’s exactly what I mean. Mohamed’s dmeanor — whether he is Christian or Muslim — makes him the better man because he never cusses. Actually no Muslims ever cus on here. Hence leading by example. Yet look how bitter he was able to make you. He is way too calm & collected. In my opinion I am too short tempered just like the rest of you lot. And we are all fallen – “something or the other.” But Mohamed hasn’t fallen yet & we won’t do it on your account.

    So what is it Craig?
    Dishonorable discharge?
    Rank, a lowsy private or private first class?
    Less that 2 years in, seen no action?
    Still live with your mom?
    Wished the dice had rolled a little better for you in life?

  41. Mohamed says:

    Sand Ape,
    It’s super obvious, he definitely got in a fight with someone of different creed, race or sexual orientation.

  42. See that’s exactly what I mean. Mohamed’s dmeanor — whether he is Christian or Muslim — makes him the better man because he never cusses.

    And you are a high-quality individual like that too, eh? :D

    As for all your speculation, if you’re trying to get inside my head you’ve got a long way to go. I doubt you have enough empathy for other human beings to figure out what makes somebody tick and start pushing their buttons. And randomly making the worst accusations you can think of isn’t a very effective tactic :P

  43. Being certain that you’re humanity’s arch idiot…

    You say you are a Muslim but even most Christians know more about the religion you claim to be a part of, and you call me an idiot? lol. What do you call somebody who pretends to be a Muslim and then goes out of their way to “correct” somebody inn regards to the Quran, but gets it 100% wrong? I mean, you expended a great deal of effort to prove to everyone you don’t know anything about Islam… and nobody asked you to. Pretty sure that’s exactly the type of person that people have in mind when they visualize “idiocy” :P

    … doesn’t make me malicious, it just makes me normal.

    The fact that you come to this blog for the sole purpose of being abusive towards the blogger and the readers (have you ever said anything at all constructive, at any time other than when you were defending one of your equally abusive team mates?) is what makes you both malicious and abnormal:


    malicious: given to, marked by, or arising from malice


    malice: desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another

    That is your purpose for commenting here, is it not? Should we take a poll of the readership? :)


    abnormal: deviating from the normal or average

    I doubt any sane person would say it was “normal” for somebody to get their jollies by making other people unhappy. That’s pretty anti-social behavior. And hanging out with people who are just as socially maladapted as you are, doesn’t change that. It’s like when an alcoholic hangs out with other drunks, he tends to think everyone is like him… but it isn’t the case, is it? Just because you surround yourselves with jerks doesn’t mean everyone else is as big a jerk as you are.

  44. Sand Ape says:

    What kind of gibberish is that Craig, OMG, what the heck are you talking about?

    Mohamed please go ahead & answer his damn question about the Quran already (you Christian lol), I mean if you are able to comprehend a single word of what it is exactly he is asking, just so he will stop crying & go get dewormed ASAP.
    Seems like somebody only comes here to make personal attacks on the those he feels malice for. And that person is clearly you.

    Readership poll:

    Who is more traumatized than Craig & comes here to make personal attacks on twosret or anyone who disagrees with him, who sees belonging to Twosrets crew?

    Craig you win hands down buddy, now get a grip and never ever let me hear you mention someone making personal attacks about anyone when you think they can’t prove a point.

    Pfffft, like you are one to speak.

    Now please go to youporn & let one off before going to bed you lonely fuck!

  45. Sand Ape,
    That’s the genius of his character, I had the same exact thoughts, reading his non coherent non comprehensible gibberish (he might as well written down kjvvkdsakdslb tedhsvd ddsh, it would have been exactly the same), yet I couldn’t help pissing my pants laughing at every nonsensical sentence he puts down, specially the ones ending with a hell raising challenge, like “How do you respond to that?” or “How can you explain this?”, which I swear, I’d try to answer, if I knew what the hell “this” or “that” that he’s pointing to is.
    Sorry Craig, I know, we’re retarded.

  46. reading his non coherent non comprehensible gibberish

    I provided three translations of a verse from the Quran, and offered to provide 11 more verses from the Quran and 5 hadiths, all of which were in direct contradiction to a claim you made about Islamic beliefs. Are you saying the Quran is gibberish? :D

    Sorry Craig, I know, we’re retarded.

    Is that one of the suggestions I gave you for possible excuses for your ignorance? I thought I was more creative than that! Now, please explain your ignorance re: Islam. Even Sand Ape has asked you to.

  47. Sand Ape says:

    If you really are questioning ones integrity Craig, why don’t you answer the questions presented to you first regarding your short stint in the USMC?

    Then Mohamed or I will answer your question about your absurd claims.

    Seriously no joke..Mate.

    But be sure to give the exact chapters & verse numbers and all your hadiths in one shot, to set the record straight once & for all, so you don’t keep taking them all out of context as you have been doing all your life.

    The same goes for your contempt for the Bible as well..

    I will present them to a respectful unbiased non racist teenager & he will be able to answer them all hands down. It’s simple, unbiased minds are able to think objectively while biased minds are not.

    I promise not to try & convince you of anything like Mohamed is a Muslim male or anything, because we all know he is a female Copt. Or that I am not really a computer transmitting from France because we all know that I am a calculator transmitting from Iran that just knows how to push your buttons perfectly.

    keep in mind we are just doing it out of amusement as we will undoubtedly consider it an exercise against racism & ignorance, by closing studying our most entertaining specimen which is you Craig.

    As you affirmed at least I try & be serious sometimes don’t I?

  48. Sand Ape, you don’t get to fish for answers to whatever silly questions you want to ask and then accuse somebody of “lacking integrity” when they decline to answer :P

    Mohamed told lies here and got caught at it. You want to confront me about lies I told, you have to find some lies I told first and then ask me to explain. Making baseless and random accusations about people and then demanding that they defend themselves from your bullshit is… I don’t even know what to call that. I’ll just call it weird and anti-social behavior. Do you try that shit on your family? teachers? Co-workers? I bet you’re a really popular guy :D

  49. PS-

    Then Mohamed or I will answer your question about your absurd claims.

    I’m tired of asking Mohamed to explain away that lie he told about what the Quran says. He clearly won’t, and he isn’t man enough to admit that he was wrong. If you don’t believe he was wrong, then go find the furball thread and catch yourself up on what’s going on and I’ll be happy to take it up with you. I recommend you don’t, though, because its a loser of an argument that Mohamed tried to make, that’s why he’s working so hard at putting it behind him.

  50. Adam B

    I’m just guessing but those odd statues get used (by foreigners) as landmarks. They are great for giving directions. I always seem to remember the advice….go to the space shuttle and turn right…

  51. Sand Ape says:

    Let’s just say if my educated guess about your status in the Marine corps was even relatively incorrect, a true Marine would have gladly been obliged to prove the opposite.

    I would like to bring something to your attention though Craig, seriously, all the snarkiness aside. You are incapable of debating any issues because the minute Mohamed or Twosret show up, you lose objectivity & start calling Twosret Benict Arnold & Mohamed Pope Benedict himself. You are still evidently distraught from your fall out with Twosret. You even claimed that I said I never used bad language which everyone knows is a God damn lie. I dare you to copy/paste where i said that if you are a true man?

    What are the numbers of the verses & chapters that you claim made Mohamed run with his tail between his legs? What, you don’t wanna give them to me because you are afraid I will prove you wrong, hence saving face for your arch enemy?

    1.) produce where I said I never used bad language?
    2.) your weak proof that Islam says don’t befriend Christian’s & Jew’s?

    Its like the boy scout manual that tells you what to do in the case of a poisonous snake bite for example, but you take the texts out of contexts:

    a.] if bitten by a snake
    b.] cut the persons leg
    c.] suck out the bloody poison

    Then you say boy scouts are vampires who think humans are animals with poison running though their veins because you quote from their manual that instructs all scouts to:
    b.] cut the persons leg
    c.] suck out the bloody poison

    I can bet that it will BE YOU who will INGNORE….the above. Be brave, give it a try, maybe you will win?

  52. Sand Ape,
    Great argument, but seriously man, are you hoping against hope that by some miracle he’d suddenly grow a brain in one day and understand a single word of what you’ve just said. People with dormant single neuron brains don’t respect logic or reason, to the them the pinnacle of human evolution and intelligence are sweaty man pig hybrids like Rush, Hannity and Savage, and yeah, Joe the plumber.

  53. Adam B. says:

    Actually Mohamed, it’s a crappy argument – not all things get better just because they’re taken in their full context…

  54. Mohamed says:

    I have no idea what you meant by that Adam.

  55. Adam B. says:

    Mo, I’m not surprised…

  56. Mohamed says:

    My question regarding your comment was in total good faith Adam. Anyway, my bad, sorry for not ignoring you.

  57. Adam B. says:

    Mo, your hypocracy is nearly as impressive as that of your friend, Sand Ape’s! :D Considering the tone you yourself use in your posts, you can hardly expect anyone else to treat you any differently…

    And I really am not surprised that you don’t get my point – after all, it only addresses Sand Ape’s argumentation directly! :D

  58. Sand Ape says:

    You should have followed you & tworsets advice & just ignored “it” :)

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  61. I’m not web designer, i’d say thepage appears to be the page a glitch with one of the images on the page because when it opened the website in Google Chrome all I was show a box with the internet sign for broken image… of course, not that many people are using that Browser, so it might not be such an issue… who knows? Do you get the same thing with the broswer you are using? (I tested it with internet explorer 6 also – let’s not bother going there!) Cheers .