China, tag, you are it!

China is cracking down on its islamic west, because there is a violent islamic separatist movement that wants to break away from the evil godless commies. China's response? Cement its position as a godless entity by starting a crackdown on the region for engaging in "illegal religious activity". Awesome move. I can't wait for the AlQaeda vs. China showdown. Going to be great. Whomever loses, we win!


  1. Adam B. says:

    To be quite honest, I wouldn’t mind much – it’d draw the attention away from the usual conflicts between islamic militants and Israel/USA/Europe AND it would give China a bit of (deserved) adversity… who knows, maybe they’ll even get some sense knocked into them and take their unscrupulous dealings with various dubious businesspartners up to renewed consideration!

    One can always hope for a better world…!

  2. The Chinese won’t give a crap about hearts, minds, or civilians when it goes aftetr them.


    The rest of the world is perfectly happy to buy everything the Chinese manufacture with the oil it gets from Sudan.

  3. wow you don’t mind if they slaughter people there…….

  4. Adam B. says:

    ahmed, let’s just say I’m busy minding them slaughtering tibetans… You worry about these dudes, ok…?

  5. Melissa in NorCal says:

    In addition to the steps listed above, the Chinese government is also taking all of their property away and putting them in large apartment complexes where they will be packed in like sardines so they can learn to be just like the good Han Chinese people. It is really about stealing land and destroying a culture and less about religion.

  6. I think they still have re-education camps in China, no? Should be interesting, seeing how China deals with violent Islamist groups, as opposed to the West.

  7. Whomever loses, we win!

    I don’t think there is much doubt about who is going to lose. ~3% of the population can’t defeat a totalitarian regime like China’s.

  8. jihadis are active all over the world, any country with muslim minorities or majorities must expect trouble. Gulf oil money pays the bills, ummah (body politic of islam) provide the leaders, foot soldiers and the deniablity shield of moderate islam, ullema(so-called scholar class, though they function more as a priestly class, holding divine authority in matters of islamic law) articulate ideology and enhance the deniabily of moderate islam. Question for Westerners, do you want this problem imported into your countries? Well more of it, considering our culturally relativist politicians, with the support of academics and business leaders, have already brought it Home.

  9. You know, I was just thinking about this joke.
    If the US, Europe use the term “mideast” what do people in China say?
    The commies are smoothly scary..

  10. Marie Claude says:
  11. fish out of water says:

    The Chinese are gonna go after these jihadis hard with their hammer, sickle and AK-47s. Thejihadis will be decimated and I can assure you, there will be no peep from the left wing liberals in the West or from the Middle Eastern countries etc. Hell, the Land of the Pure, aka Pakistan, will actually help the Chinese eliminate this threat. Ha, Obama and the US will only be able to look on with envy. Once the jihadis have been cleared the Han Chinese population will move in, seduced by the come ons from the Communist party (a la Tibet)and before you know the Muslim insurgency will be a distant memory.

  12. fish

    Don’t pick on just left-wingers, that genius ronald reagan funded islamists out the ass, Grover Norquist is a rightwing darling, he is probably an saudi islamist plant, so you have to assume policies he advocates are designed to damage the principal enemy, good ol’ USA. Are you familiar with conservative doctrine of “starve the beast”? Attacking the west economically is plausibly the best policy for jihadis, Amercia crippled economically is far less formidable.

  13. Abu Sa'ar says:

    The Uyghurs are not Islamists. They’re simply not Han, ethnically and culturally; the Chinese (who tend to be xenophobic and racist in the extreme) want their stuff and are happily masquerading the resultant atrocities against the natives as “war against Islamists”.

    It is so deliciously ironic that I just want to eat some long pig:

    When real Islamists try to genocide the Jews and fail because the Jews are stronger, the world denounces Israel as an evil oppressor and lauds the genocidal Islamists as noble freedom fighters.

    When China wants to grind another pesky ethnicity into the Han Communist mono-culture, using the poor bastard’s religion as a pretext… well, the world congratulates China on successfully preventing Islamist terrorism.

    Most of you humans are not even worthy to be food, you bunch of cretinous monkeys.

  14. …the Chinese (who tend to be xenophobic and racist in the extreme)

    Say what?

  15. Marie Claude says:

    “It is so deliciously ironic that I just want to eat some long pig:”

    not a problem Halal does slaughter pigs !

    he, ya don’t believe ABu ( :lol: ) ?

    Halal has financial participation in the slaughtering houses of the western countries

  16. Cameron says:

    CAIRO (AFP) — Egyptian villagers have set fire to Bahai homes after a member of the religion said on television the village was “full of Bahais,” the latest incident to reflect religious tensions in the country.

    Furious villagers rampaged through Sharoniyah, near Sohag in southern Egypt, on Monday and Tuesday, setting fire to and damaging four Bahai homes, a security official told AFP, asking not to be named.

    The fires spread to two Muslim homes which were also damaged, the official said.

    The villagers also threatened the village’s roughly 30 Bahais with death, the official said, after which all of them fled.

    Police have detained six people in relation to the attacks are are questioning them, and additional police have been deployed in the area.

    The arson attacks were the culmination of unrest that began with stone throwing immediately after a Bahai named Ahmed called a television talk show that was discussing the religious minority on Saturday night.

    Ahmed, who now lives in Cairo after fleeing persecution in Sharoniyah, described the village as “full of Bahais,” which showed that Egypt’s around 2,000 Bahais are not just a minority in Cairo.

    Several human rights organisations denounced the “criminal aggression” against the Bahais and called on the authorities to prosecute those responsible.

    Sectarian tensions run high in Egypt, with sporadic violence erupting between Muslims and Coptic Christians. Reports of anti-Bahai violence are rare.

    Clashes and killings between Muslims and Copts have broken out sporadically over the past decades in Egypt, where Copts account for an estimated six to 10 percent of the country’s 80 million inhabitants.

    In March, a village north of Cairo saw three days of violent clashes between Muslims and Copts that left one Copt dead.

    In October, a Copt shot at his sister and her family, killing her husband, after she converted to Islam and married a Muslim,

    Bahais frequently complain of persecution in Egypt, which until recently only allowed citizens to put Islam, Christianity or Judaism as their religion on identity cards. A recent court ruling has allowed citizens to leave the religion field blank.

    A column in the state-owned Al-Gomhuriyah newspaper said on Tuesday that the Bahais, whose world headquarters are in Haifa, Israel, are connected to “world Zionism.”

    Columnist Gamal Abdel Rahim described the Bahai as “a deviant group which seeks to harm Islam to serve the interests of the enemies of the Muslim religion, in particular world Zionism.”

    “I know very well that the villagers of Sharoniyah protect their religion and their beliefs. The proof is that the Bahai Ahmed himself admitted during the programme that he had stones thrown at him at his home because he abandoned Islam.”

    Bahais consider Bahaullah, born in 1817, the last prophet sent by God, while Muslims believe the last messenger of God was the Prophet Mohammed.

    Of the faith’s 12 principles including the unity of mankind, the elimination of all forms of prejudice, gender equality and independent investigation of truth, it is obedience to government that Bahais most stress in Egypt.

    Egyptian Bahais do not join political parties, take part in demonstrations or hold elections for their spiritual assemblies.

  17. “Whomever loses, we win!”

    I have nothing against China. They are not the enemy regardless of what is being taught about them.
    When it comes to think of it I have nothing against Muslims either but they are my enemies and by their own definition.
    Bottom line I do not wish China to lose.

  18. Adam B. says:

    leo, good thing you weren’t born tibetan, no…? ;)

    I have plenty against China. I have nothing particular against individual chinese, but the existence of their country in it’s present guise is a slap in the face of the dream of universal human rights and justice. I have no wish to see any individual chinese suffer economically, but I practise a personal boycot of all chinese products as long as their country refuses to abide by even the most basic of human rights and as long as they insist on occupying Tibet.

  19. Adam,

    You have a point but I still wish China would win.

  20. That the Uyghurs are leading a separatist campaign against China is not surprising – they have been consistently discriminated against, China has paid many ethnic Hans into Xinjiang/East Turkestan and more importantly they have been left out of the Chinese growth – deliberately or by omission – which started in the South and in the Eastern provinces.

    And I don’t see any Al-Qaedesque moves in this story.. The only ‘terrorism’ involved is in the claims of China to justify its repression of the Uyghurs – which is condemned by human rights groups.

  21. China will win in short order, we should pay attention and take notes.

  22. “If the US, Europe use the term “mideast” what do people in China say?” They say the same thing about the ME as they do about Africa: “Soon to be ours.” And SE Asia is EXTREMELY racist. Of course, so is Russia.

  23. I have no wish to see any individual chinese suffer economically, but I practise a personal boycot of all chinese products as long as their country refuses to abide by even the most basic of human rights…

    Most Arab countries are far more repressive than China. So is Iran. I bet you don’t boycott oil ;)

    Come to think of it, I bet you don’t boycott natural gas coming in from Russia, either.

    China is going to be a problem in the coming years. Personally, I’m hoping they can be coaxed into reform and that war can be averted. I’m hopeful that can happen, because luckily for everyone, the Chinese are not a militaristic people… they have long had a business-oriented culture. I don’t like seeing so many “Made in China” labels on goods in US stores, but formal boycotts and/or sanctions seem like a very bad idea, considering China is far too large and too powerful to be “contained” – which is what economic pressure is meant to do.

    …and as long as they insist on occupying Tibet.

    Yeah, I used to argue with my ex-wife about Tibet a lot. You’d probably be surprised how many Chinese believe Tibet has “always” been part of China. It isn’t just an issue with the Chinese government, and it won’t be easily solved.

  24. Adam b oh i get it!!!

    Tibetans separatists we should all sympethise with them and support them
    muslim separatists screw them i wish they all die

  25. Adam B. says:

    ahmed, the tibetans aren’t seperatists, they’re citizens in an occupied country – there’s a HUGE difference…

    But to some degree, yes, you’re right. As mentioned, I am no fan of China, but neither am I much inclined to back demands from muslim minorities anywhere – as you might remember, I’m danish, and I didn’t exactly see much support for my sacred freedom of speech from muslims around the world a few years ago. ;) In a “fight” between a despicable totalitarian regime and representatives of a group that has long since squandered their right to any goodwill, I’ll stay on the sidelines and enjoy the show…

  26. Adam B. says:


    Oil – I don’t own a car, and in any case, Denmark produces more oil than we can use (north sea fields – we’re the thirds largest producer in Europe). What oil I do use (buses, airplanes, etc.) I have no way of discerning where comes from, so personal boycot is not a possibility.

    Gas – Denmark is self-sufficient in natural gas (again, the north sea fields – we import 25.000 MWh and export 100.000 MWh pr. day), so no worries there either. When, eventually, it does run out, Norway will be the natural trading partner.

    “Yeah, I used to argue with my ex-wife about Tibet a lot. You’d probably be surprised how many Chinese believe Tibet has “always” been part of China. It isn’t just an issue with the Chinese government, and it won’t be easily solved.”

    I have no doubt that you’re right here – I’ve seen plenty of evidence that the chinese people are of no different mindset than their government when it comes to Tibet – another reason to keep up my personal quest…! :)

    I don’t advocate an official boycot though – as you point out, the best way to pull China into the modern world and bring about a regime change is by slow reform, which is best accomplished by raising the economic and educational standards in China.

  27. Seems these days there are only two groups of people who riot & rampage in large numbers — anarchists and Muslims.

  28. Sweet!

  29. Cameron says:


    I get It. Not all islamic separatist/nationalist/terrorist ….movements should be grouped together. We should differentiate between the ones in Serbia, Thailand, Philippines, Russia, China, France, Holland, Denmark, USA, Canada, Uk, Germany, India, Israel, Australia ….How many countries do we have on this planet, now? The global jihad is not but a figment of the imaginations of the kafir hordes.
    I know a few people in Beslan, London, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Nairobi, …
    How many cities do we have on this planet, today? Who would disagree with the idea that said imaginative figment is just… a figment of their imaginations.

    Maybe you could explain to me, Why mohammedeans fuckin’ trip over themselves in a frothy, righteous fury In their condemnations of Non-muslims fighting islamic terror or drawing … wait for it… satirical cartoons, yet maintain silence and tact support for Genocidal pigs like that bitch, bashir from sudan. Is it cause once he got through the christian minority in Darfur, he was only going after the Blacks?

  30. “which is best accomplished by raising the economic and educational standards in China.”

    Same could be said for the anarchists and extremest Muslims!! ;D

  31. Adam B. says:

    tedders, I’m not sure – the situation is not remotely the same. The chinese are a relatively peaceful people, and both the population and the regime have huge ambitions – give them some positive feedback to their efforts, and you’ll see them slowly but surely move in the right direction.

    History has clearly shown us that this is not true for the other other groups you mention…

    I still feel that official boycots of China would be counterproductive, because the chinese would see it as a deliberate move to staunch their development and react in a defiant manner. Personal boycots, on the other hand, show individual displeasure with the affairs of China, and will hopefully be a cause for embarrasment, leading to a chinese revision of their country’s politics…

  32. I’m salivating to hear what the reaction in the Arab street will be to this; after all they made the deal with the devil when they got support in the Security Council from China against sanctions for Darfur.

    I wonder if the Arab street will say “fuck em” to the Uyghurs like they did to their fellow Muslim Darfuris.

  33. Adam B. says:

    CC: Probably – after all, they’ve got slanty eyes…!

  34. True enough slanty eyes and wrong shade of black are bad news!

  35. Damn, the Chinese are just using this as an excuse to monoplize all athe rescoruces in the area south of Beining and take resources for their benefit, this is not the Islamication that was talked about, what We called unity for all Muslims no matter what,
    More like Control -Control for the money that will be made from thousnads