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You know, I've read Mohamed's post on Israeli-Egyptian relations after 30 years, and…meh…not because his stuff doesn't make sense or is well-thought, because it is..but generally because when it comes to middle-east politics (from Israeli-Palestinian relations to AlBashir in Sudan), it's always best to ignore what people say, and focus on what they do instead. Some people claim that Israel and Egypt don't have a good relationship, some of them even leave coments here, and they rail about the bullshit peace and blah blah blah… I view things slightly differently: Not only does Egypt and Israel have a very functional and healthy relationship, I would go further and state that I believe them to be the diplomatic equivalent of a couple that knows one another so well, that they no longer have to speak to communicate their desires, nor do they get mad at each other when one of them says something stupid. The facade and drama non-withstanding, they make things work, in a very silent and efficient way.

A good example to cite such silent and spiritual understanding happened during the latest session of Israeli military masturbation and ejaculation all over Ghaza's face, when The King of Kings sent trucks carrying electrical generators through Egypt to aid the resistance in Ghaza. Some people wondered if Egypt would let the generators pass, out of
fear that it might upset Israel, but I wasn't worried and neither was
the leadership of Egypt, because of the silent understanding between
the two countries: Egypt will let the generators in, knowing that
Israel won't be mad at them because they will bomb the shit out of them
the moment they get into Ghaza, and Israel knows that Egypt won't be
mad, because Egypt got to save face with the arab world over letting
their aid in. Everybody wins, everybody's happy, no one loses face.
It's beautiful.

Now, while I think that some of you will not share my perspective on this, I decided to leave you with a little exercise. I will present you a number of stories, and you are free to connect the dots as you please:

March 25th: The Sundanese President visits the Egyptian President in order to discuss the ICC's indictment of him, but no one knows exactly what they actually talked about. After the meeting, the Egyptian Foreign Minister during the visit states that Egypt's hands are tied when it comes to arresting Omar, because the Security council has not supported the ICC's indictment.

March 26th: Israeli jets carried out a long-range bombing mission against a convoy in
that was suspected of bringing arms from Iran to Hamas in the Gaza

March 27th: Egypt has been sending forces to its border with
in an effort to prevent smuggling into the Gaza Strip, due to
intensive international pressure following Israel's offensive on the
Hamas-ruled coastal territory earlier this year.

March 30th: The Sudanese President attends the Arab Summit in Doha. The Egyptian President doesn't attend. Neither the Egyptian Foreign Minister. Everybdygets distracted due to Qhaddafi's antics.

And the beat goes on…


  1. Adam B. says:

    ” The Sundanese President visits…”

    The Sundanese Kid and his good friend, Butch Assad:


  2. Hey Adam…lets go mess up Mohamed’s site too :D

  3. Adam B. says:

    Is it the same Mo as the one holding Sand Ape’s hand here…?

  4. 35 years without a war is a good peace.

    May we all enjoy another such 35 years!!

  5. 35 years without a war is a good peace.

    May we all enjoy another such 35 years!!
    P.S.: Wanted to add great post!

  6. SandMonkey, I agree. Better to watch the events and decisions than to focus on the words.

  7. And Egypt yelled: “Thirty five years and you still don’t put down the toilet seat!”

  8. Get your time line right first then try to build whatever bullshit theory you’ve got going on here about something you are clueless about. Nothing happened March 26. That’s just when you read about it.

    What compelled you to write this in the first place? I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say this is your April Fool’s day post and that you’re just pretending to be dumb.

    Ignorance is bliss my dear monkey.

  9. Eric,

    Some may object to your identifying Egypt with feminine side.

    On more appropriate note that:
    “Thirty five years and you still don’t put down the toilet seat!”
    should be said by Assads of Syria.

  10. Adam – nope, another one. There are more than one out there. :)
    I use always use the hyphens for distinction, and I try to avoid the byzantine side discussions that take place here.. so when things go on a tangent I just read. :)

    Claire – mess up my blog? Eeek! Had a bad day, have we?

    Eric, hilarious!
    Leo – well, given that Egypt is generally artistically represented by a woman – as in here i think we’ll be okay. :)

    And, Monkey, I don’t know. I think it’s more like a dysfunctional arranged marriage where the kids had to get married because someone’s mother was dying and wanted to see her grandchildren before she did. :) And now, they barely get by, avoid each other in the morning, and are cheating on each other a little. :)

  11. Damn. Too many smileys. i need to work on that.

  12. Adam B. says:

    Mo-ha-med: Good for you! :)

    I think Claire had you two mixed up, hence my question…

  13. Mo-ha-med,

    And who’d be represented by sphinx in the context of the argument? :)

    Anyway, sorry, I do not mean to beat this horse anymore.

  14. Finally read your post. A very interesting and impressive analysis. I think you are right!