Sweden legalizes gender-neutral marriages

I guess this means gay men, lesbians and whatever classification of people who like shemales fall under can now have the same chance at marital misery like anybody else in Sweden. Good stuff!


  1. Quite about time – I laugh every time I think that conservative Spain – which was demonstrating against abortion earlier this week – beat them to the gay marriage and gay couples’ adoption rights..

    And — “Gender-neutral”? How many options are there anyway to create a ‘neutral’ classification? :)

  2. I think they are shemalophilic.

  3. Adam B. says:

    Good for the swedes! We’re only a step behind, although we have of course had registrated partnerships for years (since 1989 – first in the world), which offer almost the same rights and obligations as a regular marriage…

    Sand Ape must be squirming with discomfort, recalling his stark homophobic utterences in the past! :D

  4. you’d think the universe would understand it doesn’t work by now .. they can try it straight, curved, lesbians. gays, even marsians n it wont work. but no we just have to try.

  5. Adam B. says:

    novamending: :D Cynic! ;)

  6. Nice one :)

    To Adam B.: We are not ONE step behind, we are MILES behind…


  7. Gays should be careful what they wish for. With state-recorded marriage also comes state-recorded divorce.

  8. I’ve always wondered why gay marriage was such an issue for a great deal of people. Aren’t gays human too and aren’t they entitled to the same level of misery that straight people choose to subject themselves to?

  9. TheSonofChoas says:

    I always support gay marriage as long as both chicks are really hot!! Little humor for everyone.