What Twitter is really all about!

No one has put it more elegantly and elequontly:

Twitter seems to be, first and
foremost, an online haven where teenagers making drugs can telegraph
secret code words to arrange gang fights and orgies. It also functions
as a vehicle for teasing peers until they commit suicide. In order to
become a "follower" on Twitter, teens first must flash their high-beam
headlights at an oncoming motorist on the highway. Then, if that
motorist flashes his or her high-beam headlights back in reply, the
teen must kill the motorist in order to be initiated into "following"
the online gang. The catch is that one can only use 140 sentences to
plan a total of 140 events—that is, any combination of orgies, gang
fights, suicides, and highway killings totaling 140 planned situations
or activities.

Makeup artists
working in television and film also like to use Twitter to keep in
touch with each other and with current productions.

Now you know!


  1. And knowing is half the battle!