More on that strike!

Because some people think I am being defeatist on the whole strike thing, here is Hossam's take:

I asked the labor leaders present in the meeting yesterday
whether anything was planned in their workplaces on the 6th of April.
The answer was no… In other words, no strikes planned in Ghazl
el-Mahalla, nothing in the Steel Mills, no plans for the Railways, and
I can go on…

Some of the labor leaders will take part in the noon protest planned
on that day in front the state-backed General Federation of Trade
Unions building, and some of them will bring “symbolic” delegations
from their factories.

Meaning, there is no general strike…

He is more optimistic than I am though..

So to sum up… Let’s not get driven by virtual reality again, and remain on the ground… The 6th of April will NOT be a general strike… It will be a day of protests, a day of rage..
There will be protests in Cairo, Helwan and other universities,
downtown Cairo and events organized by the political parties in the
provinces… Let’s try to make it a successful day…

I wouldn't mind it being successful either. I am just doubting that it will be. I will welcome being wrong on this.

In other news, I went over to alaa's blog and apparently part of the "rights" are apartments for the newly-weds, on top of the rest of the laundry list. Why the fuck not, right?



  1. Hmmmmmmm Keep us posted. Be interested to see what transpires on April 6th.