The One’s visit!

So…here we are… a few hours before Obama's historic visit to Cairo, and I am one of the few Egyptians who has got an invite to see him, and.. ehhh… I am not that excited.I mean, I will go see him, but I can't say that I am enthused about it. Maybe because I know that, despite of the gesture and its importance, it's simply words, and it signals the return of a US foriegn policy that does coddle dictators and extreemists. Nahh, that can't be it, because I never expected it to be any different. A return to good diplomatic relations with the US biggest sunni arab ally does mean turning the blind eye to some…small violations of human rights. I get that. It makes sense. and Part of me does want my country to have good relations with the US again. So, nahh.. not it.

And the thing is, it's hard to decide what is it that bothers me, because of the magnitude of the visit. I mean, while I thought it made perfect sense for egypt to get chosen, arabs still make like 20% of the entire muslim population, which means that it might not be the wisest location to deliver such a speech, especially in the light of extreme arab chauvinism, when it comes to nonarab muslims anyway. It's an honor, no doubt about it. And a nod towards an old and fading leader ( i am talking Egypt as the middle least leader, not Mubarak): That its support still matter, even when reality says it doesn't that much anymore.

I guess I am annoyed because of the ruckus the government is causing over his visit. The entire country is on high alert. Cairo is on lockdown. The streets are cleaned and repainted, the cars removed from all main streets, whether he will pass by it or won't. Helicopters flying over downtown every 4 minutes. The old buildings in el saydah are being coverd by scaffolding to hide them from Obama's sight. People are arrested left and right all over the city. Kefaya
activists were cracked down on in a matter of minutes when they tried to stage
an Obama protest.
Residents are warned to stay home. The streets are expected to be so clear of people, the joke is that the 6 of April kids will call for another national strike and call the day a success. Employers are giving
employees vacations. Al Gezira club members warned not to go to almost 70 % of
the club that day,
because this is where Obama will change between his speech
suit, and the shorts he is bound to wear on his way to the pyramids (it’s
fuckin hot, man). People in manial that we know had to give state secuirty their names and their IDS because their house sees that University Bridge. Coffe shops in downtown closed from 6 pm tonight, and the people told to stay home tomorrow. Oh yeah, and the polishing they have done to the University. Holy Crap. That dome now shines from cleanliness, and it was last cleaned in 1954. It's fuckin ridiculous shit.

But on the other hand, the people are excitied. I saw people interviwed on the street on TV, and they are genuinely excited to see Obama speak. Many talking about how he will bring peace and prosperity with him. The most apathethic people on earth are actually excited about the visit of a US president. This is some unusual shit. At the very least, it's definitely worth a glance. So maybe I should get over my disdain over the fact that I will have to wear formal wear on a freakin hot day, which is really the reason i am pissy about going of you really want the truth. I wanted to wear a polo shirt or something, but everyone else is bringing their nice cloths to play, and I was planning on going in jeans anda shirt. Grrr…

So, yeah, fine, I admit it, maybe it is exciting to have him visit  after all. Await tomorrow's post about it.


  1. You go informal man, and you will rule believe me.

  2. Yes, that is royaly do you even concentrate? Do they have air conditioning in there? We dare you to wear an “Obama is the next King Tut t-hirt”.
    And Pictures!! No slacking, please. This is interesting

  3. Sand Ape says:

    Oh come on please Great One, king of contradiction and Zionist hand jobs, as if you have an invite to see Obama, ya right, please enough with that shit already. That would make total sense they issue you an invite while you and your mother are continually being watched for suspicion of sedition. Whatever Mahmoud.

  4. ThirtyFiveUp says:

    Dear Sandmonkey,

    Wear whatever you want to. Obama will not care. Just look at what these cute toys are wearing for his speech.

    Love you muchly.

  5. Stephen says:

    Egypt is a third world country.

    Obama speech means nothing.

    USA will never let the zionists down.

    Only path : as Hizbullah did in Lebanon.

  6. Sand Ape says:

    Good point Stephan, I like your style. But one day America will have no choice but to let the Zonists down, when national security interests outweigh sugar coated good will (blackmail) regarding em Zionists, it’s just common sense. As they are already doing by not letting Israel attack Iran.

  7. Just think how great that beer will taste after you get to change your clothes after Obama’s speech.

    I’m looking forward to Obama’s speech, probably because there is no way he isn’t going to screw up in one way or another.

  8. Will the teleprompter be in English or Arabic?

  9. It is rather interesting how the Egyptian government is acting as though Mr. Obama were the emperor of the universe whose speech would be the most momentous event in human memory, an event to be remembered for the ages.

    What if this event were utterly forgettable?

  10. SM,

    I suggest that you go to the speech, listen to what he says, and then watch what he actually does.

    I suspect that you are going to find that there is a, what does one call it?, huge difference between what you will hear, and what he does.

    In fact there will be a huge difference between what you hear and what he actually says.

  11. Different city, same *sshole ….

    Oh and pants (deal with it). I’m tempted to watch the speech live, in the next few minutes. While (preparing and) eating breakfast (wish me luck/say a prayer).

  12. Many talking about how he will bring peace and prosperity with him.

    He will also bring a cures for cancer and old age.

  13. I am very proud of my President. He stated that one speech is not going to resolve anything. But there has to be a first step in new beginnings–that first step is communications. I am a registered Republican who voted for this outstanding young man. I am a Caucasian who lived through those awful years when African Americans had no rights whatsoever and were badly treated. African Americans, who, by themselves without outside intervention, fought long and hard through peaceful means, demanding their God given rights as human beings to be free and respected as equal citizens. They are just now beginning to reap some benefits from that long, determined, painful struggle. Many are outstanding Americans who as a people suffered not 25 years, but 200 years. I will keep lobbying here for my government to stop funding Mubarak. I ask that you folks just give our President time (he has only been in office 4 and 1/2 months) realizing that he is not a miracle worker and has never claimed to be one.

  14. Every American President start his tenure in respect to Arab/Israeli conflict in the same way, give or take. Visits, speeches, raised hopes. Each of them thinks it is their duty to solve it and each of them is like that Little Engine That Could.
    The only difference is how quickly each of them wises up. I feel, with Obama it will take longer, but outcome will be just the same.
    Until Jews and Arabs themselves will not decide that enough if enough nothing will happen. Obama can only hope to get lucky that time has finally came.

  15. Sand Ape says:

    Israel needs extreme forensic psychiatric help to be able to see the light and want peace. It is fact, they are fucking traumatized big time. who wouldn’t be after what happened to them. Its only a matter of time till all holocaust survivors are all passed away and the pain subsides and then there will be peace. Unless Rothschild dies first and the Israel lobby crumbles and Obama lays the smack down on the disobedient Israeli military proxy!