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Ok, so no, I wasn't hiding under a rock for the past few days, and I wasn't ignoring the Iranian election either. I was simply overwhelmed by it. I mean, here i was, 2 days ago, watching A.J. giving his victory speech, and thinking"this is totaly what the democrats must have felt when W. was elected to a second term", when the Iranians decided to not take this shit anymore. For two days I was glued to TV and twitter, and following everything I could find on what's happening, with a little song in my heart. Hope had started to show its shiny little head, and i awaited reality to kick it in the testicles, but so far, no kicking. This is still going on. I am amazed.

So, just so u know, I am mostly posting on my twitter account. So, please go there and u will find the majority of the tweets. I will also update here constantly as well.

Update: Pictures of the Pro Mousavi rally. Estimated attendance between the high hundreds of thousands and a million. And this is despite the crackdown.

Update: Video of the rally. It's quite breathtaking!

Update: While western media-with the exception of the BBC- are completely ignoring this story, and with AlJazeera doing it's best not to report it on both AlJazeera arabic and international, twitter is the way to know what's going on in Iran right now.Use the #Iranelection for updates, and check out Persiankiwi . He has the best updates so far!

Update: I really doubt Ahmedinajad will back down on this one. This is what he said yesterday:

Asked about speculation that in his second term he would take a more
moderate line, he smirked, “It’s not true. I’m going to be more and
more solid.”


Mr. Moussavi said he was being “closely monitored” in his home, but hoped to speak at a rally on Monday.“He ran a red light, and he got a traffic ticket,” Mr. Ahmadinejad quipped when asked about his rival. 


Update: Wanna do something to help the Iranians? Join the cyberwar! Ok, maybe this is not the smartest idea. nevermind!

Update: Government militia open fire on the peacefull protestors, killing at least 3. Pictures are available on the bottom here of the dead bodies . Reports of a Basij base getting burned down in retaliation.

Update: Regarding the OP-ed in the washington post today by the very suspicious sounding Terror-Free Tomorrow, about how the polling was fair and square and representitive. Ok, nevermind that their poll is based on 3 weeks old data (which anybody who followed this knows was pre the meteoric rise in popularity for mousavi) and gets rebuttled here and here . Also, some of the anomolies regarding the election available here.

Update: Hmm…

What is interesting about the announcement of the electoral results
that the Iranians are calling into question is that this came from the
Interior Ministry, the same Interior Ministry whose former head was
convicted of using a forged PhD from a British University.

What? Not saying anything…

Update: The people who are urging Obama to get involved are idiots and should be ignored. Any words of support from Israel or the US to the protestors will lead to the Najad camp claiming that they are agents for the imperialist conspiracy. So, please, USA, shut the fuck up and wait this one out. Ok?

Update: Just think, if this follows through and becomes a counter-revolution, it won;t end with Khameni calling for a second election..it will end with Khameni and his entire system getting deposed. No more islamic Iran. No more support for Shia nmilitias in Iraq..No more Hezbollah… No more support for Hamas..no more need for US bases in the Gulf… ahh..life would be so peacefull around here!

Update: Time magazine provides 5 reasons why the election outcome is highly suspicious. Read it!

Update: If the revolution goes through, then Obama is officially the luckiest bastard alive. It's one thing to have the worst financial crisis- that ur oponent's party is associated with- happen one month before the election, but to have Iran fall apart on its own and thus resolving ur biggest middle-east problem? That's fuckin luck!

Update: Even Juan Cole counters the WP Terror Free Tomorrow poll piece . Me and Juan agreeing on something. Amazing!

Update: People in the streets are batteling the militia in Karaj, and Mousavi is calling for a nation-wide strike tomorrow. Allrighty!

Update: Ehh..where are the 20 something million that voted for A.J.? Where are his 63%? Anybody know?

Update: Obama is rumored to address Iran . Can someone tell him to..ehh…not?

Update: Tehran University faculty resign en masse and reports of Tahran coming to a halt. This is not ending soon!

Update: This picture was taken at a support A.J. rally, and by rally i mean 20 people. The interesting thing about this picture is that in arabic it says " our war will be over when we liberate Palestine", but in english it says "our war will be over when we take-over palestine". Interesting distinction, don't u think?

Update: The attack by the people on the Basij base:

Don't fuck with the persians!

Update: Iranians in the diaspora start protests everywhere! Sweet!

Update: Obama spoke on Iran. Managed to seem like he said something while saying nothing. Thank God. For the first time I actually like this about you, Mr. President!

Update: Twitter has delayed its maintenance after getting twepressured by the tweeple. On a separate note, Twitter speak is retarded!

Update: Good video compilation. Tehran in Blood. Watch.

Update: AP just noticed how suspicious the timespan it took to count the result s of the election. Awww, AP, welcome to the party.We have been waiting!

Update: ON, final update for the night: It all hinges on tomorrow. If the protests continue in the same intensity tomorrow, and the government fails to crush it, this really could end up being the revolution we all have been waiting for. But of they crush it tomorrow, then it's over. Everything hinges on Tomorrow. Hmm..

Now, leaving you on a lighter note, here is CNN'c Rick Sanchez trying to defend CNN's dismal coverage of what was happening in Iran. It's a sad day for CNN when it can no longer compete with Twitter. TWITTER! Ted Turner, go kill yourself! Honestly!


  1. Mousavi is calling for national strike now. Oh. WOW
    For the last two days I am glued , (no, not to TV), to twitter.
    Check tehran bureau, too.
    Iranians will do what they want to do why the hell Obama wants to butt in? He was silent yesterday and now he woke up?
    These 20 millions are in the mind of western and eastern journalists and analysts., particularly journalists from WaPo. ;-)

  2. Btw

    I have read an interview with one guy in Poland with a long string of titles before his name and he said that ” In Iran there are many precautions taken so there can be no fraud in election”
    ;-) ;-) ;-)

  3. I don’t agree about Obama keeping silent. It depends on what his talking is supposed to achieve.

    A statement of US support would, absolutely, be used by AJ and others as evidence of foreign intervention in Iranian affairs. But they’re claiming that already.

    What, though, are the anti-regime people to make of his silence? That they’re out there on a limb, without even moral support from the US? That the US is, in reality, on the side of the regime?

    And what will be the implications for america when the regime finally changes? “You’re the guys who abandoned us when we were in need”?

    ALL the western nations need to follow germany’s lead, and condemn this. Ideally, in strong language. It’s an issue of taking a clear moral stand, not of trying to manipulate the course of events by clever formulas of how statements will be deconstructed.

    At times like this, I miss Bush even more than usual.

  4. I just got in from work and was unaware, until now via Twitter, that BHO had spoken on the topic of Iran.

    I’m no fan of BHO, but I think he handled this well with the speech today. Yesterday — not so much.

  5. SM

    There are pictures of basiji or pasdaran (I think) snipers shooting at people.

  6. This is a very dangeros situation. The mad mullahs will not go down without a fight, a very bloody fight. I look for Iran to start trouble elsewhere. They may have the Hez or Hamas act up against Israel and blame Israel for “taking advantage” of the situation.

    More likely. Iran will send some small gunboats out into the Persian Gulf to attack US ships then claim the US tried to intervene militarily!! Nothing like a faked invasion to change the headlines and re-direct the anger of the people.

    Then they will claim a ” great victory” over the Great Satan when the invasion never materializes.

    Hopefully, the Iranian people would be smart enough to see through such a ruse.

  7. The mullahs only have their police on the street, just wait until they send in their Guards, then there will be major bloodshed. If the Iranian people have no current aspirations to overthrow the mullahs and hang President Amanutjob, then they are just fighting to exchange one nutjob they voted for instead of the other nutjob they have now. Go long or stay home.

  8. It is so ironic to even discuss, yet let alone debate the subject of discrepancies in the Iranian election. I mean after labelling them the access of Evil, what else would you expect out of them anyways? were you lying, before, when you labelled them that he he?

    Iran is now a military state with large numbers of military bases in the suburbs, precisely where Ahmedinajad has the bulk of his supporters. Iran needs strong leadership, not another Shah that will let Iran get pilferaged.

    Sooner or later after Obama is gone. The US will just pit Iran against another Oil producing country, like they did with the Iran Iraq war. It is just common sense.

    I give the Iran people credit for going to the streets and I give the government credit as well for not crushing protesters like they do in a democratic dictatorship such as Egypt .

    After all, Iran is the Axis of Evil and Israel is the thriving even handed democracy.

    In case anyone is deaf or stupid, here is what Bibi NETANYAHU said: Palestinian must give up their civil rights, national rights and their human rights; they are to give up their land, forget their history, their hopes and dreams, give up their graves and the blood they shed and what they will get in return is: NOTHING. If that is not a step forward, I don’t know what is…

    It’s geographic and genetic. The Mideast is exclusively for turmoil and strife. Always has been that way and always will!

  9. Sand Ape says:

    Support Justice,

    Sad but very true!

    That sounds just like Netanyahu,

    I say we pit Iran against Israel and let them fight it out. Giving Iran a few more years to develop their warheads first. Then Israel will have no choice but to get the hell out of Palestine. A nuclear armed (any country) has huge leverage and respect and is taken very seriously. Especially in the Middle East.


  10. All the Mullahs have to do is throw Amanutjob under the buss. What do THEY care who the fake prez is?

  11. Adam B. says:

    Support Justice: Come on, it’s enough with one Sand Ape making up facts as he goes along, ignoring realities when they don’t suit him – two’s a crowd! :D

    On a more serious note, this is what Hamas had to say:

    “Fawzi Barhoum, spokesman for Hamas, the militant Palestinian movement backed by Iran, welcomed the results. He urged the world to respect Iranian democracy and accept the results of the elections.”

    Does this look like Hamas actually gives a shit about democracy or the will of the iranian people? Hardly – they’re just happy that their homeboy is still in power and sending money their way…

  12. Sand Ape says:

    Oh Fuck, LOOK, the troll is back :D

  13. Sand Ape says:

    I say we get Craig to chase him away with is tail between his legs again. It was a fabulous month or two without him, oh well! We’ll just do our best to ignore him.

  14. Adam B. says:

    Talking to ourselves again are we, SA…? :D

    Some things never change…

    Craig? Chase away? Hardly… As I pointed out, I found him tiresome and decided to ignore him. Nothing interesting has been posted untill now.

    You, on the other hand, seem to represent endless fun! Keep it coming! :D

  15. Support Justice says:

    Adam he was talking to me, do you mind? Now behave and quite being a menace.

    I’m not going to get into it with you but you are stupid to disagree that Netanyahu is calling for the complete obliteration of Palestinian human rights.

    What are they dogs to you all?

    Hate Palestine all you want, but don’t let your hate cloud your reasoning.

    1- No right of return. (What…?)

    2- No self rule or civil rights, the freedom to implement their own laws.

    3- Continued occupation and illegal settling of occupied land.

    4- A demilitarized Palestine (As if to say, fuck peace, we won)

    He might as well try and send them to the Warsaw ovens while he is at it. Who would want to live like that? Is he trying to make them into Jews?

    Anyways, who cares what he said.

    He is a well known Hebrew Zionist. (20th century Nazi), just your cup of tea if you try and rationalize it as security for an invading state that has won its land through warfare.

    People think the Palestinians will destroy themselves but they are already destroyed. It the Zionists that will destroy themselves with their atypical behavior of theirs.

  16. Adam B. says:

    Support Justice:

    I’ll respond to SA’s antics like I please – like it or leave it. :)

    1: No right of return – if all the descendants of the Palestinian arabs who fled Israel were to return they would outnumber the Israelis – not exactly an ideal situation. They/their fathers/their grandfathers left the country of their own free will and now they’ll have to live with that descision. Why would they want to return to Israel anyway, seeing as they will be getting a country of their own?

    2: No self rule or civil rights – the conditions within Palestine itself have not been touched upon.

    3: Occupation and settling of palestinian land – Agreed. Illegal settlers will have to be dealt with. Flat out refusal of BN’s offer is not constructive – if the palestinians have a genuine wish for their own country they are going to have to be realistic about it.

    4: A demilitarized Palestine – restrictions regarding military power will have to be endured, a result of decades of hostility toward Israel. The victor dictates the conditions – always have, always will…

    BN’s speech is biased of course, and unjust in certain points… Precise conditions will have to be negotiated, but such negotiations neccesitate that the palestinians are willing to listen to the opposition and likewise ease up their demands. The palestinians show no such inclination…

  17. Support Justice says:

    “BN’s speech is biased of course, and unjust in certain points”

    Coming from someone who has no love lost for the Palestinians, I hereby rest my case!

  18. Sand Ape says:

    Nicely put SJ!

  19. Adam B. says:

    17. SJ:

    Fair enough, but consider that the opposing side is equally if not more biased and unreasonable…

  20. 現在,日本は国民の9人に1人がキャッシングを利用しており,国民1人あたり2枚のクレジットカードを保有している「キャッシング大国」です。

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