First Hezbollah, now Hamas?

Rumors are circulating of Hamas members used to crack down on protesters as well. Hmm…


  1. This is so unlikely, I dare say it is ridiculous. But hey, if the Mussad is somehow behind these rumors, then I guess I didn’t pay my taxes for nothing.

  2. Probably a rumor…though I first heard it from an Iranian friend who still has a lot of family there…

  3. I don’t want to be a pain in the ass, but I find it amusing that you’re actually more inclined to belive this because you’ve heard it from an Iranian. These rumors originated in Iran, so obviously, if they made it out of the country, someone at some point heard it from the Iranians. In a sense, anyone who head it outside of Iran heard it from an Iranian, albeit indirectly. So you see, that alone does not lend any authenticity to the rumors. It’s like saying there’s probably a grain of truth behind the rumors that the bush administration was the one behind the 9/11 attacks, because you’ve heard it from an american.
    This really has nothing to do with you, or Iran, or anything that’s relevant to, well, anything. It’s just fun to realize how prone we are to conclude illogical conclusions.

  4. Somoboy1990 says:

    highly unlikely I heard those rumors about Hezboallah and now I heard those about hamas but I cant believe that Hamas militants were able to get out of the palestinian territory and then go to Iran and they went there and they looked very arab and they hold a hamas flag it seems stupid
    actually why would Ahmed Nejad or whatever get Hamas or Hezbboallah to behave as riot police when Iran I think have enough police they dont need to use hamas and Hezboallah
    just because Hamas and Hezbolallah are supported by Iran that doesn’t mean they will go to Iran to defend the Iranian Nejad System especially when we know that hezboallah is being financially and technically supported even before nejad come to power

  5. I just read on the israeli news site Ynet an article surveying all the political upheavals in Iran during the 20th century. One very amusing anecdote I thought I’d share with you is that during the anti Shaa demonstrations, rumors were running wild about israeli soldiers shooting at the crowds. Do you see a pattern here?

    (,7340,L-3734954,00.html, if you can read hebrew)