Socialists vs. Theocrats in Iran

About fuckin time!


  1. LOL, fuck the socialists. Their ancestors joined with the theocrats in 1979 to topple the Shah. For their help, they got executed. Idiots. Useful idiots this time around, but idiots nonetheless. (I might need to start learning Parsi because there damn sure are some stunningly hot Persian women.)

  2. lol… moron (the guy in pic) Vs mullahs?

  3. Go to the US or Canada and you can get Persian women drunk and laid so fast you don’t even know. Their all “libertarians”. Just don’t speak on politics or religion to them as they are brainwashed from the day they are born with that shit. Socialists can suck my dick and theocrats too. Both extreme fucks.

  4. “Their all “libertarians”.”

    You mean “they’re” you illiterate dumb ass.
    What the hell would you know about spelling, grammar or getting laid you goat fucker!!


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