Dusting Dusting

halloo….is anybody out there?

Let's try this thing again!


  1. James F. Trumm says:

    Welcome back. We were worried about you out here in Ohio. Feared the worst. Hope things didn’t get too dusty….

  2. Eleanor Mercer says:

    So glad you are back. I’ve missed you in Philly.

  3. welcome back!

  4. Count me as another Ohioan who missed you.

  5. Roman Kalik says:

    *coughs* A bit too much dust there, old chap.

  6. You are still on my favorites bar, under “S&M”

  7. so glad you’re back! I’ve just discovered your blog (better late than never, huh?) and was kind of hoping for a comeback :)

  8. Missed ya!! Thought you were down with swine fever….or worse :-( glad you’re back

  9. Thanks for returning! :)

  10. michael g says:

    Thank God! Sand monkey! I too thought the police or ‘brotherhood’ had silenced you. Don’t do that to us again! New York says welcome back!!!

  11. Florida also says welcome back. Good to “see” you again, and I’m very glad you are ok!

  12. NL says hello, too.
    (Thought you’d gone in some sort of twitter-only mode.)