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In case anyone needed another cautionary tale on why you shouldn't add your Boss on Facebook, well, here is a new one.

Speaking of Facebook, Here is CNN "reporting" on the 12 most annoying facebook types. Remember when CNN used to report actual news? Those were the days.

Science ponders Zombie attacks , and the scientist who ponders it is called Robert Smith? with a question mark in the end of Smith, in order to officially distinguish himself from his namesake who is the frontman of The Cure. Clearly a scholar, that guy! Oh, and by the way, according to the study, if Zombies attack, we will lose. Man, I didn't see that coming!

Men are now officially obselete!

Eelectric Cars are now officially cool!

Your dog humping your legs? Buy him a doggie sex doll . You have a female dog you say? And it humps your leg? You sure about this?

Oh, and lats but not least, if you ever pondered who, between Huxley and Orwell, was right about our future..well.. Huxley won!

Hope I provided y'all with enough distraction during your first day of fasting. Remember, the monkey loves you!


  1. hello

  2. Thanks for the links, they are hilarious. It does make sense though that Huxley won; he is the scientist of the two, albeit a less entertaining author, his literary style puts me to sleep.

  3. RocketRay says:

    Tesla kicks ass!

  4. “Remember when CNN used to report actual news? Those were the days.”

    LOL. You are effing hilarious!

  5. Huxley is over-rated! These are two of the guys who got it right:

    It is interesting to see how far wrong Orwell was, though. And the leftists still haven’t figured out where it all went sour. Even Gene Rodenberry blew it big time, although his vision of a socialist utopia was a particularly charming one.

  6. Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is a pretty exact description of Zimbabwe.

  7. Good to see you back SM. You can never really stay away too long, Which I guess justifies why I continue to come back to see if you have anything new to ramble on

    And while I find Zombie attacks on mankind impending, I found good news on Freedom of Religion in Egypt (sarcasm on both points :),0,6941260.story?track=rss

  8. Women will still need us to open pickle jars.

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  10. Hey, SM, aren’t you going tp comment on this?
    Where’d you go?–Obama-Calls-Kanye-a-Jackass