Ramadan is here again..

..and with it comes the once a year desire to get that Adam Sandler universal remote in Click. If only I can press fast forward for that one month…. sigh…

But on the other hand, it is the month to really explore hash and get yourself lung cancer from the redicilous amounts of Hookah you will be smoking, so, ehh, Win? :)

I kid Ramadan..I like you, despite your fascist tendencies. What's not to like about food and water deprivation, followed by gluttony interjected by short tempers and the non-existence of Alcohol anywhere? Also, psycho family obligations. YaY.

Well, to get you into the spirit of the season, let me greet you with this piece of news on the now officialy deceased Las Vegas of the Middle-east, DUBAI!

All female staff at
Dubai Bank, Muslim and non-Muslim, must wear a shailah (head scarf) and
abaya (black cloak covering the whole body) starting this Ramadan, Gulf News has learnt.

A memo sent to staff
on Thursday says the bank has decided that all Muslim and non-Muslim
female staff must wear a shailah and abaya.

A Dubai Bank official
who would not reveal his name said a memo was issued to this effect by
the human resources manager, informing employees that starting from the
first day of Ramadan all female employees must wear a shailah and abaya
regardless of their religion.

"Our bank is Islamic
and must follow Sharia in all respects, which will satisfy our
clients," he said. While the decision takes effect beginning first of
Ramadan, it has become a rule and part of the dress code for female
employees at all times.

Wohoow..and who decided this?

Gulf News has
learnt that the proposal on the dress code was made by the bank's Fatwa
and Sharia Supervisory Board in June and it was endorsed by the
management. A circular was then issued on Thursday.

The Fatwa and Sharia Supervisory Board's proposal, a copy of which has been obtained by Gulf News, says the abaya should not have any embroidery or decoration on it and must not be coloured.

Yes dahhling..we are going for bleek and depressing this season. Oppression is the new black. It will be fabulous.

Now, how do we enforce it?

says any female staff who does not adhere to this dress code should be
advised by the human resources department at the bank to follow it.

And if said staff member refused said advice?

the staff member insists on not abiding by the law then the matter
should be brought to the notice of the executive member of the Sharia
supervisory board who can decide upon action to be taken against that

There might be flogging involved.. or not..really depends on the Sharia Board. Isn't that awesome?

More of this please, and Ramadan Kareem everyone!


  1. Oh how awful. they will have to cover their hair!!! what a shame. I wonder who on earth came up with the idea of corporate dressing code, must be an islamist, no other than bin laden

  2. And why the Princess (wife of the Gov of Dubai) isn’t following that “important ! Sharia law)?. I was going to say people wake up, but I think Zombie won the war in the Middle East.

  3. The Fatwa and Sharia Supervisory Board… Yup, every bank needs one! :D

    Ahmed, I take it you wouldn’t mind being forced to insert a butt plug every time you went to work, hmm…?

  4. Bingo! Human rights violation! Lets all hold our breath and wait for the UN to issue a resolution condemning Dubai for violating the freedom of religion of non-Muslims. Considering how quickly they moved against Saudi Arabia in the 1960s, I expect that to happen any day now.

    It’s a damn shame that Israel could pass a law requiring all guys to wear those silly beanies and there would be an emergency session of the Security Council the same day. WTF, UN…. Muslims are just animals and anyone stupid enough to voluntarily live in a Muslim country deserves whatever foul treatment they get, right?

  5. Hey I know… we could get a little street justice by forcing gulf Arabs to wear bikinis and speedos during their vacations/shopping trips to Europe. And it would be even cooler if they had to wear big ass golden crucifix necklaces. That’s justice, right? We don’t need no steenkin UN….

    And then we can make sure they get nothing but free gay porn on the planes, and in their hotel rooms.

    And next time a young gulfie chick in a tent cuts me off in line at Heathrow, I’m grabbing myself a handful of Arab ass. Because, that’s how we do it where I come from. And if her dad has a heart attack about some redneck molesting his daughter, then too bad. he should have taught his kids some manners if he was going to bring his family on a trip to the civilized world.

  6. Ok, I’m not a big fan of Ramadan either:

    But I have to agree with Ahmad on this one (unless he was serious with that comment!), let’s look at it this way, it’s a corporate dressing code people, all companies have such things. How is “Shailah” different than a tie, “Abaya” than a business suite?

  7. Concerned Aussie says:

    its a religious thing, what religion enforces a tie, no religion has the right to make someone wear or follow there way.

  8. “no religion has the right to make someone wear or follow there way”

    They all have this right. What’s the use of a religion without compulsion?

  9. How is “Shailah” different than a tie, “Abaya” than a business suite?

    Because a business suit is not religious attire, Ghassan. Forcing people to comply with religious practices that are not their own is a human rights violations. Corporations do not have any authority to violate the human rights of their employees. Do you disagree?

  10. And most companies even go a long way to incorporate individual demands for religious clothing into their company dresscode when neccesary – the Sikh turban is a good example…

  11. charlie 316 says:

    Yeah Adam, but they don’t make the rest of the staff wear a turban! And this tolerance only goes so far – remember the fuss when British Airways got heavy with one of their staff who wanted to wear a cross with her uniform? I bet they wouldn’t have tried to sack the Sikh or some muslim woman who wanted to cover up.

    I think Dubai is going to be flushed down the toilet. The oil has nearly run out, they are in hock to just about everybody and they have this enormous airline with declining passenger numbers. I think one last trip there later this year to see what might have been and then back to Italy or the Costa Blanca for my holidays.

  12. charlie 316:

    Exactly; that’s my point, as you can see if you read my first post as well.

    I pointed out that companies FORCING you to wear a specific religious garment and companies ALLOWING you to wear a specific religious garment are two vastly different things, something which Ghassan Yonis apparently hadn’t considered in his reply…

    As for the different standards for different religions, well… The brits are pretty notorious for bending over backward (or forwards!) when certain religions cough>islam<cough are involved.

    Italy is much preferable to the Emirates as a holiday destination anyway!!! :D

  13. I wonder since Sharia experts and scholars Mullahs in the ME like to correlate women dress code with religion defining what is good or bad about those women using such simple idiotic terms, how come most TV (Tamsiliats) in Ramadan and year round reflect average Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian Families with women wearing normal western style. Are those sinful women going to hell?!! not reflecting good typical muslim women in the ME, then why spending hours watching those shows ? Are top families in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, ME at large don’t enjoy those TV shows ? Why make them? Please people don’t let the zomie rule you. As for brits being notorious, they are. It’s their way of controlling the region by controlling few who can control the masses using religion.

  14. Free Quark says:

    So how is this different from a company that has it’s employees wear uniforms with hats? I don’t agree with the ‘uniform’ these banks are imposing on their staff, but I just don’t see a technical difference

  15. Free Quark:

    The difference lies in the reasoning behind the demand…

    Company uniforms are meant to project unity of it’s employees, and make it easier for customers or business partners to identify them. The uniform also reflects the company profile.

    Religious clothing, on the other hand, are expressions of personal belief, and have no place in company relations. Religion is not a valid factor in regards to emplyment in a modern society (or any society, for that matter) and certainly forcing religious symbolism onto employees, regardless of their personal religious alleigance, is unacceptable. The fact that this specific religous garment is associated with a strong discrimination of the female population only makes matters all the worse.

  16. Adam, anyone who doesn’t “get” the difference between a dress code and forcing somebody to comply with religious traditions that are from a different religion, doesn’t WANT to get it. Why waste your time?

  17. You may be right… Still, I had to give it a try.

  18. I take it the same ppl who do not like this dress code rule also do not like the same “silent” dress code in most European and American work places and schools forbidding women from covering their hair!