The One’s visit!

So…here we are… a few hours before Obama's historic visit to Cairo, and I am one of the few Egyptians who has got an invite to see him, and.. ehhh… I am not that excited.I mean, I will go see him, but I can't say that I am enthused about it. Maybe because I know that, despite of the gesture and its importance, it's simply words, and it signals the return of a US foriegn policy that does coddle dictators and extreemists. Nahh, that can't be it, because I never expected it to be any different. A return to good diplomatic relations with the US biggest sunni arab ally does mean turning the blind eye to some…small violations of human rights. I get that. It makes sense. and Part of me does want my country to have good relations with the US again. So, nahh.. not it.

And the thing is, it's hard to decide what is it that bothers me, because of the magnitude of the visit. I mean, while I thought it made perfect sense for egypt to get chosen, arabs still make like 20% of the entire muslim population, which means that it might not be the wisest location to deliver such a speech, especially in the light of extreme arab chauvinism, when it comes to nonarab muslims anyway. It's an honor, no doubt about it. And a nod towards an old and fading leader ( i am talking Egypt as the middle least leader, not Mubarak): That its support still matter, even when reality says it doesn't that much anymore.

I guess I am annoyed because of the ruckus the government is causing over his visit. The entire country is on high alert. Cairo is on lockdown. The streets are cleaned and repainted, the cars removed from all main streets, whether he will pass by it or won't. Helicopters flying over downtown every 4 minutes. The old buildings in el saydah are being coverd by scaffolding to hide them from Obama's sight. People are arrested left and right all over the city. Kefaya
activists were cracked down on in a matter of minutes when they tried to stage
an Obama protest.
Residents are warned to stay home. The streets are expected to be so clear of people, the joke is that the 6 of April kids will call for another national strike and call the day a success. Employers are giving
employees vacations. Al Gezira club members warned not to go to almost 70 % of
the club that day,
because this is where Obama will change between his speech
suit, and the shorts he is bound to wear on his way to the pyramids (it’s
fuckin hot, man). People in manial that we know had to give state secuirty their names and their IDS because their house sees that University Bridge. Coffe shops in downtown closed from 6 pm tonight, and the people told to stay home tomorrow. Oh yeah, and the polishing they have done to the University. Holy Crap. That dome now shines from cleanliness, and it was last cleaned in 1954. It's fuckin ridiculous shit.

But on the other hand, the people are excitied. I saw people interviwed on the street on TV, and they are genuinely excited to see Obama speak. Many talking about how he will bring peace and prosperity with him. The most apathethic people on earth are actually excited about the visit of a US president. This is some unusual shit. At the very least, it's definitely worth a glance. So maybe I should get over my disdain over the fact that I will have to wear formal wear on a freakin hot day, which is really the reason i am pissy about going of you really want the truth. I wanted to wear a polo shirt or something, but everyone else is bringing their nice cloths to play, and I was planning on going in jeans anda shirt. Grrr…

So, yeah, fine, I admit it, maybe it is exciting to have him visit  after all. Await tomorrow's post about it.

On Obama’s vsit to Egypt!

So, the one has chosen the land of the Nile to make his appeal to the muslim world, choosing it over options like Saudi (the birthplace of Islam), Jordan (Hey America, we will do anything for you to like us), Turkey (The Secular Muslim people, and part ally who likes to put its nose in everything) and Indonesia (They housed Obama when he was still an innocent muslim baby, before the evil Cross worshipers got to him..Boo on them).For practical reasons, the choice is brilliant, because in order to appeal to the muslim world, you have to do it from an arab country, otherwise the arab muslims won't respond. It's a chauvinism thing. The first muslims and all. So, yeah, Turkey would've been a bad choice for that reason, if not also due to its safety (yeah go to the muslim country that actually shows sex on TV). Ditto for Indonesia and any southasian countries, who, regrettebly, all of the arab countries regard as subhumansand thus an insulting choice. Saudi would've been too on the nose, especially after "the bow", and Jordan, well, they are too small and too eager to please really. So, yeah, Egypt, as a choice makes sense (biggest arab islamic country, women can drive here, we are secular but not really, and no bowing has occured between Obama and Mubarak…yet). And for Personal reasons, I like it, because it's like the ugly girl getting picked to go to the prom by the school's top hunk. So let me take this moment to be gracious about all of this and say:

Obama is coming to EGYPT. Nyanyanyanyanyaaaa! Fuck you Jordan, Fuck you Indonesia, Fuck you Malaysia, Fuck you Morocco, Fuck you Qatar, Fuck
you Saudi, AND especially Fuck you Turkey! Go suck Dicks!

Sorry, had to get this off of my chest.

Now, this is of course good news to Mubarak and to his regime, and a sign that the current regime is responding to the heavy courting that they have been engaging in for a few months now (The Ghaza offensive position, ending the crisis before the inaguration with one day, freeing Ayman Nour). This makes Mubarak happy, because its a nod to Egypt's once prominent regional weight, and the egyptians happy, because we are chauvinistic fuckers, and we love that shit. Everybody's happy..well… not everybody.

Lots of democracy activists are not happy, especially leftists ones. They are considering the visit as cowering to a dictator and giving him undeserved prominence. This is incredibly funny to me personally, because I always thought their position on America's push for democracy and rights in Egypt as "unwanted imperialistic interference in Egyptian affairs, and anyone who wants it is a tratorous stupid ignorant zionist jew spy dog". At least this was the case the Bush years. How time changes things. The people on the right, well, they are not really outraged, because they always knew that this would happen with Obama's election, and have been preparing themselves for it. Reaching out to countries that are run by dictators involves turning a slightly blind eye to their activities. That's the cold hard realpolitik and I am not sure we can blame him for that. I am sure many of you will do that anyway. Honestly, not my concern at the moment. I am more curious about other things.

For example. where will he hold his speech exactly? My preferred choice would be The Manssah, where Sadat is buried. It would be very symbolic to have the chosen one do his speech in front of the grave of the Hero of war and peace, which would be also a nice nod for peace in the middle-east and a rebuttal to the islamic extremists who killed him. Another good location is AlAzhar itself; talk about reaching to the islamic world. Another question I want to ask is , what will happen if rumors that Obama is really a muslim start running wild in Egypt? Having him as a muslim President who has to hide it because of the Jews that control AMERIKKKA is a very plausible conspiracy theory for the conspiracy-theory-loving egyptians. I wonder if they start calling him President Hussen Obama in the newspaper after that. And finally: do you think that the leftists activists who are very pissy about Obama's visit will actually do something about it? Like, will they start a demonstration maybe? Man, I think I will roll on the floor laughing the moment I see an "Obama is Bush" poster. Oh, and I promise to take pictures!;)

Obama’s war on terror

His people are using Bush's people tactics. Anybody surprised? Me not!

McCain on Twitter

Oh, John, you should know the answer to your question by now!

FBI cuts ties with CAIR

Why they had any in the first place, beats me.

Embarrassing shit!

Who is Muhammed Al Bughdaddy and why is he allowed to write in AlMasry AlYoum?

Conspicuously, no one can deny that Obama is a strong and charismatic president, who stepped into the White House with a highly unprecedented number of votes from Americans who love and respect him. Though, the Zionist lobby will indefatigably grope for what they want and will not spare any effort and capabilities in steering each and every end to the Israeli benefit. In other words, if Obama is not all eyes and ears to their malevolent blackmailing, he will be doomed to John Kennedy’s fate. This explains the heavy security cautions adopted at his inauguration.

Yes, First Black man to ever get elected president in a country with history of racism and lynch mobs, and the heavy security cautions must be to protect him from the zionist assassins! You know, the ones who killed JFK!


Condi is the first Black President

She was yesterday, between 12:00 noon and 12:01 Pm. And then Obama got sworn in. ;)

About that Inaguration..

..Is anybody else dissapointed that when Ted Kennedy collapsed, he didn't collapse on Robert Byrd? Am I alone here?

The origin of “Israel controls America” conspiracies

Usually from stories like these:

The United States, Israel's main ally, had initially been expected to voted in line with the other 14 but Rice later became the sole abstention.

"In the night between Thursday and Friday, when the secretary of state wanted to lead the vote on a ceasefire at the Security Council, we did not want her to vote in favour," Olmert said.

"I said 'get me President Bush on the phone'. They said he was in the middle of giving a speech in Philadelphia. I said I didn't care. 'I need to talk to him now'. He got off the podium and spoke to me.

"I told him the United States could not vote in favour. It cannot vote in favour of such a resolution. He immediately called the secretary of state and told her not to vote in favour."

Just saying! ;)

Israel: A Strategic Liability For The US?

Here is an interesting debate between National secuirty experts in the National Journal online, over whether or not Israel poses a startegic liability to the US in terms of global policy. For me it's interesting because middle-easterners always claim that the reason why they dislike the US foriegn policy is that it's Pro-Israel, which I am not so sure that it's even true, because a lot of the world hates america and they are neither arab nor muslim. So yeah, Israel as root-cause theory, doesn't really hold sway. But, to be fair, a lot of anti-americanism is generated and justified through America's implicit and unequivocal support to Israel, and to ignore that would be intellectually dishonest. Now, while I always regarded arab complaints regarding the close US ties with Israel as nothing more than whining, since they never really offerd themselves as an alternative US ally on the same level of Israel's and their almost 100% all the time backing of the US, the question that gets offerd here is this: Just because someone supports you verbally all the time, does that mean you always have to protect them, no matter how much trouble they get you in? In other words, using a really cold cost-benefit-analysis approach, are the benefits of the US-Israel alliance worth the drawbacks?

Well, 10 people weighed in, and many of them did a whole "the cultural, political and spirtual ties" argument to justify supporting the alliance, but the only real cold analysis of the alliance came, interestingly enough, from two voices who thought such an alliance is not worth its trouble. First there is Michael Sheuer:

Israel is not only an unnecessary and self-made liability for the United States, it is an untreated and spreading cancer on our domestic politics, foreign policy, and national security.  America has no genuine national security interests at stake in either Israel or Palestine; if they both disappeared tomorrow the welfare of Americans and the security of their country would not be impacted a lick. The Arab-Israeli religious war is a war that properly belongs solely to Israelis and Arabs; let them fight each other to the death with no interference in favor of either side from the United States. The continued, automatic, and idiotic identification of U.S. national interests as identical with Israel's made by our bipartisan political elite, the media, and those U.S. citizens who prefer Israeli to American security is only earning Americans deeper hatred and more wars with Muslims. There is no question that Israel has every right in the world to militarily defend itself to whatever extent it deems necessary, but neither Israel, the United States, nor any other nation has a "right" to exist. Nation-states survive if they can vanquish their enemies. The democratically elected Israeli govermment is right to try to vanquish Hamas; and the democratically elected Hamas regime has every right to try do the same to Israel. The point to keep squarely in view is that it does not matter to America's security who emerges the winner. 

And the other opinion comes from the previous principal officer in the US military intelligence relationship with Israel, and he had this to say:

It is not possible to "set aside the emotional and religious anchors of the US-Israel alliance." Those are the principal bases of the alliance. Israel’s welfare is a self assigned interest of the United States. That does not make that interest less real, but it renders the interest a "duty" of a spiritual and moral nature rather than the kind of thing that a British PM meant in the 19th century when he supposedly said that "countries do not have friends or enemies. They have interests." That kind of interest confers an advantage militarily, economically, geographically or in some other material way. The US interest in Israel’s welfare does none of those things and it costs a lot of money. The Israelis have been careful to separate "things" into neat groupings. They have operated on the basis that their things are their things and US things are their things. I was the principal officer in the US military intelligence relationship with Israel for many years. That was how the relationship worked. It was not a truly two-sided arrangement. The products of Israeli intelligence are sometimes valuable but often do not reach the standard of the legend concerning them. The reverse is not true. US military operations have not been benefited by the relationship with Israel. Israel does not want to be a military client of the United States. Our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have not been based in or logistically supported from Israel. Israel has never functioned as an "unsinkable aircraft carrier" for the United States and it does not wish to do so. Aside from providing useful liberty ports for the Sixth Fleet’s sailors and marines, and an occasional venue for small military maneuvers, it is hard to see what Israel does for the US in the military field that is worth the trouble that the relationship causes diplomatically with the surrounding states. Israel does not contribute to the well being of the US economy. In fact, in many high tech fields Israeli companies are competitors of American companies. I will not dwell excessively on the USS Liberty and Pollard incidents. Those events speak for themselves and most Americans have long ago forgiven the offenses and chosen to forget.

No, in the end, the US/Israel alliance is an affair of the heart. Such affairs are not to be analyzed too closely on the basis of mere material interests.

What do you think?

Rick Warren and Bashar AlAssad

Christopher Hitchens, there to remind you, that there are good reasons, other than his anti-Gay views, why Obama's choice for Inaguration's pastor is a bad one, such as his relationship with Bisho. The democrats probably won't see a problem with the trip he made or the meeting he had, since they are all about talking to the enemy, but it might eb embaressing that the some of the last foriegn visitors Bisho had, and not many do want to visit him, include George Galloway and David Duke. Good people. 

A brief History of Caroline Kennedy

And people made fun of the Sarah Palin resume! Check this doozy out!

Caroline Kennedy is the frontrunner?

So, I guess there is such a thing as american royalty and nepotism: How else would you otherwise justify that Caroline Kennedy is the front-runner to replace Hillary Clinton? What did she do, besides being the daughter and sister of two dead american darlings? And don't tell me she wrote a book, ok? Joe the Plumber wrote a freakin book. It's not hard!

On the shoe throwing Incident

Three thoughts:

1) Bush has some seriously fast reflexes for an old man.

2) You notice that Malki did not move or budge throughout the whole incident? He wasn't exen startled or shocked. Check out the Slideshow to see for yourself.

3) The thrower of said shoe, Muthathar al Zaidi, a Baghdadiya reporter who is a supporter of the secterian sunni shia militias that attack both the US and the Predominantly Shia government forces, is going to be just fine. I know some people over in Juan Cole land are worried that their Hero might be tortured or his life be put in jeoprady, but rest assured that no such thing will happen. No matter how pathethic that may be, that boy just became a Hero to the majority of the "arab street" and the "leftist world". He will be fine, and he will get invited to Dinner parties for a very long time just for doing that.

Obama Cartoons in arabic newspapers

Ta3beer has a collection of Obama cartoons from arabic newspapers. Some of them are negative:


Some are appallingly racist 


and some are positive and self-critical at the same time:


American Obama

–His father is an African migrant who abandoned him in his childhood.
–A minority lawyer who is active in human rights within the Democratic Party
–Was elected president of the United States of America!
Arab Obama
–No family whatsoever, vagabond
–A slave with a dark complexion and a foreign agenda
–He can't even dream of getting an Arab citizenship 

Check them all out here. 

Obama and smoking in the White House!

Come on, at least let the man smoke in the Oval Office. I mean, it's not like he is into cigars. :P

Jindal won’t run in 2012

The GOP's new poster boy is way smarter than those who run the GOP, and he just proved it by stating that he won't run in 2012. He is giving himself time to prove himself, and he knows that the american public is ready to forgive Obama anything and everything for his first 4 years in office because it will all be blamed on the aftermath of the Bush years. But it all can chnage in a heartbeat. God knows I remember a certain  freshly elected Illinois senator stating in 2005 that he wasn't going to run for President in 2008. Remember him? The one with the funny name?

Bailout logic

So, let me get this straight: You approve, without review, almost a trillion dollars to bail out the financial companies who created this mess to begin with, and who need the money to cover their bad mortgages. That, you have no problem with. But when the Car industry, whose existence fuels almost 3 million jobs, whether in factories, service centers, support industries and the business that depend on those businesses, only requires 34 billion, you say no, cut the amount in half, and then start to fight even over what little you intend to give them? So money to pay off your friends' debts, ok. Money to save US jobs, no?

Where do we go from here?

Watching the news channels in the US this morning, I am both amazed and amused by their inability to deal with the Obama win. It's like the old song lyrics go: "The Battle is done, and we kinda won, so we sound our victory cheer. Now tell me, where do we go from here?"

CNN is still a cornucopia of holograms and colors, with them still stressing over the number of senate and house seats whose ballots haven't been counted yet, and getting the right amount of popular votes for each candidate, because while it was important to let McCain know that he lost, it's even more important to twist the knife, because, otherwise, where is the fun in that?

MSNBC , on the other hand, has calmed down a little bit since yesterday cry-a-thon (seriously, news anchors were crying from Joy. So much for media unbiasedness), and are now getting down to the business of "Who will be in an Obama government", and arguing over every hypothetical appointee- even though Obama didn't choose anybody yet. Bush is so not mentioned anymore I think he should like bomb somebody, as if to remind the people that he is still around, and has 2 more month in office, during which he can still kind of do damage. Come on Bush, be a maverick: Bomb Vietnam or something. They will never see it coming!

A brief switch to the land of BET (that's Black Entertainment Television for you, whitey) has shown a a talk show where the host was asking a number of very well dressed Black folks what they should do to help the first black President, and one of them said that they now have to become more responsible, better husbands and wives, make sure that their kids stay in school and get an education,so that Obama can have- and I am not even kidding here- a "grassroots army of supporters" ready to come to his aid when he needs it. And that's when I switched the channel, because if you were waiting on a President from your same ethnicity to make sure your kids get an education, for no other reason than have them become soldiers for his cause, then, ehh, I don't even want you to vote. Nothing personal, You just don't sound all that well in the head to me.

And finally- and I have kept the best for last- Fox news. Oh Fox news. Watching Brit Hume yesterday referring to himself as a "Child of the civil rights movement" just made me fall off my bed and into the floor laughing my ass off. Way to Go Brother Brit. And then this morning they had Karl Rove over to explain to them what happened: The news anchor asked bewilderingly "we always thought the country was center right, is this no longer the case?", to which Karl assured him that it is the case, by stating that Obama's policies of "cutting taxes for 95% of the american population" and "not having the government in complete control of health care" are both right-wing positions, and that's what won him the election. So Obama is a right-winger now? And here I thought he was a socialist communist godless muslim. My bad. So, I guess, for all you right wing people out there, Hurray for us. One of us just became President. Let's break out the champagne.

As for Palin, my dear lovely Palin who I will miss so much (and yes, I still have a crush on her: A beauty queen who runs shit in her own state, likes having kids -i.e. screwing- and her hobbies include shooting wolves from Helicopters? I WANT THAT!! Any Junior Palin's out there? I am single, baby. Hit me up), there is nothing on her since she last appeared crying yesterday. Whether she is the future of the republican party, or the next White Oprah, we don't know, but I know that she shouldn't run in a national election again. As this father of a friend of mine said to me yesterday "Palin..good for erections..bad for elections". Wise words from a wise man, one that we all could learn from.

And last, I leave you with this average Obama Voter, who will most likely hate him once he actually has to govern the mess that is the USA today.

And if you are curious why she will hate him, just watch this video, and just wait for the day when Black voters will turn on Obama and say things like "well, you know, he is half-white!"

Until that day comes, my friends, smoke'em if you got'em.

The speeches

The McCain concession speech was gracious and classy, while his
crowd was anything but that. The McCain supporters booed hard whenever
the name of Sarah Palin was mentioned, even as she seemed visibly
shaken and in tears. While I do understand that emotions did run high
in this election, and that McCain supporters really didn't want Obama
to win at all, I also know that some humility is required, at least for
the sake of the candidate. They didn't give him that, but he still
walked out with Pride, and that's the best one can expect from him.

The Obama speech was very much an Obama speech: inspirational
overtones, moving anecdotal stories, and a "Yes we can" chant. The man
delivered to a spellbound audience that was crying half of the time. I
thought it was interesting -not to mention wise- to see bullet proof
glass erected on the sides of his podium, and that both Jesse Jackson
and Oprah were in the crowd. But damn did Jesse Jackson look angry. He
must've been thinking this whole time "It should've been me". But alas,
it's over and we now have the first Black President of the United
What a very appropriate conclusion to a very long and strange campaign.

Congratulations again Obama supporters: Your Victory was hard earned.