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Punk Islam Rocks!

I don't know if any of you is familiar with Michael Muhammad Knight 's Book, the Taqwacores , but it is a book I have been reading for a while, and it's really interesting. It envisions an America where Punk Islam exists, where Niqabi girls sing " I wanna fuck you like an animal" and lead friday prayers, and people do the call for prayer using an electric guitar and young muslims envisoning crashing CAIR and ISNA conventions and ruining them for all of the fundies that are running those places. Needless to say the book is funny and amusing as hell, and it is reportedly the inspiration for Amina Wadud to be the first female tolead a coed friday prayer. It was also the reason why – in the form of life imitating art- islamic punk bands came into fruition, also inspired by that book. I heard one of their songs, called "Mohamed was a Punk Rocker". An Inspired effort to say the least (you can hear it as the background music to this video).

My friend Kim- who introduced me to the book- is doing a piece on them for newsweek and he already wrote a post on them on his blog. Check it out here! 

Stand-up Cairo

Cairo is a comedy cow and we’re milking it.

Up Cairo is reviving the lost art of Egyptian stand up comedy. We will
be holding auditions on the 15/16 April from 6-10 pm during which
talented individual performers will be invited to perform a two – five
minute skit of original material in Arabic or English. We are talking
here about classic stand up: one (wo)man and a mic. We are not
interested in theatre troupes, nor do we want re-enactments of 1960s
monologues. We are looking for the accountants, students, waiters and
doctors who can find the comedy in Cairo’s craziness.

What: Stand Up Cairo auditions
When: 15/16 April 2007 from 6-10pm
Where: CiC (Contemporary Image Collective)
20 Safeya Zaghloul St. off Kasr El Aini St., Mounira
Tel: 02 – 3377535

Paulo Coelho sucks…

I always said he sucked. I would even offer to summarize his book, the alchemist, in 4 sentences. 1) A boy is chilling in the desert with nothing to do, so he decides to go look for the treasure in Egypt, 2) Upon arriving there, he meets the wise man and asks him about the treasure, 3) The wise man tells him that the treasure is real, and it's inside of him, 4) so the boy realizes what the old man says to be true, and that the treasure is really inside him! The end!

I have to admit I didn't hear about this guy until my cousin mentioned him to me, which aroused my suspcions greatly since the girl doesn't read and wouldn't know a good book if I hit her on the head with it! But then I found out that all of AUC was reading it, which confirmed its status to me as a pile of crap, but decided to read it anyway. The first day I slept after reaching page 5. I couldn't take it. It was so blehh! The man can't write, and the people who like him must not be big readers. He is the Britney Spears of modern fiction writers, for the lack of a better description!

Anyway, I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way. Roobs, this is why me and you are friends woman! 

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