And Yes, I am going to miss W.!

Man, say what you say about him, but he made the last 8 years filled with fun Unpredictability. You just never knew what he was going to do next. If Global consensus was on something, he would be like "Yeah, ok, that's nice." and then do something else entirely. And he gave all my democrat friends ulcers from worry about what he was going to do all the time, and what "democracy-destorying-fanatsy" they could come up with next. I mean, they almost had me convinced that any day now, he and the jews were going to start another 9/11 and pass a law that would make him a President for life, like their Hero Fidel Castro and his fanboy wannabe Hugo Chavez. Even after Obama was voted in, many really thought that Bush was going to start a War against Iran any second now, just to screw over Obama. None of those things happened of course, but damn, he made them really think of new ways he- despite being the idiotic chimp man they knew he was- would geniusly take over the country and maniplate the public. And his people. I miss his People. The fact that Rumsfeld is no longer allowed to do press conferences where he gets to be his asshole self and torture the reporters makes baby jesus weep a little. And Cheney, who actually shot someone and got away with it, nevermind that that someone was his friend. And who can forget Condi and her legs? Or Wolfie and his haircomb or his tunisian girlfriend? Or John "The Moustache" Bolton, who treated the other UN ambassador's like his Prison Bitches?

I am a fan of Chaos, and he gave us that aplenty, which is why I will always love him. For a good couple of years he scared the shit out of every arab leader in the region, and forced some of them, including our own, to enact some democratic reforms. Not bad for a dumb cowboy, no? Plus, look at Iraq today. (Remember Iraq? Whatever happened to those "No blood for Oil" demonstrations anyway? And how did Obama get the anti-war people to support a war in Afghanistan?) Bombings are down, US soldier casualties are almost nonexistant, they are having a new election where the secularists are favored to win over the islamists, and the country has billions of dollars in reserves (74 billion to be exact), not to mention all the Oil that Bush was supposed to steal and never did. Who would've thought?

Yeah, I am going to miss W. , at least for a while, for all those reasons, and because it feels like he was always there as President anyway. Those 8 years did not pass quickly at all, and they were so tumolteous and filled with Drama, that I doubt anything Obama can conjure up (with the possible exception of him getting a white mistress, which would be AWESOME. Double Awesome points if its Ann Coulter) can equal or parallel. Just the slow and expected fall from grace that will take place over the next 4 years, when they discover that the man is not a miracle worker. Let's hope he really does invade Pakistan. Now that will make things fun again.

Cross your fingers boys and girls. I know I am!

On the shoe throwing Incident

Three thoughts:

1) Bush has some seriously fast reflexes for an old man.

2) You notice that Malki did not move or budge throughout the whole incident? He wasn't exen startled or shocked. Check out the Slideshow to see for yourself.

3) The thrower of said shoe, Muthathar al Zaidi, a Baghdadiya reporter who is a supporter of the secterian sunni shia militias that attack both the US and the Predominantly Shia government forces, is going to be just fine. I know some people over in Juan Cole land are worried that their Hero might be tortured or his life be put in jeoprady, but rest assured that no such thing will happen. No matter how pathethic that may be, that boy just became a Hero to the majority of the "arab street" and the "leftist world". He will be fine, and he will get invited to Dinner parties for a very long time just for doing that.

Egyptian Diplomacy

Our Foriegn Minister, Mr. Ahmed Abu Al Gheit, just gave Almasry Al Youm newspaper the following statement:

" The US is heading to Oblivion, its foriegn policy is completely dysfunctional, and Bush's visit is completely useless"

And that's our Country's top diplomat. Chapeau, Abu Al Gheit, Chapeau! 

Bush Sword-Dancing with the Bahraini King


Not Welcome

As a sign of the messed up times we live in, the egyptian leftist activist scene is arranging a protest against Bush's visit to Egypt on Monday:

وقفة إحتجاجية بنقابة الصحفيين

تدعو لجنة الحريات بنقابة الصحفيين كل القوى الوطنية و الناشطين لوقفة إحتجاجية
يوم الإثنين 14 يناير 2008 الساعة الخامسة مساءا بنقابة الصحفيين
من الأجل الإحتجاج على زيارة الرئيس الأمريكي جورج بوش لمصر و الإحتجاج على السياسة الأمريكية و الإحتلال الأمريكي للعراق

The committee of freedom at the Syndicate of Journalism call all Egyptians and activists for a protest
Monday 14 January 2008 at 5 PM at the Syndicate of Journalism
to protest against the visit of the American president Bush and to the American occupation of Iraq

Not to be outdone, the Muslim Brotherhood issued their own statement condemning the visit:  

S President George W. Bush, due to visit
Egypt on Wednesday as part of his Middle East tour, was branded a
murderer not welcome in the country by the main opposition party on

say to Bush Junior—whose hands are not just bloodstained but soaked in
our blood—that neither you or your American administration assistants
are welcome in our land or under our skies,’ the Muslim Brotherhood

statement, entitled ‘No welcome for the murderers’, quoted the
movement’s supreme guide, Mohammed Mehdi Akef, and said that
destruction and devastation followed Bush.

said Bush was unwelcome because he incited Ethiopia to occupy Somalia,
supported Israel, stirred up disagreement among the different political
factions in Lebanon and was responsible for the destruction of
Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq.

He also was after me lucky charms. Damn this Bush. 

I for one will miss him when he is gone. Hate him or love him, the man shook up the region with his push for democracy in arab countries, especially Egypt. The fact that the people making the so called "opposition" hate the US too much to ever give him credit, let alone capitalize on the pressure he provided, well, that just tells you why they are politically insignificant.

Oh well…

Another reason why muslims hate alcohol

 According to Bush, he wouldn't be in the Oval Office if he hadn't stopped drinking Whiskey. 

Bush’s entourage

Every time he travels, this is who and what he takes with him:

Not fucking around, is he? 

Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice in an arab Pop Video

This is soo stupid you just gotta see it! The person who sent it to me wrote: " See what Pan-arabism has come to!"

What a difference 10 years make

Whatever happened to that guy?