This is why my relationships fail…

Probably how Easter went down

Yay for Sinfest! 


Yay for the return of the MCS epidemic. We needed some crazy Jiahdy fucks running around and trying to kill people for drawing cartoons. It was getting boring over here!

May this next year bring you all Love and Happiness

Just don't let the Man get you down, people. Enjoy Life while you can! 

Oh yeah, and a Happy New Year! 

(Sinfest, of course) 

What the 911 Truthers sound like to me

Yes people, The Devil didn't do it. Evil is innocent. It's all Good's doing, and it's all God's fault!

Sinfest, of course! 

How to drive Forsoothsayer crazy

This is for all the English Language Grammar Nazis out there, especially you Forsooth.


From XKCD, of course! 

For the 911 conspiracy crowds

For the working bloggers amongst you

And may you never forget that!

On Cairo’s political Future


Cairofreeze is back! 

I heart Devil Fanboy

How true is that?