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Gotta love that "International community"

It sure supports tyrants and human rights abuses:

According to some U.S. media reports,
Pelosi said in March that what happened in Tibet is a challenge to the
conscience of the world. But people have to ask who is posing this
challenge. The truth is, normal life was resumed in Lhasa after the
Chinese government took appropriate actions according to law. More than
100 countries in the world have expressed their understanding of and
support to Chinese government's actions, an indication that the
international community sides with China on the issue. 

See, it's just the evil americans who have a problem when the chinese kill their own people, the rest of the world….not so much…they are kind of supportive of it. Silly Americans.

Continue reading this press release. It's great stuff.

And people wonder why I have no respect for the UN!