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Arab Road Rules

There is a new show on MBC called "On the road in America", where a group of young arabs get into an RV and travel across the nation. The idea is to present the arab world with a more positive image of the US. And it seems to be working, at least on one of them:

Before visiting the United States, Amr disliked the U.S. and worried
everyone would think he was a terrorist. But said he was surprised that
most people were friendly and interested in learning more about him.

Now that Amr is home in Cairo, he is trying to share his new optimistic American perspective with friends and family.

But some remain unconvinced, he said.

The people who are making this show say that it has more credibility because it's privately funded, rather than the US state department initiatives. However, just a quick glance on the Board of Layalena, the company producing the show, can make any good conspiracy theorist' skin crawl:

It was produced by a nonprofit company backed by a string of
Washington heavyweights — Republicans and Democrats — including former
President George H.W. Bush, who aim to fight negative stereotypes of
America in the Arabic-speaking world.

The company, Layalina Productions Inc., has a board that boasts such
names as former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and James A. Baker
III and former U.S. Representative Lee Hamilton.

Kissinger and Bush. Yeah, that will go well!