A social Network for people who care

I kind of find the idea behind this intriguing and quite possibly very useful!

An Afghani home secuirty system

INGENIOUS! I want one!

Divorce Via Youtube

Very Nice. Classy, even.

Hulu is cool

Network television shows, online, legally, and for free, too bad it only works for US IP's. If you are a middle-east resident and want to use it though, then use a proxy, but get a fast connection to counteract the delay time.

Your Moment of Zen

The Youtube Awards

The winners are here!

On the litte Bastards

People who know me know that I don't like children. Don't hate them, but highly dislike them, to the point where I contemplate daily if I want to have children at all. I mean the headaches, the expenses, the loss of freedom, the responsibility, the ungratefulness that will most likely ensue, not to mention the increasingly volatile and fucked up world all around us. Anyone who has kids these days must either be crazy, irresponsible, or both!

And then I see this , and all of those thoughts melt away, and I think it can't be that bad. It can't be that bad at all!

What a sell-out I am!

Lego Mujahedeen

Gotta love it!

The Video Vigilante

Here is a man who spends his time in Oklahoma city videotaping prostitutes as their customers pick them up and then posts the video, with the man's face, on his website! He considers it a moral crusade. I call it being unemployed! But if you want to see his videos, you can go here!

Mozart on rollerblades


Love in 2012

5 predictions to what the future holds, when it comes to love!

You know you saw this coming

Have a lovely day! 

Hitchens on Rowan Williams

The drunk Brit has a point!

(I should have a Hitchens category) 

J.T.’s Super Bowl ad

Just watching him hitting the mailbox makes me happy!

Battle of Helms deep in candy

Roba has pics.

American WWII Propaganda

Here is a collection, back in the days when the US had purpose!

The 150 INCH Plasma Screen TV

My Birthday is in 4 months , people. Start saving, cause ME WANTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

The Plate Flipper

For those of you who might want to prevent someone from seeing your plate numbers or would like to deliver a message to a lawman chasing your speeding criminal ass, I present you with the Plate Flipper:

Would sell well in Egypt probably!

StreetFighter: The Later Years

If you were a fan of the original game, and I was, you will love CollegeHumor's take on where the StreetFighter Characters are now, 10 years later. The Trailer is here . The Webisodes are here! It's freakin hilarious!

The New Joker


Ok..Ok.. I've had my doubts that Heath Ledger might be able to pull it off, but I see where they are going with this. Why isn't he laughing though? What's the Joker without his grin?